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Written by DML
President Trump appears to be going crazy, or perhaps he is reverting back to his days as a Manhattan liberal. I don’t know what it is going on inside his head, but whatever it is we should be concerned.  The president told Telemundo Friday that he is preparing to sign an executive order providing a road to citizenship for DACA recipients. This goes against everything he promised on the campaign trail in 2016.

Trump provided limited details about the executive order, but told the Hispanic-friendly TV network that they’d be very happy with his big immigration plan, which will include DACA and a road to citizenship.

“I’m going do a big executive order, I have the power to do it as president and I’m going to make DACA a part of it,” Trump said in an interview with Telemundo anchor Jose Diaz-Balart.

Trump has vowed to end DACA since he announced his road to the White House in 2015, going as far as calling the program an “illegal executive order.”  But tonight he said that the new order wouldn’t just be for temporary relief but would be a far more encompassing merit-based bill.

DACA currently serves as a protection for young immigrants that were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, also referred to as Dreamers, to allow them to legally study, work and remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

Trump’s announcement comes just weeks after the Supreme Court 5-4 ruling that rejected Trump’s attempt to dismantle the program for young immigrants. It said that the administration had not provided proper legal justification to end the program instated by former President Barack Obama in 2012.

If Trump actually means what he says, if he puts pen to paper and provides legalization and a road to citizenship for illegal aliens under DACA, then he can kiss the presidency goodbye.  Conservatives will not show up in November for Trump.  He will not get the numbers he needs to bury an easy to beat opponent like Joe Biden.

The only thing that can derail the Trump train at this juncture is Trump himself.  Based on what I hear from him tonight, it sounds like he has a political death wish.  Does he not know how bad this move would be?  Amnesty is the one thing you don’t play games with four months before Election Day.

If he is lying, or playing nonsense games, I have to say it’s a really bad strategy.  People are hurting right now.  Between the COVID-19 mess and the BLM riots which went on without punishment, Americans are ready to throw their hands up in the air believing the country is all but lost.  If Trump thinks the Latino vote is the difference between winning and losing, then he’s been sitting between Jared Kushner and Sean Hannity for way too long.  What wins this election is his base coming out in huge numbers.

Hannity in 2012 declared amnesty as the way of ensuring Republicans will win future elections.  At the time, Romney had lost the election to Obama by millions of votes.  Hannity thought the Latino vote was the difference, but he was wrong.  Turned out that 4 million Republicans didn’t show up because they hated Romney.  This will be Trump’s fate as well if he gives DACA a winning card that includes amnesty.

I repeat, Hannity on his radio show said in 2012 that no Republican could win the White House without the Latino vote.  But Trump proved him wrong when he won in 2016.  Let’s not forget that Trump’s entire campaign hinged on his vows to implement mass deportation and build a massive wall.  We never got the deportations, instead we got massive surges of caravans.  And we never received a wall, instead we got spotty replacement fencing and record numbers of people being released into the general public to grab jobs, including those at Trump’s golf courses.  To this point, Trump’s gotten away with these failures because his base blames the Democrats and courts.  But neither of those entities are forcing Trump’s hand at creating a pathway to citizenship.  He would be doing this on his own.

If he signs a deal for DACA, this will be my last straw.  It becomes too much to overcome mentally.  I want someone who will fight for me and the rule of law.

I wish he would have done this months ago.  Had he, I would have pulled a Kayne West and announced a run as an Independent. But there’s no sense pretending, it’s too late for me.  But it’s not too late for Trump.  He best wake up real soon and stop dishing out idiotic messages.

If I was advising the president right now, I would tell him that if he wants to win the race then he should reiterate his vow of mass deportations, write an executive order for mandatory e-verify, place sanctions on Mexico, and put an end to the cartels using military force.  He would not need Congress, all he would need is a pen, a phone, and a set of balls.  Clearly, he has the pen and the phone.

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  1. No he won’t because he’s the only choice we have unless we want to be a socialist country by 2021. Dml this news sucks and I and I am not happy with it, but he would still get my vote .

    • That’s been the Republican playbook for decades. Maybe that’s why he has let the BLM run wild on our streets- to force to take whatever he does at any cost. We’ve been played!!

