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Written by DML
Below is a very important report which I ask you to please share on your social media accounts.

FOX NEWS REPORTS: A Texas mayor has criticized the state’s face mask requirement, telling Fox News Tuesday that elected officials should call on people’s “higher nature instead of trying to exercise the authority we don’t have that is remaining unchecked in many municipalities and states.”

“People are trying to do the right thing, and the fact of the matter is, whether we have a law in place or not, people are going to continue to do what they are trying to do,” Midland Mayor Patrick Payton told “America’s Newsroom.”

Payton added that“authority needs to be checked before it runs rampant and we become comfortable in being overrun in our civil liberties.”

Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott mandated the wearing of face coverings in public in all Texas counties with 20 or more confirmed COVID-19 cases, following record increases in infections in the state.

“It’s really not a message of no face mask,” Payton told Sandra Smith Tuesday. “It’s a message of how you communicate that and how you enforce that quite simply.

DML: My take on this is very simple.  People have been wearing masks for months (unless they were protesting (aka rioting) in the streets).  The masks have not been proven effective in stopping the spread.  In my opinion, all they do is limit the flow of speech, and cause people to fear the unknown.  I have not worn a mask even once.  I will not visit a store that requires me to wear a mask, I just spend my money elsewhere.

People will see me go “maskless” and make a face.  For example, the woman out walking her dogs this morning looked at me like I was an axe murderer.  Meanwhile, I await the report which highlights the risks associated with wearing a mask while exercising, walking long distances, and so on.  Get ready, it’s coming, and the lawsuits will pile up.

With opening cities across the country like we have in recent weeks, smart citizens had to expect the cases of COVID-19 would increase in the same way car accidents have increased now that more cars are on the road, and in the same way crime has increased with more people outside.  These are factors of daily life, but when elected officials are forced to give answers that don’t exist they become desperate to avoid negative headlines.  Meaning, nobody has a proven answer as to how COVID can be stopped completely.  Personally, I think it’s like trying to stop the tide from hitting the sand.  Much like the common cold, we as people are not going to stop COVID from spreading, and so we shouldn’t stop people from living. Fact is, COVID doesn’t kill very many people who get it, especially when those people are younger than 65 and don’t have a preexisting condition of some kind.

So without answers, politicians like Gov. Abbott panic. They force people to wear a mask without any data suggesting this will resolve the issue.  Instead of placing a stupid mandate to wear a useless mask that most people wear incorrectly, the governor of Texas should have allowed the situation to play itself out.  Allow the immune system to do its job, permit the spread to burn out.  This is what God had in mind when he created the human body.

Instead of being smart, Abbott took the path of a dumb liberal… he overreacted.  Abbot looks weak, his leadership is no better than Cuomo’s failed efforts.  This may help me if and when I am debating him on stage in 2024, but right now it hurts me as I watch my fellow countrymen walk around like a bunch of clueless cattle headed for slaughter.  Your liberties are being killed thanks to weak politicians on both sides of the aisle.  Until more people stand up and burn their masks like Black Lives Matters burns the American flag, we’ll be looking like rookie surgeons who can’t find their ass with both hands.

The information listed is from FOXNEWS.COM.

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  1. I agree with you 100%! “Adolph” Abbott will never get another vote from me. I have never worn a mask and don’t even have one, but it looks like I’m not going to be able to go anywhere without one now. For the most part, I am staying at home, but I crocheted a cute mask for those times that I must go out. It is truly disappointing in the number of people, not just in my own state, but the country as a whole, who has bought into the lies and this whole fiasco. Kudos to Mayor Payton for standing up for what he believes. The powers that be in my city of Abilene initially stated that we will not comply … and then the wusses backed down. UGH!

    • I agree..CA Governor Newsom thrives on power and loves to give orders. He says we should wear masks like other foreign countries do and we can’t sing or chant in church. We are not allowed to have people over that do not live in my household. This is called communism. He wants the new norm to be masking indefinitely. People call each other selfish and childish to not wear a mask in my county and now I feel differently about living in California.

  2. I heard a Medical Doctor say that until we reach herd immunity, Covid will not go away.

    We are preventing this from happening with lockdowns, social distancing and the wearing of masks.

    • Then why is other countries not in lock down, not social distancing and not wearing masks (accept Communist China) anymore but America is?

      • Because they understand that as the virus spreads the resistance to it will grow as people build immunity to it.. Keeping a distance in this case with COVID19 is the wrong way to go with it, We should be leading NORMAL lives and let it play out. But in this country you have power hungry politicians who THINK they own YOU! nOW YOU KNOW WHY covid19 WILL never GO AWAY and it’s because of the power hungry politicians!

  3. My 7 year old has been going to taekwondo for 3 years. He’s been out for last 2 months his soccer practices/games all cancelled so we were happy when they called and said the Taekwondo instructor would come to the car at 6 pm every day and get the kids. That lasted two weeks and then they said he had to wear a mask.Really? A mask while exercising? Like hell!!!! We took him out and purchased a pool lol.

  4. Asshole in pa wants the children wearing masks in school. He doesn’t have a clue how damaging this could be to them. No one has even talked about the special needs children in special schools. They cannot wear masks. Many of them have too many issues. My granddaughter for one if she gets over heated with have seizures as many of them would. I’d like to challenge these assholes to sit in a classroom of these children, they wouldn’t last an hour

  5. I was ask to leave Dr office yesterday because I won’t wear a mask. A lady that was there said, “I’m with you. and I said and there you sit with one on. She said well it’s just easier to go along and I said yes it is until it isn’t. BAAA is not in my vocabulary.

  6. Make your choice…… A month ago my husband and I both were diagnosed with COVID-19. I have been privileged to remain at home in order to recuperate. My husband was not that fortunate, he was admitted to the hospital where he died two weeks later. His funeral was two days ago and I was not able to attend because after being retested after two weeks of no temperature I was still positive. Make your choice, it’s totally left up to you, but for my family and myself we will do everything possible to prevent this from taking another member of our family. I hope the the ones who resist wearing a mask will never have the opportunity to regret their choice.

  7. I absolutely agree! I refuse to wear a mask; therefore, I am prohibited from entering any store. Screw it! I would rather be inconvenienced than wear an unhealthy mask just because of arbitrary mandates by government officials. But I am getting worn down by this whole situation. Frankly, seeing everyone walking around in stupid masks makes me angry. My girlfriends acquiesce because they don’t want to deny themselves from going about their daily business…everyone has their priorities. My daughter’s friend has allergies and almost passed out at work from wearing a mask; he now wears a plastic face shield instead. He comes from a family of doctors and they KNOW that wearing masks is an unhealthy practice. I’m with you, DML…I can’t wait for the lawsuits.

  8. People have to stop praying to God to fix this mess. God did not give us free will to pray to him when times get tough he gave us free will to do the right thing so we could be free. Go ahead and pray and then take action, you don’t need God to do it for you. People wake up and save yourself and your family and freedom.

  9. Unfortunately for every person that demands we all wear masks there are some people that cont wear the masks simply because it restricts your breathing. I was born with a breathing problem and I refuse to pass out I public to make others feel better about themselves. If everyone e qould do what they are supposed to do during flu season now stop touching things dont touch your face until your hands are washed and use the proper cleaning methods to clean your house this would not be such a problem.


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