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Written by DML
Die-hard Trump supporters, meaning, those who never look past the TRUMP-NEVER-DOES-WRONG narrative, will read this op-ed and find it ridiculous.  They’ll say nothing needs to be done, Trump did nothing wrong.  Although I disagree with these folks, I understand their support.  With the media assault that takes place each day, Lord knows Trump needs friends in his corner right now.

Other people like myself, who are more concerned about America’s well-being and the future for our kids, understand the gravity of Trump’s mistake when measured by the media response.  Perception is often mistaken for reality, and so the narrative will become that Trump is a puppet to Putin.  This could cause problems in 2018, and in 2020 if Democrats take control of the Congress and White House.

So the question becomes for people like myself, how does Trump get out of this ugly corner he has placed himself in?

I think I have the answer.

If I was sitting next to Trump right now, I would kick everyone else out of the room and then politely rip him a new buttock.  His no-value tweets, nonstop fake news rants, half-baked story lines that change with the wind, and his oversized ego when it comes to how he won the election has finally caught up to him.  That’s what I would say to the president.

What bothers me most about this, is that the economy is poised for a total explosion (in a good way), and he should be reaping all the kudos. But he is not.  And it’s important to state why he is not.

Instead of being praised for his incredible economic policies and achievements, he is getting hammered about Russia because he allows it to happen by fueling the fire.  He has to stop talking about Russia collusion, 2016 results, and the how the media hates him.

After dosing Trump with the reality of this own soundbite mistakes, I would then tell him that there should be no more tweets about Russia, Fox News ratings, books, Rosie, Hillary or fake news until he is reelected in 2020.

If I was leading his communications team, I would sell him on the idea that we get out of this Russia mess forever if we focus on the American people and their stories of success that have arisen since his presidency started.

At the end of the day, the media has always been tough on Republicans, and so Trump’s war with the media is nothing new.  If he would recognize that statement to be true, ultimately, I would explain to him that it is Trump himself who controls the narrative.  And because this is true, sadly, Trump is often guilty of fueling his own problems.

Fact is this: Trump’s communications team sucks.  They don’t force him to focus on the positive stories in America, instead he is always trying to defuse Mueller and the Left’s 2016 election theories that he somehow won by cheating.  It has to STOP.

Like it or not, at the end of the day, money makes the country spin.  If people have money in their pockets, they often think everything matters a little less.  Trump should be focusing on how he will be putting more money in the pockets of every American.  If he did, this Russia stuff would die.

I support my op-ed by stating the one question one must ask themselves as an American.  It’s an age old question, but it’s a powerful litmus test.  The question is: “Are you doing better today than you were prior to January 2017?”

If you answer yes, which odds are you will, then so to will others.  Trump needs to present that question to people every single day!  If he did, the narrative would change and the concerns about Trump and his tripping over himself in Helsinki would evaporate.

Mr President, remember this:  When voters go to vote, they won’t have a statue of Hillary or Putin in their back pockets.  What they will have are wallets filled with cash that you should be taking credit for.  It’s really time to wake up!

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  1. Come on, you know perfectly well that it wouldn’t matter what he says or does, the left just can’t get over losing and the crybabies are grabbing at every straw available. I can see his faults, no one is perfect, but at least he’s standing up for America and Americans. No msm will give him credit for anything so someone has to and if that includes himself then so be it.

  2. Dear DML;
    Your op-ed about our President is so right, I truly wish that you were there speaking to Donald Trump. He has accomplished SO much in his 1st year, he really needs to take a large dose of humility. In other words Mr. President, stop the bloody Texting, shut up and listen to your advisors. If not, get rid of your syncophants and hire DML!!!!!!!

  3. Yes Sir! I wish the President would receive this and it would be the first thing for him to read everyday as a reminder.
    Thank you. DML!

  4. I am one of the Trump can do no wrong people. I don’t watch any news because of all the negativity. You are my only source. Too bad you could not get on his advisory board Why don’t you try? The only good thing about this week is nthing hols him back. He keeps going.

  5. This is a very well written post. You make great points and as one of those hard core Trump supporters I will always have his six. I love President Trump and I would give my life for him because like him I love our country and our Constitution thus defending him is defending that.

  6. I absolutely 100% agree with you, DML. I support the president’s agenda, but he detracts from his successes with nonsense tweets, insults, and rants against the media, Mueller, Hillary, etc. I think it reflects badly on him and his supporters. He is doing so many things right and that is what he needs to be talking about, and not creating problems for himself. Rise above the haters and take the high road, Mr. President!

  7. DML all good points and I am willing to bet that he has been advised by his closest staff members over and over yet he continues to do the same things that fuel the LSM narrative against him. I believe he has consciously decided to ignore that advise and just Be Himself. I continue to support him despite his missteps in speech because his actions are exactly what this country needs. MAGA🇺🇸

    • Unfortunately, “himself” happens to be President of the United States, and as such he has a much great responsibility to the people of the United States and that responsibility is to put himself aside and focus on doing his job in a responsible manner. This issue is one of the reasons that I could not cast my vote for (now) President Trump. We need a real leader in the Whitehouse, and real leaders put their own issues and personalities aside in order to do the work the Office demands. While President Trump has done some really good things for this country, he will NEVER be able to “Make This Country Great Again” if he continues to cater to his baser instincts.

  8. Love the fact that you give me the truth and this oped. I hope you will share this with the people Trump speaks with. Like Hannity and and maybe Gingrich


  10. “Trump’s war with the media is nothing new”. Where have you been?? What president do you know that has endured the 24/7 media abuse and outright lying that Trump has endured!!! I’ve never seen anything like in my 77 years!!!! Such hate!!! And you think they are going to give him a break!! If it were not for his tweets, his side of the story would never be told. That’s why the tweets infuriates the media. They are not the only show in town.

  11. My my S. Humphreys seems to be up set with your post DML. I guess she didn’t get her daily dose today. Oh well, I think u are spot on and wish we could convince the President to listen to you. He needs to focus on his accomplishments (and i feel there are many) and not on fake news etc. The more he gives them the stage the more they will bash him. He needs to step back and address the positive. He needs to forget all the news people who “hate” him. There are many of us who support him and love him BUT he is kicking himself. I pray someone will get to him with what you say. Again, thanks for your passionate opinions and truth in the news. Keep on fighting for us DML.

  12. Donald Trump beat the seventeen best candidates the Republican Party could field in the primary election. He then went on to beat the most ruthless political machine I have ever heard of in a nationwide election for the hearts and souls of the American People without the backing of the Republican Party and a semi coup at the Republican National Convention. The Democrat Communist Party, the liberal courts, the deep state, the darks state and the mainstream media are all aligned against him and he keeps on winning. Hasn’t anyone stopped to think that maybe there is a method to the madness or have conservatives just gotten accustomed to loosing? Why does it seem that the more he wins the more everybody whines? Has all of America become a nation of whiners. We elected him, he is the President and he is getting results. So what’s the problem other than a learned snowflake mentality afflicting otherwise semi rational people? Every time anyone that claims to support the Constitution and The Rule of law says something to denigrate President Trump they embolden America’s enemies.

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