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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is always a powerful listen, but on January 6, 2021 it rocks the speakers.

DML explains how the GOP lost the US Senate to liberals after the two loses in the Georgia run-off elections Tuesday. He then explains who is to blame and how it gets fixed.

This is an undeniable podcast and one that all Americans must hear. If you do not listen and share then you are shortchanging yourself and your country.  From the COVID-19 drama to the mail-in ballots scam, DML outlines what you need to know when measuring how the country is in its worst spot of all time.

Listen to the entire 30-minutes. To subscribe to The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast and never miss an episode please do the following:
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Here is today’s program:

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  1. Welcome to the Socialist/Communist State of America .

    The old saying I’d correct , you can vote communism in but you’re gonna have to fight and die to get rid of it .


    Lazy useless POS that want it all but someone else must provide it .

    I say death to ALL democrats in Congress . Let’s make America America again .

    Yes. I am promoting civil war and it better happen sooner than later .

  2. Now the people that I personally know voted for this shit, if they come to me asking for any help… NOPE ! No more help from me ! I used to help everyone. I’m done !!! You asked for it, you got it !! You are own your own !

  3. we all knew that Gop will lose we don’t have any confidence of that stupid mail voting..from military ..using military to win no confidence anymore only republicans just stupid to agree with but something wrong

  4. So right DML! We’ve been asleep at the wheel! I so regret that I haven’t been more involved in politics over the years! I diligently voted in every election hoping that was enough. I was busy raising a family, working hard for that American dream, putting myself and my kids through school, growing my nursing career and sacrificing to save for a comfortable husband worked for 40 years in his own business helping me through school Now it’s all going out the window because I stupidly thought that voting for (Republican) representatives was enough! What a fool I’ve been. Now it’s too late. I’m too old and out of shape to fight this physically because I’ve been doing the above! I should have been more involved! I just wonder where do we go from here?? I’m so angry at the Republicans who I voted to represent me! They’re as bad as the democrats! They’re nothing but a bunch of Lily livered cowards. I’ll never vote for a republican again. We. We need another party who gives a dam about the America we lost today. God help us! God help America!

  5. agree DML, we knew what happened at 3 Nov election. SHould not have allowed Abrams sister to decide on the voter roll check and delcline ilegal votes, should have demeanded fininsh the count with all to watch. How can the leaders of country allow this? Being controlled by the left, etc. Wish you were Trump’s adviser, Chies of Staff, etc, wish he heard your wise knowledge

  6. It’s a shame all the Republicans that we voted in to office. But we will remember them when they go up for election soon they will never be able to talk through way out of turning against our president and against the people. They will forever be known as traders to the Republican party and the people.


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