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Below is my latest Op-Ed. Please read and share on your social media accounts.

Written by DML

In my mind, American voters are now grouped into 3 categories.

1) The staunch Trump supporters.
For these people, there is nothing Trump can do or say that is wrong. These people tend to watch Hannity at 9pm if for no other reason than they need / want confirmation of the notion that “it’s never wrong to be RIGHT.”  It’s hard not to love the fight in these folks, but a person like myself cannot side with this sort of thinking as I believe it lends itself to a bias that is no better than that of the mainstream media.

2) The staunch Trump haters.
For these people, there is nothing Trump can do or say that is good.  If Trump was to cure cancer by investing his own money into a cancer lab, these people would protest outside the lab for taking Trump’s money.  These folks buy into the mainstream media’s message that says it is “always wrong to be RIGHT.”

3) The Americans trying to live the American dream.
If you’re a politician, this is the group that should mean the most to you for it is they who control the direction of an election’s outcome.  These are the people who don’t cast a vote based on the media headlines.  These people do not vote for or against a political party. They vote to protect what can and will help their family live the American dream. Meaning, the situation they find themselves in at the time of the election will dictate whether they vote blue or red.

I know I have a lot of readers / viewers who fall into the first bucket.  Although I am probably losing more of these people each day because I will not look the other way on Trump’s / GOP’s inability to fix issues such as illegal immigration and Obamacare, I think I will get them back someday when that little voice inside their head breaks through.  It’s the voice that says, “At least he’s telling me the truth.”

I don’t think I have many people supporting me from group 2, and I can live with that fact.

I myself fall into the 3rd group but with one caveat added.  I also take into consideration what is best for the country, for example, I may cast my vote based on who will do a better job at keeping the country safe.  Having lived 9/11, I never want to see that happen again.

I think the 3rd group is where the majority of my supporters fall, and would hope many of them consider what’s good for the country, not just themselves.

With the mid-terms upon us, and with a Trump presidency that is succeeding at powering a strong economy, but failing at fixing the big issues left over from the Obama administration, I would urge President Trump and his team to focus on the American people when constructing their messaging over the next few months.  Make the message about the people in group 3.  It’s the sure way to win the elections that need to be won.

Here is an old video from two years ago.  I think it supports what I am suggesting.  I am not always right, but I am often not wrong when it comes to these matters.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head back then and you are still doing just that. I, of course, am in Group #3. I love my country and i pray we can become GREAT AGAIN. Thanks for all your hard work in trying to get the truth out to ALL of us. God Bless you, your team, the military, first responders, President Trump and these United States.

    • Dennis, I to am in Group #3, I Love My Country and I want what’s best for my Country!! I want it Great Again!! I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done!! I appreciate everything that you have done and still are doing!! I am so pisses at these People That Are NASTY AND VULGAR TO YOU!! From the beginning you said you would call out the Good things he’s doing, but you would also call him out on the bad things he’s doing!! So many people that started following you, have Trump up on this pedestal and act like he’s God!! They think he does nothing wrong or says nothing wrong!! They act like he WALKS ON WATER BUT ONLY ONE MAN DOES THAT!!

  2. Wise words my friend. President Trump needs to make his tweets and speeches about Country and the people not himself and all the horrendous attacks that the media etc have made against him.

  3. I’m #3. 👍☺ with all the craziness going on especially with voter rights I made sure to call the voter office making sure I get my ballot. Good thing cause they said I was only good for this year but they could extend it to 2020. Yes extend it 😃 so i’m good to go. Maybe you should make sure yours is good thru 2020.

  4. President Trump is the Peace & Prosperity President / and the Pedo-DEM-ons / don’t want / to get GITMOED / Evil Roots have been digging into the soil of America / for Decades / and as their Infected root are uplifted aka Exposed / they UNCLOAK / for all to See / Invisibility was their Trump Card / but who better to play the TRUMP card / then the Most Powerful man in the World! Trump Himself … we’re in the cleanup posture / as the parasites thrash about in their Fear of Death / …

  5. I’m Group #3 and proud to say. My concerns are my children and grandchildren. I can’t watch my country go down a path that will never allow them to continue to enjoy and reap the benefits of living in America as I have and all Americans who strive to do so. I pray some day we will find the right person who will work for the people and not their own personal agenda for the sake of saving our nation. (Hello, Dennis, are you there?)

  6. Dennis, I’m in group#3. I Love My Country and want it to be Great again!! I don’t believe or like everything that D JT has to say!! He makes everything about him instead of us!! I’m also so pisses at the people that are calling you Nasty, VULGAR names and then to go on and say YOU’RE jealous of Trump or you don’t know what YOU’RE talking about!! These people have D JT Up on a Pedestal and they think he is God!! There is only one nan who walks on water and that man isn’t Trump!! He needs to wake up and do what he PROMISED on the campaign trail, To get rid of Obama care, and Stop ILLEGAL ALIENS from coming into our Country!! Instead he Loves DACA and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!! He will loose the election on 2020 if he don’t stop all this BS!! THEN WE WILL BE WITHOUT COUNTRY!! LOSE OUR 1st and 2nd ADMENMENT RIGHTS!! THIS SCARES ME!!

  7. I honestly believe that if OUR PRESIDENT could just jump in and do all the things he promised us, he would do so. Never in my 84 years have I seen such a display of stupid hateful people. This is so rude to treat a President in office like this. I am for Trump all the way, even though I know he is not perfect, I know he wants what I want for my Country. If he had a Party that would stand behind him and did not have another Party still being run by that other President, Donald J Trump, would have a WIN! WIN! WIN! SITUATION, so far. The person I am most upset with today is DML. I had our future all planned with DML taking over in 2424, but he left our President’s side, when he needed him most…and in my eyes it was because the President didn’t jump after all the suggestions DML tossed his way. The people voted for Donald J Trump, not Dennis M Lynch and you are not in #45’s shoes so how can you say he is not trying….shame on you for doubting him Dennis…….

    • With all due respect for my elder, I never said he wasn’t trying. And I’ve been solidly clear since day 1, I fight for policy and country. I tell the truth in my imperfect way. Your inability to see that is your problem. You’re allowing the truth to take a back seat to your emotions. I did not lie about one issue after the next, I didn’t tell daca kids I love them and start a new surge, I didn’t tweet nasty crap about people who work for me, I didn’t do any of the things he did to find the situation as it is. I am not standing at the side of a politician today, tomorrow or yesterday. Your comment is out of line, out of control, out of reason.

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