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Written by Dennis Michael Lynch
Yesterday, while taking my early evening walk, I came across a man and his children at a duck pond not far from my home.  Both the man and his children were speaking to each other in Spanish.

One of the kids, who couldn’t be more than 3-years old, started to walk away from the father and towards the street.  The father did not see this as he was helping his other son break up bread to feed the ducks.

I called out to the man, “Sir, your little boy is heading towards the parking lot.”  The man looking up at me and said, “No habla English.”  I then pointed my finger at his child. He quickly stood up and retrieved his boy.  He then turned to me and said “gracious.” 

When the man went to retrieve his son, I couldn’t help but notice the dirty t-shirt he was wearing.  On the back, it advertised the name of a local builder.

No doubt in my mind this is his work t-shirt, and so it was rather obvious the man is in his the country illegally.  I come to this conclusion based on our high number of illegal alien residents in the area, his inability to speak even a basic word of English, and his children’s inability to do to the same.

I love all people, and odds are the Latino man in my story carries limited risk of causing physical harm to American citizens.  But if he is working for the local builder — who is known for hiring illegal workers — then he is taking a job that should go to an American worker.

Although I stand for the humane treatment of all people in the U.S., be they here illegally or not, I remain steadfast in my desire to secure the borders and stop the illegal aliens in this country from taking on jobs they do not have a legal right to take.

My desire to protect our borders has nothing to do with race, religion, or bigotry.  It has everything to do with law and order, keeping citizens safe, and increasing the wages of the American people.  In fact, I blame the Latino man far less for his illegal presence here than I do the builder who hires him.

Having covered this topic for more than a decade, I believe the greatest way to end illegal immigration is to to end the incentive for the migrant to come here illegally, and for a visa holder to remain in the U.S. illegally after the visa expires.

To do this, we must cut off the ability for illegal workers to get a job. This includes implementing “incentives” for American entrepreneurs to STOP hiring illegal aliens.

In my upcoming film, They Come to America 4, I once again prove how illegal immigration into the U.S. is causing more harm than it is good for the American people, and for the migrants who take the long and dangerous road to get here.

Below, I have outlined my 12-point plan for stopping illegal immigration into the U.S.

  • Mandatory E-Verify nationwide, heavily fine employers who hire illegal workers.
  • Bio-digital visa tracking system implemented.
  • End chain migration and accept new immigrants based on merit.
  • Hire more Border Patrol & ICE agents.
  • Finish installing double layered, 30-ft bollard fencing where there is no fencing.
  • End free government services for illegal aliens.
  • Expedite deportations, but they must be conducted in a humane manner.
  • No DACA amnesty, but provide a path for them to register to become legal residents after extreme vetting and fines paid. No citizenship offered.
  • Stop the Catch & Release program, and deport all border crossers immediately.
  • End parolee program, and change laws concerning asylum seekers who cross border.
  • Stop issuing visas to countries who do not take back their citizens who have been convicted of crimes in the US.
  • Lower the number of H1B visas by 75% until US unemployment drops below 3%.
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