      • I agree. Of course what might happen is that the executive order might have some really significant positve changes in immigration. Those changes will not be liked by the left. The left will take the order to court. The order will then remain in legal limbo. Trump can campaign on the Dems halting his amnesty.
        Basically a repeat of the last time.

        • interesting ,i read the doca on 16yrs and under . its a good read . they r thinking to revising it more $$ to pay and stay in school . it takes yrs to become citizens .. amazing read it its amazing . i know a person 70 yrs old just put her papers in to canada cause she needs medicare and she would have to stay in usa for 5 more yrs to get it ,so she going to canada . she has been her for yrs . she might pass on before she gets it in usa .. i didnt know how hard it was and how long it was .

    • He may get your vote, but it wouldn’t be enough. DACA amnesty would be Trump’s ” Read my lips” undoing. A lot of conservatives and independents are one issue voters. Immigration is that issue. Over at BB there are a lot of people who are not pleased about the immigration promises that were broken. This for a lot of them would be the final straw.
      Can’t wait for to read Ann Coulter’s response to his comments.
      After this interview, don’t be surprised if we have another surge at the border.

  2. This election is about the life of our nation, it’s not so much about immigration! If Trump loses, our nation is over, and I mean destroyed!

    • Not about immigration? So if Trump gives amnesty and these folks can vote, who do you think they vote for in the future? Trump printed money with the PPP stimulus, now he’d be printed voters with amnesty.

      • I don’t think amnesty would happen before election. DACA recipients who were raised here see that their parents left Socialist Country for a better life. Maybe many actually have a brain to not want Socialism for their children.

        • Words r important! Just like Michael Cutler always says! He’s talking amnesty for millions. I don’t give a crap if it’s b4 or after the election!! This is another nightmare on top of a stack of nightmares we r all living thru!
          If he were a drinking man I’d say he must have been drunk! But I can’t even use that for an excuse.

        • It’s not that Biden is a decent alternative, the point is that many voters will not turn out to vote and Biden will win.

      • Trump will not give them voter rights immediately, voting will probably years down the road. More liberals joining the band wagon every year. We are only 1 administration away from seeing democratic rule in this country for the next 12 years. Voters will forgive Trump, this is all about each party hating the other. Didn’t Republicans already offer DACA a path in a bill that the Democrats turned down?

    • DACA people have been here for almost all their lives. It is wrong to oppose any legalization status for them. This is the only country they have known, and if TRUMP wants to provide a legal way for them to be here. I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT. Right now the bigger problem is to save the country from the radical left.

  3. This report I have just read makes me literally want to throw up. What in the hell is Trump trying to do to his base of supporters. If he signs this he is going against all promises he has made to his supporters. THIS WILL BE HIS DEATH WISH!!!! We are behind him all of the way but not if he does this!!! In these terrible days our country is going through this is just another kick in the gut to his supporters. I for one have scrapped together every dollar that I can afford to support him, and so have other seniors that I know. I am an 81 yr old female and I could just sit down and cry tonight. HAS HE TURNED AGAINST US???? I pray he does not do this.

    • What would you do if you were President? Try walking in his shoes for one day. I bet you couldn’t do it. He said a road to citizenship. There will be steps. It won’t happen overnight, and he will make certain that they know and appreciate our American History. He is being a leader and fixing a problem since Congress won’t.

      • They don’t deserve a road to citizenship. Millions have come here legally after applying, paying fees, learning English and waiting their turns in their home countries. Many of these squatters (most came as teens) were raised on welfare, given a free education and many free college. Many now hold good jobs that belong to citizens. They are nothing more than illegal aliens. They deserve nothing. I pay medicaid claims and have seen multiple families of illegal aliens 14-16 on one case! Four generations!!!! If daca is allowed to stay so will their illegal parents, illegal siblings, illegal extended family. That’s 30 million that need to be deported.

        • Been on this issue a long time. Back in the early 90s a county in Ca had to completely redo their health care record system. They had many people using the same SS number. Drs would see a patient expecting a 60 year old and open the door to 20 year old.

        • Exactly! We are tired of our government condoning illegal activities. Either we have a country based on a set of laws or we don’t!

