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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast was powerful on Wednesday as DML reflected on the core principles of the Trump presidency.

If you are a Trump supporter and a believer of the MAGA movement this is a must listen, and a must share.

Please consider being a member of as you listen to this podcast.  And please tell people about the DML NEWS APP.

Here is the podcast:

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  1. just listened to most of your podcast. DML, Trump is not going anywhere – this will be overturned. McConnel is like most politicians – all about themselves with no ‘true’ soul. That’s why so many love Trump – the people – America’s people are his soul & it frightens soulless politicians! Just my 2 cents & i am a proud peon….

  2. Merry Christmas and happy holiday!!! They are going to make us communist country but we have to give up first and I won’t!!! I will not associate with anyone who lies, cheats and criminal because you become who you associate with!!!
    Our Constitution says if you commit treason or any kind of fraud the election is void!!!

  3. Thank you Stuart, B and Pam! I refuse to give up as well! I’m still holding out hope for the truth, the whistleblowers who courageously came forward, the EO of 2018, and for January 6th, one of the days that really matters. As far as I’m concerned it ain’t over til it’s over!

  4. You lost me when you said it was done, you sound like McConnell. Im still praying that they will fix this voting system so maybe you can run in 2024, or someone else. They don’t fix this no more true, elections will ever be held. Buck upand grow a ciue. My $.99 worth if you even care.

  5. Not going to listen.. We need positive hope. The military will need to take Biden out if he is by some wierd chance forced in. The military and Trump have taken vows to protect us. We Trumpers know he will get 4 more years. We voted and it was a land slide stolen by the Dominion!!

  6. Enjoy your podcasts, what is the latest on the Chinese land purchase in tx? Do we need to start learning to speak Chinese?

  7. I am an Englishman,I first got to know about that strange race, of large,loud,brash,larger than life tribe,known to one and all,as Yanks,during the Second World War! I was just a youngster,but from the time I got hold of some Dell comics,I promised myself,that I would visit the land of these strange but funny people,who came from a land of plenty,the workers of England,had only the barest of necessity’s. I’m in my eighties now,I’ve still not been to America,but i do keep an eye on what’s going on, and I have to say,this business of the Presidential Election,I find disturbing! Donald Trump,is something of a rough diamond,but he fits in with my perception of what a larger than life President should be, but for the life of me,I can’t understand,how anyone could put Biden into the White House, and consider it to be a step forward.It cannot,and must not be allowed to happen,if the court’s allow this outrageous to succeed,the trust that the western world holds in America,will sadly end! My America,and everything that I have come to love about your country will be no more!

  8. I should have mentioned,I do have more than a passing interest in America,my ancestor Francis Eaton, arrived America,400 years ago,on the Mayflower!


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