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Written by DML

After reading the news out of Orlando this morning, I have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely no benefit of trying to become a legal citizen in the USA.  None.

Why would anyone want to come here legally?  In fact, I’m not sure what my own citizenship gets me.  I know this sounds crazy on my part, as I love this country and would never give up my status, but when measuring the upside versus the downside of citizenship, it’s become so much more advantageous to be here illegally.

Imagine being an illegal alien.  What do you lose?  Not sure I can list much, but I do know the upsides: No more taxes paid, free healthcare, no need for auto insurance, free school, and the Hollywood community defending your every move.  And the fear of being on the run, well, that fear is now eliminated if you live in Orlando, Florida.

In Orlando, a police officer can no longer ask your legal status.   Who’s operating that once great city, Mickey Mouse?

The United States has lost it’s mind.

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Municipal workers, including police officers, in one Florida city won’t be able to ask about someone’s immigration status under a new policy.

The Orlando City Council on Monday unanimously approved the resolution known as the Trust Act.

A coalition of immigration and civil rights groups that advocated for the resolution says Orlando is the first city in the South to adopt such a resolution.

Other U.S. cities that have passed similar measures are Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston.

Before the council meeting, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said he had heard heartbreaking stories about the effects federal government’s immigration policies and he wanted Orlando to send a message of inclusiveness.

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  1. Well I guess it is time to boycott Orlando or at least stay away from there. More and more illegals will be going there. So sad it is a beautiful city.

  2. Very sad indeed. You need to check out what they are doing in Ca. If Brown has his way, it will literally tie the hands of every law enforcement officer in the state. And their hands are already tied. This will be worse. Very sad at what we are becoming.

  3. What do you expect from a liberal mayor 😤 That’s why I feel the only way to save are country is to elect Republicans who want to close our BORDERS and help Our President keep his agenda! HELP keep this country safe🙏

    • How many mass killings have killed American since Your President has been in office? Also, recall that none of those mass murders was done by ‘illegals’.

  4. What is happening to America is frightening, law and order is going to get worse, the politicians and Mayors and Governors are tying policeman’s hands.
    To be a citizen is a burden as we are paying for the leeches that are destroying the country, they add nothing except cost and our taxes going towards their benefit,and yet we have homeless and veterans that are suffering.
    These States are going rogue on its citizens,and at what point do we do something,?if these corrupt politicians are not voted out this country is in deep trouble.

    • Think of all the homeless and veterans that could benefit from the money that Trump is draining with his constant trips to HIS properties to play golf. What if he took that tax break from the uber rich and put it into the VA or education. Just imagine.

  5. Why is asking for citizenship any different than asking for a drivers license or insurance? This is crazy crap to see these dumocrats

  6. Sooner or later all city, state and national officials will be Latino and we will be living under their rules. Do the Democrats that are in office now think they will continue to be supported by illegals? No sir. They will start running for office and winning. Better start learning Spanish.

  7. That’s sickening! When crime goes up, (and it will) who are they going to call? I hope the police can refuse. I’m a Florida native, It disgust me what’s happening there and to the country! Praying for God’s mercy on us…

  8. If anyone gets stopped by police, they will have to show a driver’s license or some form of photo ID. If they don’t have it, they will be arrested. The truth will come out!!!

  9. Anyone with a brain knows this is a pile of BS. Look at England, London has a Muslum Mayor. Is that what you want in the USA? Ask the non-muslun citizens of Dear Borne>

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