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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is a must listen on Wednesday, although it is highly depressing due to the nature of the news shared by DML.

The truth! It’s been what’s attracted people to DML for all these years.  He always gives it straight, and he says it’s important for you to listen to the truth even if you don’t like what’s being said.  Today, is a prime example of how correct he is.

You must listen to this podcast and then share it if you are concerned about what is coming at us in the months and years to come.  DML puts it in easy to understand language, and therefore you should listen to every word from start to finish.

Between the Biden plan for Covid-19 and the corruption of the Left, DML reveals the news that is taking place but barely reported.  It all impacts your life whether you realize it or not.


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  1. News flash!
    I didn’t give a flying fork what FIDEN says! I don’t care if he hurts his widdle foot.
    I don’t care if he has a brain eating amoeba eating all of his brain cells on TV.
    I feel the same way about Kameltoe.
    Also, tell that stupid woman threatening Trump supporters on Twitter, that she’s stepping on dangerous ground when she threatens us. We’ve tolerated your crap because we’re law abiding folk, but if your thugs come looking for us, they’ll need a hearse.

  2. As soon as they started dining I would have got a fire hose and put out the fire
    This is what I’m talking about Hollywood is evil at it’s core
    Holly ! It’s a wood, used in practicing witchcraft ! It’s real wood used in productions like Harry Potter and many many other witchcraft movies. Look it up for yourself.

  3. DML I’m a member and I can’t figure out how to see the video for the pod cast.

    Also my birthday is 4/11

    Thanks Donalee Peters

  4. to DML, I guess all we can do is Pray… God is still in control, and I hope he will tell his son, Savior Jesus, to come and it will be Judgment day… Pray its Soon !!!! oh ~~ would subscribe to your station, but I am on SSD(disablity) don’t get alot of income.. So for now, I have to be just a follower…
    sincerely, a sad Republican in the state of Kansas..


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