      • Speaking of problems this would b the beginning of many!! Has he turned to drugs? Seriously something is wrong! What happened to promises made, promises kept?? He sure didn’t promise a road to citizenship for DACA. I need a drink!

    • So are you going to vote for Biden? You know Biden & his minions will turn this country into a socialist nation. All of our freedoms will be gone. Despite DACA Trump will get my vote because I love America & if Biden wins, the America we love will be gone forever….we can’t let that happen! Just look around you, it’s already starting!

    • I think his liberal “advisors” are influencing him. Perhaps his daughter and son-in-law and possibly others. It’s a bad strategy.

  4. Ok, what do you do with DACA? These children are adults and do not know any other life than America. Trump said there would be a road to citizenship. Trump has a plan to satisfy us as Americans and to fix the Obama mess. Trump has kept almost all his promises. We are expecting too much from a man that is working without his paycheck. Give him a break. He will win, because he will get some not so crazy democrats and the independants. It shows Trump has a heart!

      • What promises has he NOT kept? Hasn’t he basically reversed everything that Obama has done and more? He tried to change our health care. I don’t believe he is granting amnesty. It’s a path to citizenship. Big difference. Remember what happened to Maddie McCann? She was murdered by that German pedophile in Germany. My common sense tells me that he wants to make sure children are not being brought in or taken out of this country and being sold into human trafficking. The border check police need to monitor who is coming in and out of this country and WHO they are with. Are they with their parents? These kids should be questioned in a private room before they can enter or exit. You can’t trust anyone. People are desperate and will do anything for money. They could be trying to sell their own child or it could be human trafficker. Im sure parents have been fooled. What if they never hear from their child again? Millions of children have gone missing for probably hundreds of years and I believe for as long as this EVIL cult has existed.

    • Exactly. Many even spent years in our military.They deserve to stay at that point. As long as it ends here,I’m ok with it.Everyone else needs to go back. The Demonrats will only use them in the next election anyway.

    • You have been brainwashed. The majority of them came as teens. As for the “military” you need to do some research. Very few have served and not a career. The U.S. doesn’t owe them anything. They are illegal aliens. No illegal deserves to stay for any reason when millions have come in after applying, paying fees, learning English and waiting their turn in their home countries. Squatting doesn’t give privilege.

  5. I will still vote for Trump. I don’t care if he signs an EO giving DACA a path to citizenship providing they are law abiding , productive citizens … no criminals! We have to stop the NWO Democrats or the America we know is gone forever! Sometimes it’s all about choices!

  6. Maybe he will get the majority of Hispanic vote! And that will be the end of illegal immigration! Some times you have to give, to get more

  7. Yeah dude, you are missing the boat on this one! Like the other posts state, Trump is our only choice. This country can kiss itself goodbye. Trump is playing the game of give and take or the Art of The Deal! Everybody is not going to get everything they want. The DemonRats always band together no matter what and that it is what the fence line independents and that is what the Republicans need to do! Trump 2020 no matter what. Sounds like that CBD oil is getting to your brain DML.

    • Really the only way many could stomach this move is with the following stipulations or changes. Number one is that all chain migration is eliminated. That means all DACA people can not bring family in. Two, the parents of DACA are deported and have to immigrate legally on their own. Three, all immigrants have to have a financially responsible sponser. Four. no ammesty recipient can ever have been on welfare. Five, all recipients must have completed high school, be employed and have a skill.

    • You don’t understand. President Trump doesn’t have to do something to alienate his base right before such an important election. It’s so inappropriate and weird. So why is he doing it? Will I vote for Biden? Of course not. But many, many Trump supporters will not vote at all if the President does this. Make sense now?

  8. I agree with you Pauline.
    We should not go nuts until we have true info.Trump has not done everything
    .come on DML with everyone in his face 24/7..the lies attacks on his family, friends and family sell him out with lies for big bucks…he is human and not perfect.

