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Below is my latest Op-Ed. Please read and share on your social media accounts.

Written by DML

Omarosa, the reality star turned White House staffer, is less than credible in my book. I mean that both figuratively and literally.  I discuss her, and other questionable hires made by Trump, in my upcoming book, “Fighting For Trump.”  I mention her in the book when diving into how and why Trump has a history of surrounding himself with scummy bottom feeders who you’d never want dating your daughter or marrying your son.

In her new book “Unhinged”, Omarosa tells of her time in the White House and rips into Trump by calling him a racist, bigot and misogynist.  As part of her book promotion, she is parading secretly recorded audio tapes that she made while in the White House.

Anyone with half a brain understands that this woman will use every means possible to line her pockets at the detriment of the president and his administration.

In her mind, I assume Omarosa deems the tapes and her anti-Trump book as killing three birds with two stones.

In one hand, I think she uses the book to cash in on her connection to Trump one last time, and in tandem she frees herself of the ugly relationship they held.

I must assume her relationship with Trump was toxic — how could it not be considering how easily she is lashing out at him. That said, they used each other and doing such a thing is never healthy.   For years she must have ignored it all solely due to her own lust for fame, fortune and a hungry ego.

In the other hand, she kills the third bird with the tapes.  I see it as her way of seeking revenge against those who hated working with her.  Example: General Kelly.

Can you blame people for hating her?

Many of us hated Omarosa during her time on the Apprentice, but accepted Trump’s love for her as part of the reality TV show we were enjoying.

Fast foward. We all sort of cringed when Trump appointed her to the White House. Those of us with fully formed brains (including those people who worked for the Trump campaign) couldn’t understand what Trump was thinking as we knew Omarosa was a nightmare.  Eighteen months later, Trump pays the price for the stupid move of putting her in such a high place.

In one of the tapes, Omarosa reveals her last meeting in the White House which was held with General Kelly. In the recording he is heard explaining that her lack of integrity was reason for her dismissal. Although it is hard to argue with Kelly’s assessment of Omarosa, the tapes are a powerful reminder of how Trump often hires the worst of the worst.

Omarosa, who appeared on TV today (see below), tells Chuck Todd during her Sunday interview on MEET THE PRESS why she’s written the book and releasing the tapes.  According to Omarosa, the American people need to know the truth about Trump and what takes place in the White House. In the process she attempts to save her own reputation, which is sort of like trying to save the Titanic after it sunk.

My take away is this: Having watched this woman dance around the truth for more than a decade, I finally see her honesty peaking through and it will cause more trouble for Trump — the sort of trouble that will bait tweets of the wrong kind.

I do believe portions of what she said in her interview because she has nothing to lose.  There was something different about her today.  Although she remains a bottom feeder, she appeared to be lifting a weight off her shoulders.  I saw a discredited woman who is tired of pretending.  I think she sees it clearly — she has no more upside eating what she doesn’t like to swallow.

Make no mistake, I am not suggesting Omarosa is emerging as Mother Theresa, nor is she fading into the sunset. I believe she is on a crusade to be the tip of the iceberg in the new war against Trump.  It’s a war where those who were once in his camp are now seeing there is more upside to exposing Trump’s downsides.  Example: Michael Cohen.

Fact is, there is not much of a life in the private sector after leaving the Trump administration.  Nobody who has left the White House, be it voluntarily or by fire, is doing very well for themselves in a new position. It’s like going out in public without showering for a month.  People will be polite, but they don’t want to get too close.

Although Omarosa is far from credible, I think this could be the start of a PR downslide for this administration.  With the Mueller investigation heating up, the midterms coming up, and the press eager to impeach the president, I think we are about to see an entirely new level of Trump bashing that could cause him to say or tweet the wrong thing.

My assessment on how this all plays out isn’t based on a guessing game, but rather a pattern. Omarosa’s ending with Trump is one we’ve seen before.  It ends with two people who once sang praises for the other reverting to hate and discrediting accusations. It’s all part of Trump’s bizarre world of broken relationships  that never made sense to begin with. The difference this time is that Omarosa is more egotistical than Trump.  She won’t go down no matter how hard she’s hit.

Omarosa will cash in on this book, and then I think she will go on a quest to work for “the other side” in 2020.  Needing anything they can grab, Democrats will latch on.  Example: See how Todd ends the interview as proof.

All it takes are a few Independent voters to toss their hands in the air, and it’s Obama 3.0.  Stay tuned to see who that person is, but rest easy knowing Omarosa will leach on. I would urge the Trump team to take this women seriously starting today, even though it’s near impossible to do, unless of course your name is Donald Trump.

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  1. I don’t believe a word of it ….. She had all this time to discredit Trump but she waits til now ???? Trump would would never say any of this because trump here are so many interracial marriage is now ……. think about it ???????????? This was is FAKE NEWS AT ITS FINEST !!

  2. From all that I have seen her bhavior on the Apprentice & knowing a close relative with Bi-Polar on & off meds, I would say yes. I don’t think Trump will loose his base over this. Trump loves to help people.All different people & more than one likes to think, they betray him.

