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Trump should allow VP Pence to tweet on his behalf, it may actually result in a huge election win this November.

Yesterday, Mary and I spent some time with a couple who we see a few times each year.  During our time together, we dove into a chat about the Trump presidency.

The wife, who works on Wall Street for a major bank, said her high-wealth clients hate the Trump presidency despite the booming economy.

When I asked why, she was very clear with her answer.  “He’s erratic.”

I probed a bit deeper, trying to defend Trump’s behavior by pawning it off as showmanship that is all about fueling his desire for headlines.  I said, “When it really comes down to it, he’s got the economy humming, and it should only get better, your clients stand to make even more money than they have now, no?”

She went on to explain that people of wealth, especially those who operate businesses, appreciate the booming economy but sit on eggshells because they fear Trump’s erratic, unpredictable behavior could result in a free-fall at any given time.

I asked if any of these people voted for him the first time.  She said, “Some did, yes.”

When I went on to say that they must know by now that his behavior is more bark than it is bite, she agreed to a degree, but remarked about how the tweets are what concern people the most.

I asked, “If your clients saw Trump tweet more about what was being done to spark more economic growth and to lower costs for things like healthcare, etc, would they be more comfortable with the President?”

She responded, “I think they could be, although it may be too late.  But for as long as he continues on with the fake news and Mueller stuff, they have little trust in him and therefore count the days until he is gone knowing that the economy will survive without him.”

Today, not more than 12-hours after my conversation, Trump tweeted 5 times about the FISA documents and Russia collusion case, and how his campaign was illegally spied on. In doing so, he used more of the same ole’ terms he’s used for years, like Crooked Hillary.
I’m a supporter of the president, but this stuff has gotten so old, and I say that knowing that whether he did or did not stop tweeting about this nonsense on a daily basis, he would keep his base in tact.  It’s the other people I am worried about.  I fear they won’t show up in November.

VP Pence tweeted Sunday about jobs and wages.  This is the sort of thing that Trump should be tweeting day in and day out, for it would give the media no choice but to cover the truth, meaning, they’d have to reveal Trump’s successes.  If Trump did regularly what Pence did this morning, it would likely calm the nerves of people who believe the president is erratic.  But it’s impossible, maybe I am trying to put a square into a circle.

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  1. When I read the Presidents tweets all I hear is “Blah blah blah blah blah”. Same shit different day. It’s really gotten old. Don’t want to hear anymore of the same old crap. Talk about the good you’re doing for the country. That’s what I want to hear.

  2. Yeah sure…encourage more tweeting. Twitter is the downfall of the internet and showcases a lot of stupidity and ignorance of its users

  3. Everyone benefits now from what President trump has accomplished & it is a great deal. It will get even better. But when the fake news makes up stories he feels he has the right to defend himself. If he doesn’t the American People won’t know what the real truth is. President tweets about all aspects of his presidency & if the democrats get hold of the majority Things will not move on quickly. If he is not re-elected in 2020, the economy will sink just like it did with Obama. If a socialist administration gets in THE United States WILL TURN INTO A SINK HOLE & CHINA will take over the USA!

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