  9. Maybe, just maybe Trump has had enough, and I don’t blame him, and he no longer cares about being the President. Eric Trump said last week on Fox, that his Dad feels very alone. He feels as if he’s fighting this fight by himself. Senators & Congress don’t much back him. He’s human and he has certainly endured a great deal for all of us daily. Maybe he has just had it…………

  10. I’m at the point where I don’t care anymore. If Trump wins we have 4 more years of pure hell in DC and if Biden wins the same thing only with a stupid twist added on. This country is so divided might as well just have another Civil War dnd get it over with.

  11. By the way Trump will always have my vote. As long as he is for the morals in the Bible. Most Evangelicals agree I think. It’s just getting them out there to vote. I heard somewhere there is over4 million evangelicals and only half of them voted. That’s a shame, let’s get everyone out there to vote!

  12. I’m starting to feel like I’m stuck in a parallel universe where up is down, left is right and right is wrong! Heaven help us🙏

  13. I agree with DML. People won’t vote. I myself would still vote, but other people will get frustrated and walk away. It’s frightening but true. It happened before and it will happen again. He is loosing his mind on immigration. Unbelievable! He better wake up; get rid of Kushner and listen to his voters.

  14. Has anyone ever thought maybe Trump wants to lose? Maybe he’s sick of all the crap the dems put him through the last 3and a half years. Maybe he’s hoping we don’t vote for him so he can get out of it without actually quitting.

  15. What are you saying we are going to vote for Biden and then have open borders??? No I will still vote for TRUMP! I would prefer a Republican over a Democrat any day! May not particularly like the Republican candidate,but the other choice a Democrat!!! No way!!! Still voting Trump!!!

  16. Shame on you DML! Trump has my vote also! There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is going to be re-elected in November! Regardless! No he has not keep some of his promises but he has done a hell of a job on the ones he’s keep which are quite a few! I totally agree with most of these comments! He has a higher power with him.

    • President Trump is not God. He is imperfect and he is about to make a big mistake. So you should not be casting shame on DML for pointing this out.

  17. Hi DML! How about sending President Trump an email giving him your thoughts and/or advice? It might be very helpful. I will be voting for him and praying he will be re-elected.

  18. Isn’t there a way to let Trump know we don’t want him to do a path to citizenship for DACA. I still will vote for Trump,but this would be a mistake. I can’t understand why he thinks this is good.

    • You can email him at You can also call the White House hot line or try Twitter. I agree with you. The more we reach out to our politicians and let them know we’re grateful for the good things they do, and what we would like them to hold firm on, or how we believe they can solve a particular issue by offering our suggestions; those things can be an encouragement to them.

  19. Trump has done a phenomenal job for this country considering the constant battering he’s received from the left AND the group George Conway is pushing! I continue to pray for this country & for DJT, that God will lead & give him wisdom. Regarding DACA, it’s a huge problem. I’ll pray that his path to citizenship will have requirements to it that will expect certain things from them, & that hopefully it will give hope, promise, & create a sense of gratitude in Latinos enough that they’ll vote RED. Maybe it’s unrealistic, but DJT is smart, so I’m prayerfully hoping he’s crafted something genius that can resolve this issue once & for all! The real issue is STOPPING illegals from entering. He’s been hit from every side, yet he’s building the wall, working with the Mexican President to stop illegals at their borders, and trying to slow the student visa programs & refugee programs. We need to call & write to support him in all these things.Hes pretty much dismantled the ACA, yet John McCain screwed us all with his vote!! I’ll never vote for Socialism and a person who doesn’t vote at all and who doesn’t vote for Trump, IS voting for Socialism. Politicians need encouraged by their base, and our conservative politicians are being battered by the left! We must reach out to them by phone &or email and encourage them to stay the course for all the reasons they were elected. Then when Trumps re-elected & has the Senate & Congress majority Republican, he should be able to get HC cost lowered & maintain private HC , plus work on the other items on his list. It’s tough times & there’s so much at stake! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  20. OMG! I pray For President Trump to do what he promised in 2016. If he does this what he said today, I’ll be very disappointed. But I will still vote for him, because it would be better than having Biden as President.

