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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one hour long today, January 5. It is a must listen podcast for Conservatives, Republicans and Independents.

Today is the Georgia run-off election for two US Senate seats. DML explains how important it is to vote Republican. He explains in brutal detail what happens if the Democrats win both elections.

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is the program every American needs to subscribe to if they want to be informed correctly. Please listen and share this podcast on social media.  Subscribe by downloading the DML NEWS APP for free at the Apple App Store for IPhones and IPads, and the Google Play Store for Android phones.  You can also subscribe via Apple Podcasts.

Here is the podcast:

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  1. You are so right Dennis. Very scary times we’re in. I won’t lie and say that Im not a bit leary of voting next time. Thats a damn shame!

  2. YES!! YOU WILL GET MY VOTE!! My husband and I are raising grandsons, young at that. We are teaching them about what is happening in the world. In hopes they will take it and do the right things as they grow. We are in Arkansas but from Minnesota. They pray at the flagpole at school. All Trump here!! We so THANKFUL that we are no longer up north. Just so very sad.

  3. So very scary, yet the far left think they are right and their logic is frightening, I know I live with one, he calls Trump a Facist, Voted for Biden And Harris and is supposed to be a Catholic.

  4. Hey DML love your podcasts & you are always spot on! Originally from Michigan Witmer country but now live in Phoenix just read the book last nite COUNTDOWN TO SOCIALISM BY DEVIN NUNES! I had been putting it off since it was given to me this past summer @ a Trump Rally now that we MAY b living under Biden UGH thought I’d put it thru the test great read but still hanging with Trump Victory! MAGA!

  5. My husband and I sat quietly eating lunch listening to your podcast. You are so spot on! We are so worried about the future for our kids and grandkids like as Trump would say, like never before! How did we get here!? My husband, just a hand full of years away from retirement. He’s a union trade show worker of almost thirty years, made it to the top in the business, life was feeling good. Then the virus. Business closed down and a few weeks is now almost a freakin year! Holding on by unemployment and of course we had to hit our retirement fund. So far we are holding on okay. Got to say, the future is concerning at best. Maybe we retire early and my husband wants to move to Florida. I’m not a fan of not having the 4 seasons. Living in liberal Illinois is really not a option if he is forced to retire early. Why would we right! Life has changed so much. I’m scared, I carry my worry in my stomach. Hearing about your CBD might just be the answer for my stomach issues. Will wait for your moving sale! Florida’s heat might be where we end up. When you do run for President, and it sounds like you will give it a go, you will have our vote! Flat tax makes sense. I trust my gut feelings like you and I’ve had a bad feeling ( in my gut) for quite some time. My husband and I been screaming about the state of affairs also!! Mostly to each other because as you know, in Illinois you can’t do much. My kids agree but honestly don’t want to hear it so much. We always knew we had a voice, which was our vote. Now do we anymore? Just Thank you for talking to us and your news app. which is basically my news source… tho I do listen to Lou Dobbs on blue fox. He still sounds legit to me. lol. Until tomorrow’s podcast..

  6. I refuse to listen to the doom and gloom of “what if”will happen. I already know, we all do! I want to hear productive strategy on how we can best survive this nightmare. Because if we all don’t take a stand now what we’ll have to do later will be even harder. Simply having a discussion without any action is futile to our future!


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