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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast on January 13, 2021 focused heavily on the impeachment efforts of Democrats — they want Trump gone because of the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

DML explains what he believes drove conservatives to make the mistake of raiding the Capitol.  He also discussed what the impeachment proceedings will do to the GOP.

The DML also dives into comments made by the left about “deprogramming” Trump supporters.

He concludes with news about immigration, Twitter, and comments made by Hillary Clinton.

Please listen and share.

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  1. Sorry what I am seeing is fake in tv the whole house and the picture of Nancy last night I took blew up it isn’t her . Sounds crazy I know but it wasn’t her .

  2. I want to know who paid to have 4 white vans drop off the rioters? Why aren’t we hearing more about that. We saw with our own eyes who caused most of the destruction. Now I’m watching the Democrats rewrite the truth to fit their hateful agenda… wake up people.

  3. DML, I have just joined Telegram and think you would find it could be another good tool for you too. Dan Bongino, Sidney Powell, etc are gaining more support and people they lost from being banned on other platforms are finding them now. Waiting for word that Parler is online again.

  4. My understanding was that blm, ANTIFA, Q people, and provocateurs were there. There were a few Trump supporters too. Those other people instigated the violence and roped some of the Trump supporters into it. People were let into the Capitol and stayed within the ropes and we’re taking selfies. Ashli was shot by a security guard, but she had police standing behind her not doing anything to her. Why did that guard shoot that unarmed woman? Is he being charged? I heard blm person john sullivan(sp?) was there and got released. Congress was warned about some things beforehand. Some had prepared speeches when they came back condemning what happened. This is not the first time there were pipe bombs or some sort of bomb in the Capitol. There were at least a couple over the years. Please, Trump, declassify those documents, write EO’s, and pardon people, among other things. I also saw the black vans and white vans on a video, too.

  5. Thank you DML for giving us the truth!! Things must change, our country can’t survive in its present state! I despise Pelosi & all the blind people who follow her! She’s a demented old woman & dangerous to our country! She must be removed now!👎😈

  6. Coco: admin stated early on white vans were there to evacuate gov persons. But…why were they already there as group of unidentified “civilians” are being escorted and waved in?
    Another layer of swamp muck.

  7. Wake up, people. This was all planned. Those who need to listen to reason aren’t interested. They have an evil agenda. Those who are open to reason don’t need convincing. Go ahead and vent, but we are not changing anything by defending what is right. The other side is deaf by design.

  8. Please tell me there is something else Trump can do before this fraudulent Biden gets in office. Otherwise we are screwed unless we the people stand up and take back our country. The courts have turned there backs the Republicans are starting to buckle now what do we do?

  9. I can say to you one thing that you are a fantastic man I am totally disabled I just live on my Social Security I do have a home which caught on fire on Christmas day but I do have insurance my car is 16 years old and I am alone I am a widow but I’m not complaining I feel so much sorrier for President Trump than I do me he did so much and he got kicked in the ass so hard I just can’t believe our country has come to this but I have given up I’m not needed anymore I’m never out of pain when they can fix it. As long as Pelosi and all of that bunch is in Washington it isn’t worth living. I really can’t believe how I’m feeling I told my son tonight while you go out and do your job the right way you won’t get any credit you might get killed and you’re all I have because what I believe it it’s not abortion is not Prostitution and it sure the hell is the pope standing there next to Biden with his big grin on his face The pope P is in with all of it he is crooked and dirty as they are I was raised Catholic and it didn’t take me long to find out all they were were greedy money hungry and the priests were rapist a boys and they never paid the price. Why wasn’t he standing with Pence He is the one that’s a Roman Catholic know he was giving him dirty looks you didn’t stand by him sometimes you can hide corruption and sometimes you can’t and they have nailed the president might as well be to the cross for the last five years and he was guilty of nothing just like Jesus Christ gave his life just save us. And he was guilty of nothing I have never felt so sad in my entire life unless it was when I lost an immediate family when you were in pain all the time when you try to make the best of it after a while just doesn’t seem worth it when you watch what I watched today. I would rather live in a creek bed then to be so greedy it’s all those Democrats They never will get enough until they ruin all of us. You are a tripping man I listen to you every day and I really like it when you talk about how long you’ve been with your wife and how much you love your children so God bless you and keep you safe because before long we will try to ruin you


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