  21. Rather have Trump in charge of daca
    Then Biden.
    Not happy about it but it’s an easy voting choice! C what happens….,

  22. I had never seen a person who had received punches from everywhere and is still standing. Unfortunately he is surrounded by the swamp he promised to drain and did not. His daughter and son in law are liberals that are democraps at heart and they are his closest advisors. I am very disappointed on what is happening. I think if the President since day one had started by prosecuting Hillary Clinton it would had kept them busy defending themselves from all the cover ups and dirty deeds they did under their administration instead the President gave them all the time they needed to regroup and the rest is history or rather day a nightmare. I will still vote for him. I am not voting for a little girls pervert.

  23. I’m still voting for Trump however, he needs to get rid of Kushner because HE is a traitor! Sorry to say but Ivanka needs to go as well because she is allowing Kushner to get away with his dishonesty. I’m disappointed. Fact is, they are both democrats.

    • Thankyou for saying what the president is talking about. A Road to Citizenship does not mean automatic. What is wrong with everyone. We need Trump not Biden who will take us to where no one wants to go. I sure don’t want the 4 horsemen to be guiding Biden which they are doing now. Look up who us writing his little speeches, AOC, Eric Holder to bane a few. Are you all crazy? DML, I’m so disappointed in you. I thought if you as a stalwart for Trump and us but you have turned out to be nothing of the sort. The president needs you and all of us and you have just turned your back. If he loses in part because of what you told us today, All will be lost. I’m not watching you any more, I’ve lost faith in what you say.

    • I know how you feel, but please hold your nose if you must and vote for Trump so we don’t descend into NWO hell.

  24. My vote is for President Trump! My main concern today is transforming our America to a socialist country. Our church rights are being taken away & masks are totally ridiculous, which I refuse to do. I live in the blue state of MN., that I am no longer proud of.
    We have a very strong base here that is the so called silent Majority. I have faith that our President knows exactly what he is doing. The best is yet to come!

  25. To the whiners who say they won’t vote…. you’re little kids who say “ If you don’t let me play I’ll quit!” No vote, no right to complain! President Trump is doing a fantastic job. He is like a boxer who is in it to win! He’s hitting hard but has to take a few on the chin himself, but he continues onward like the Christen Soldier he is! DML is getting to be like the rest of the media. Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see!

  26. Holy crap!
    Things are bad enough without now turning on DML!
    I feel lost. We need someone to believe and trust in the truth!
    I wish you could be the one running as Independent now DML!

  27. If Biden gets in America is in trouble, big trouble, we will be gone as a Nation of laws, life will be horrendous because of what the Democrats have planned.
    If you think that Dacca is bad, think about what Omar and others like her have planned, Sharia Law and worse, I have seen what has happened to my country of England.
    Biden and his evil planners are our worst nightmare, it will be Open Borders and this country will turn into a 3rd World Nation very fast.
    BLM will have control, our Police will be Defunded, Our Military defunded, our resources in danger, there will be Civil War and it’s close now.
    Also our schools and universities have been taken over by these dangerous far left, Christianity and Jews are being persecuted now, think what it will be like if Biden and his terrible crew get in.
    It’s not if we will lose this Nation, we will.
    God Help us and we all need to seriously pray.🇱🇷🇱🇷🙏🙏.

  28. NO amnesty, the President has said and posted over and over, A road to Citizenship… that is recent like this AM and it has been said over the last 3 years. Most are adults and a good portion are working. One way or the other there is no way deporting all these people this late in the game and Obama made sure of that. With a good percent of Hispanics that did and will vote for President Trump , a Road to Citizenship with NO AMNESTY is the best way to go. I am voting for President Trump and will not change that. I will NEVER VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT FOR ANYTHING… i WILL NOT VOTE RATHER THAN TO PUT A FAR LEFT POS IN OFFICE.

  29. We are not clairvoyants ….we have to think positive…. Trump plays game sometimes…
    we were panicking about DACA couple years ago…. and nothing happened …
    Time shows …we have to vote for him…
    he is better than Biden…

  30. If you are a one issue voter then you cant see the Forrest for the trees. There is more to this country than DACA. I for one am more concerned about the cost of healthcare, taxes and my constitutional rights than I am about letting DACA recipients stay in this country. I feel they should be given a path to citizenship. They came here as young children and this country is all they know. Also DACA recipients cannot get social security, college financial aid or food stamps according to the DACA fact sheet. I will vote for Trump regardless of this issue.


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