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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast took an interesting path Wednesday.   In his podcast DML explains why he blames the GOP for what appears to be a Biden victory.

This is a must listen podcast if you are baffled about the recent comments made by AG Bill Barr.

Your can listen to the podcast below.  Be sure to share it:

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  1. I think the reason why Barr said that is because nobody investigated anything up until now. When you don’t investigate, you don’t see any fraud. DOJ…..ya think they are investigating this when they are part of the criminal activity? With Barr……Never look where the magician is pointing. He says “no evidence yet”. Durham is now special prosecutor which gives him a broader jurisdiction. I think you are hearing them throwing a fish to the mass corruption while they are looking and gathering behind the scenes. Remember when Trump said a week ago during in a interview he thinks a special prosecutor is needed? Durham was made special prosecutor October 19. Why is he telling us this now? Be patient…..if for nothing else at all, what more do you have to lose than to continue the faith a little longer? There is a massive corruption scheme going on beyond our imagination or why we could comprehend at this time. We are grasping at straws but I think something big will happen. Remember the insurrection act….remember the Executive Order in place. Domino’s (pun intended) will fall…..heads will roll.

  2. Sorry to say but nothing will be done. It could be proved there was fraud on elections day like it happened but no outcome will prevail and life will go on as usual. Barr knows exactly was is going on but he is no Presidents man. The President made real choices in his staff. The first one was to put Sessions when he had others like Guilani that would had served him best and this all would had been avoided. I think his liberal daughter and liberal son in law has a lot to do with his bad decisions that had cost him the Presidency. I also blame the GOP and let know the Republican this was my last vote. They never accepted this President and let know since day one he was in office. All these leaks and hurdles in his administration was provided by them. Only a few good man stood by his side and stay true conservative but not enough for me to keep voting Republican. I just stay out of it and wait for another candidate preferible an independent that I can vote for. Enough of the corruption and betrayal on both parties. Democraps protect their administrations even if they are perverts , crooks or sex maniacs which is also disgusting and the worst part is that now they are Socialists.

  3. We the people have been tricked by a combined effort of both party’s!
    God is letting people see firsthand the corruption from those in charge of the USA.
    A person told me a few weeks ago that Democrats and Republicans were all in on this together .
    This is a live soap opera and we are the viewers !
    Jesus said all that has ever came before me were thief’s and liars!
    This is a combination effort of both party’s and this is what I’m calling, The Great Divide 2020
    Rivers of blood are on their hands! And they give homage to their father Satan the devil !
    If you still believe this has nothing to do with spiritual warfare? I feel sorry for you!
    I pray for myself along with the lost in Jesus Name Amen 🙏

  4. DML. Great talk today. Some things are right in front of us! I take away a sense of understanding now in what the hell is happening. I will share this podcast with whom ever I can get to listen to it. You are the smartest person in the room! Ty

  5. Ummm you need to look at they are running the show if Biden gets in he will not be running the government he is just a puppet!!! There will not be 2024 elections you will be told who will replace, they will not let you own anything!!!

  6. Bill bar work for the Bush administration back in 2000 and you know that was corrupt especially after the twin towers which was a inside job by our own government and the bad Israeli government.

  7. I have already written a letter to little Marco and forwarded your article to friends in FL telling them to all write him as I did.


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