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Below is my latest Op-Ed. Please read and share on your social media accounts.

Written by DML

As sick as it sounds, it is true that the far left media outlets Vox and ProPublica have produced a YouTube video that attempts to both humanize and downsize the threat posed by the vicious MS-13 gang.

The video describes the gang as an “American problem” and offers interviews that try to pawn off the gang’s members as kids riding bikes and taking selfies.

The gang has been in the news for years, but President Trump has highlighted the MS-13 issue more than any president.

In doing so, he has made the MS-13 gang one of the big reasons for addressing the illegal immigration problem and building a wall.

Although the wall will do very little to stop these killers from entering the US via other methods, for example crossing the Rio Grande or coming ashore via boats in San Diego, Trump has correctly described the heartless gang bangers as a danger to society.

But with the left trying to find ways to hate on Trump, it should come as no shocker how they’ve actually gone as far as defending MS-13 in the 7-minute video (shown below).

The video states that Trump is incorrect in the sense that MS-13 is not growing in America, and that the problem is overblown by media hype fueled by the president.

“The left is so committed to being anti-Trump that they are willing to play the role of Baghdad Bob for one of the most vicious gangs in America. If you find yourself doing pro-bono PR work for rapists and murderers you might want to rethink your entire life,” conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News.

The video, “Why the street gang MS-13 is an American problem,” acknowledges the gang has committed terrible crimes but goes on to downplay the threat.

The video offers a heartwarming approach to understanding who the MS-13 gang member is, stating they are often hard working kids who hold jobs after attending school.

I don’t agree with everything Trump says and does, but the guy is spot on when addressing MS-13.

It’s amazingly sad to think the left hates Trump so much so that they will actually take the most vicious gang in the US and try to make them appear like kids on the corner conducting car wash campaigns to raise money for charity.

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  1. Truly sickening. MS13 is ruthless. They have infiltrated our country and try to blend in, but in reality they are vicious killers. The very idea that the left is trying to defend them is disturbing. Alarm bells need to ringing everywhere. I will share.

  2. This is too much, if we as the decent people in this country do not stand up to these sick ugly evil scumbags, then we will suffer the consequences of this terrible MS13 Gang and the sick people that put this evil garbage out.
    If this is how the country is going with the hatred and the evil every single day from the Democrats and liberals our freedom and families are in serious trouble.
    I wouldn’t watch the sick video, these people are cockroaches.

  3. What can we do to get people to actually admit there is a problem here in the states? If Democrats and Liberals make this gang looks like saints now what makes them think there going to change if the Democrats get back in power? I am ashamed of the people letting them get away with such lies and people in their party actually believe them. We need to come together and start working together again to make this country better. All these people coming here illegally is going to ruin this great country they will bring us down to where we have nothing no food, medicine or roofs over our heads. When will they wake up?

  4. white washing propaganda!!! a gang is a gang, killers are killers, this young lady who is narrating this should take a walk in their neighborhood, and if she lives, come back and tell us her story!! its lollipops and rainbows and unicorns in her pathetic speech, how stupid, do you think we citizens are? they recruit illegals once they cross the borders, they are friends and relatives who they recruit !! REALLY take your propaganda BULL CRAP and spoon feed it to the few they may believe it, but we took off the rose colored glasses some time ago!! and thank god some one is paying attention finally!!

  5. The USA is a Nation of Laws. The color of your skin does not matter. If you murder rape and steal you should be convicted and serve time in prison.

  6. The one things I noticed in this video that rings true with the propaganda the left liberals are always trying to portray. They are always saying America started and is the problem and that is the soul reason any of this exists. That’s a bunch of hogwash be narrated by a young girls vice and two women who claim to be knowable on this gang. So much crap coming out of their mouths.

  7. Two gang members is too many. I can’t believe they’re trying to defend them because, well they don’t “look” that bad. They’re just kids working after school. Funny how she said “facts” should be kept front and center. Maybe they can actually get the facts first.

    • Someone should ask, what does a murderer, rapist or robber look like? They don’t have horns or long fangs or pointed teeth, they look like you and me, except MS-13 are covered in tats and are mostly hispanic!

  8. Let them continue to play this video. Yes, there will be people that will believe the message in the video, they are beyond help anyway. There will be more people will be more that will question the intent as they see they violence around them. They will be the ones that will vote for law and order, and they have the numbers that will increase as time goes on. One can only hope, we must protect the country despite the left’s agenda.

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