  3. Omarosa is letting loose at just about the right time…a planned release to try and rev up another Pres. Trump disapproval before the mid-term election and linger through the 2020 campaigning.

  4. Now if the shoe were on the other foot, so to speak, Omarosa would be just another suicide victim shot in the back of the head or died in her sleep or hung from a hotel shower rod with a terry cloth bath robe belt. Who in their right mind thinks that a hotel shower rod would hold the weight of a grown man and how do you get a bath robe belt that tight? But the shoe isn’t on the other foot and Trump doesn’t make his enemies disappear. So, to quote the man himself..”we’ll see what happens”. This one thing I know, if God put him in the White House, no man or woman can take him out until it’s God’s time. Just my opinion.

    • I agree with you a thousand percent! Our President will stay right where he is until Gods work on this Nation is done.

  5. She is an idiot. She signed agreements when she went to work in the white house not to disclose any information on anything that goes on there. Which is considered a national security breach. She can end up landing herself in jail So many people dislike her. She is making her future chances of employment super bad! Oh well another 5 mins of fame 4 her !

  6. Omarosa is another darling for the left to use, abuse, and swallow up in their hatred for Trump. By election time, the campaign of nothingness, which is their real banner, finds no one hanging their hat on it.
    If Jeff Sessions has been doing the work, behind the scenes, which I think that he’s been racking up, Omarosa will be consumed in the flames of what WAS the Democratic Party. Because unlike them, the power behind this man, indeed the President himself, has been structuring a plan of attack which, I think, will take THEM down. Omarosa was cancer to Trump’s Administration. Kelly let her off with class. She repaid them by breaking all security regs, with her taping. They could have jailed her. Enjoy your fame, for now. It will be fleeting, as you and your new friends are fleeing for cover and trampling one another in the process.

  7. Dennis, I believe what Omarosa did by recording Kelly or anyone else in the White House then she has broken the law, so she will be in some big trouble! Remember Watergate? Omarosa needs to keep her mouth shut about President Trump and any thing else that happens in the White House! I think she is looking for some money!

    • She did not break the law. In DC it is a one-party consent to tape someone. She knew she was recording and so she is covered. Not taking the cell phone into white house meetings is based on the honor system, not the legal system. Legally, she is crystal clear.

  8. This is Liberal Propaganda and just Proves how truely desperate they are!!! Trump Supporters are solid and we see right through the “liberals, liars and leakers”- read Judge Jeanines book. This is just down and dirty mucking and the Liberals, Hollywood, the Media are all in bed with a sick BiPolor Narrsasit Omarosa. It’s really despicable and beneath most of us. I dont believe one word from here, or one word from the hateful Never Trumper, Media or crowd. Grow the hell up people. Stop dragging yourselves down by this trash. Dont any of the liberals EVER have anything credible to talk about???!!!! They have fallen this low and it’s really almost hyanious to watch.

  9. Naw Dennis, I think your completely wrong. Black people are still pissed at her. Reading Twitter right nor left take her seriously. I cannot imagine they not being able to sue her or something since she taped in the situation room. I just disagree. No one wants their name in her mouth

    • She did nothing wrong, legally. DC is a one-party consent state when recording a conversation. The situation room is a not a legally protected area when it comes to recording. It’s based on the honor system.

  10. DML: You are riding the same Titanic as Omarosa. Your Opt Ed is disgustingly mean spirited toward Trump. You are a total fool and as usual caught up in another emotional tirade. I used to respect you and look to you for truth, but YOUR jealous ego bashing Trump, FOX, Hannity, etc. has left me with a bad taste in my mouth for you. I have lost all respect for you, and this mean spiritedOpt Ex clinches it. So sad.

    “….the tapes are a powerful reminder of how Trump often hires the worst of the worst….Although Omarosa is far from credible, I think this could be the start of a PR downslide for this administration.  With the Mueller investigation heating up, the midterms coming up, and the press eager to impeach the president, I think we are about to see an entirely new level of Trump bashing that could cause him to say or tweet the wrong thing.”

    • You are as delusional as you are incompetent, or so it appears. You must also be very bored with nowhere else to go. Must be lonely.

      • WOW! You really have lost control. You cannot stop the bashing. Good luck because your credibility is in the basement along with Omarosa’s. For the record, I am a city council person and a republican delegate. I work with counseling parolees and managing my rentals. Too busy to be bored or lonely. LOL

  11. This message is address directly to Ms. Omarosa Manigault. – Dear Ms. Omarose, I can’t put my self in your shoes but as a Senior citizen (81 years old), one day you will become like one of us. You have your reason for publically voicing your displeasure after being fired from the White House but in due time the words you use and say publically (in speeches, books, etc.) will come home to roost. I don’t profess to know the out come or what the future holds for you, but as time passes, you will become more aware of those your words (which are already in bedded in history of mankind). Every person’s words are either a blessing or a curse. Your family, friends, the public, and especially the deity are greatly affected as we are all part of the same humanity/spiritual family. You can decide to stand by what you said or recant what you said. May your deep conscience help you decide. May I remind you that time is a very, very priceless commodity. Don’t wait too long to decide. You may not have a second chance. Godspeed!!! Respectfully, Edward A. Panui

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