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Dennis Michael Lynch took to the streets today to voice his disgust over the new developments in a murder that took place in Mexico.

An American couple from Utah were killed last week in Mexico, execution style, while driving past a police check point. They were traveling with their 12-year old child who was also shot, but survived to tell the horrifying story.

More on the story can be found by visiting (click here).

Below is the Walk & Talk from DML. In it he explains how the couple was killed and asks why there is not any level of outrage from members of congress. He also called on President Trump to do something about it.

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  1. I agree with you Dennis, and I too am pissed off. Mexico and other central countries do whatever the heck they want and are almost NEVER called out on it. Where is the outrage from the Squad, or from the gun control idiots in the Dem party, where is Pres Trump, where is HIS tweet of outrage? We have to coddle , feed, and give medical care to the illegals crashing our borders, if anyone even hints in comments that they should be shot if they cross at our border, they are railroaded and demonized. It is my understanding that this was a remote border crossing and hard to notice especially if not familiar with the area and the crossing. I was a teenager on a road trip with girlfriends from MA to Quebec in 1970. We left Quebec and went east across Canada until we reached just above Maine as we were stopping in Farmington ME at a college to visit one of the sisters of my friends. It was dark, it was a very narrow and unlit road, with LOTS of huge Flatbed timber trucks hauling huge loads. I was driving and was so concentrated on not having an accident with the trucks that were hogging the road that we went RIGHT PAST a border station. It was off the road and not visible from the road. Suddenly we had lights behind us and PULL OVER PULL OVER being shouting through a megaphone thing. I had to drive a bit before there was a SAFE place to pull over. By then us girls were terrified as we had NO idea what was going on. It was US Border patrol and the officer said to turn around and follow him. When we got to the “station” he read us the riot act , told us we could be imprisoned for not stopping and by the time he stopped yelling at us we were all in tears! After checking our identification and car paperwork they sent us on our way. It was a simple mistake, luckily American Border Patrol officers do not execute those who fail to stop….but it is okay for Mexico to do it? Trump needs to give the riot act to Mexico President immediately!


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