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In the Dennis Michael Lynch podcast on Thursday, DML discusses the speech President Donald Trump gave from the White House yesterday as he pursues legal action over multiple allegations of election fraud.

DML also weighed in after attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood held a pro-Trump rally in Atlanta on Wednesday, and literally told the crowd to boycott the Jan. 5 run-off election in Georgia, in which Republican senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are fighting to hold on to their seats.

DML warned that their push for Trump supporters to boycott the Georgia runoff election is in direct opposition to what President Trump has stated, and could result in Democrats gaining the majority in the U.S. Senate.

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    • I think what they were trying to emphasize is for the voters to pressure the candidates to question the election results, which they have been pretty quiet on. The candidates are riding the fence. They love Trump’s support, but don’t want to reciprocate. What reason would Powell have to launch all of these actions on behalf of Trump, then sabotage the Senate election in Georgia? All of these court actions cost money. There is nothing to be gained on their part unless they win in court. If they win, they will become a couple of the highest profile attorneys in the country. If they lose, they will be the butt of every attorney joke. The premise that they are working for Democrat purposes is questionable at best. I think they want what every normal honest American does; honest, accurate elections.

      • Totally agree. They are playing with fire but I think they are encouraging GA, all voters, to demand, in person with ID proof to be in place for casting paper ballots only, and to tally by hand, for Jan Election.

    • No he didn’t! He said make them earn their vote. He should be building them up! The 2 democrats are destructive and would completely destroy the seats in the Senate. This is going to change our Constitution and our way of life. I hate all the Politicians, lawyers, money hungry, power hungry animals!

    • Because these 2 Republicans are backing mayor Kemp, who has sold out, rather than standing up with the Patriots that are fighting for justice.They could have very well already won their seats, but they are sitting back and being quiet. Why? makes them look guilty as well.

  1. This is horrible slander that is being done to hurt Lin and Sidney who are fighting for President Trump. You should be talking about how horrible Michigan officials treat RUDY Guiliani yesterday. Some people need impeached namely Rashid nasty mouth.

  2. In a way this would serve Republicans right for abandoning Trump while enjoying their re elections. The only problem is it hurts us, the citizens. Democrats would have the House, the Senate, perhaps the presidency with nothing stopping them but a Revolution. Personally, I want a Revolution but think citizens are as spineless as the Republicans.

  3. Stop relying on technology to do our job. Vote in person, on paper!! Not voting at all would ensure a Dem win and would ultimately be the demise of our great country. Get rid of Dominion before the election!! Georgia Republicans need to come out in full force to save our country!! If there are any Dems on the fence, jump to the RIGHT!! Do what is best for the country. Keep the Senate in Republican control.

  4. I’m telling you, Dennis Michael Lynch is nothing but a fence rider because he wants to run for president in 2024. If he wouldn’t act like this and report on the real corruption instead of Lin Wood who is doing a phenomenal job with Sidney Powell, then maybe you could run, but Not when you were disparaging people who are helping our country. Why don’t you get out and do more Dennis Michael Lynch if you wanna put a name out there for yourself. We know why you don’t. Just by your own words I know why you don’t.

  5. I have a different take on this. He was calling Loeffler and Perdue out because they are not backing or speaking out against the fraud that has occurred. To me, it makes it look like they are guilty of siding with Kemp instead of demanding a recount. They could very well have already won their seats, so why are they not standing up and speaking out about this? They have all these Patriots fighting for the truth. Why are they not standing with them?

  6. I want to apologize to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. People have been accusing him of being racist because he consistently has been the only one who voted NO on the H1B green cards for Indians Bill. Dennis has made me understand why that would be bad for America, especially now during the China virus! I guess Durbin was looking out for Americans, after all!🇺🇸

  7. So do you REALLY expect Georgians to cast their votes on the same Dominion voting Systems that we KNOW are rigged? Maybe China and the Dims will feel guilty for what they did and not steal this Senate run off election. I think they have turned over a new leaf. 🙄

  8. He didn’t say that. It makes sense that he told Perdue and Loeffler to help the president. To show that they fight for the people. They should stand for the people. They should show that they do support the people. After all that’s all they’re voted for. To do the people’s will. He was only stating the system should be fixed before they do the run off. He just stated a good point that these people had to earn their votes. Weather Republicans or Democrats. If they’re gonna use the same machines and the same voting system it’d be the same as the presidential elections outcome anyway “RIGGED”. They should cancel all the mail in voting and VOTE in person using a reliable machine to count those votes. Or just a hand count.

  9. People people……it’s what the Media does. They infer information differently than it was meant, not unintentionally. Then they mold it into their false narrative and proclaim it as fact/truth. So Lin said to boycott the runoff so he has a reason and the media doesn’t like that he won’t show them all the evidence, ya know, so they can attack it, lie to discredit it, ect.

  10. I say…what if Wood was a Democratic “spy” to make sure the GA people would not vote the Republicans in, so the Democrats will take the Senate.
    I understand he doesn’t want people to vote because of not trusting Dominion or mail in ballots, but it’s not helping these candidates and would ruin our system 0f government. Maybe Wood is sounding sincere, but is a sheep in wolve’s clothing!

  11. DML, I agree with you 99% of the time, but you’re off on this one. I live in Georgia, I was at the Wills Park with Lin Woods when he made that statement. Nobody is fighting harder for Trump and Georgia than Lin Wood…he is a true patriot! He is a very passionate person and pissed off that Kelly and David refuse to help in the fight for Trump or to make the senate runoff race fair. Lin knows that this runoff should not even be taking place because without the corruption Doug Collins and David Purdue already won. The point he is making is that if they don’t change the voting procedure there’s no point in voting because the fix is already in. He admits he doesn’t belong to any party and has voted for both democrats and republicans in the past. I agree it’s dangerous for him to put it out there like that and I’m voting on the Chinese machine because even if they cheat I’m not going to make it easy for them. EVERYONE NEEDS TO VOTE AND DO THEIR PART REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAPPENS AFTER!

  12. No you have this wrong! Nobody has been fighting harder for Trump and Georgia than Lin Woods! Lin is a passionate man and pissed off that Kelly and David refuse to help in the fight. This state of Georgia is a swamp of corruption and he knows that the runoff should not even be happening. Doug Collins and David Purdue already earned the seats. His point is that if they don’t step up and demand a change in the voting procedure than it’s pointless for us to vote because the fix is already in. DML…we would be stupid to not agree with this logic and so far I’m about to go and do the same thing I did 2 months ago. I’m going to stand on a line for probably 2 hours to cast my vote that will count for nothing because they haven’t changed anything. However, WE ALL MUST VOTE AND DO OUR PART NO MATTER WHAT BS THEY PULL! Lin admits he voted for democrats and republicans in the past and he doesn’t stand for either party but make no mistake this man is a patriot fighting for the good of our country and in Georgia he is one of the few good men!


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