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“The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is the most eye opening podcast in America,” says Debbie from Facebook.   Well, we have news for Debbie: She ain’t seen nothing yet.

Today, DML rips into the Left and Black Lives Matter for their disgusting behavior that includes lies, threats, and violence on this Election Day.

He also explains how difficult it will be for Trump voters today, but in the end DML delivers the passion you want from him. He puts out there with no uncertainty, the Trump victory is going to happen. DML explains what it will mean for America in the long and short term.

Listen and share.

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  1. Nothing short of a total failure, and betrayal to the Constitution, and every single American to threaten to unleash the hounds of hell of the leftists do not win.
    All the more reason to definitively crush them in this election and every one after.
    This is not a “ Democratic Party” and the people behind these threats and promises are nothing less than traitors .
    The hospital I work at in Chicago is preparing for the riots being promised -already trying to take stock of who may be able to get here , and who may be put at risk coming to work where staffing for care is critical. I am livid we are watching city and state administrations cowering and or kowtowing to what amounts to terrorist organizations, to allow them to threaten people to vote the way they want them to.

  2. Today is Election Day. I just got through listening to your podcast for today.
    I loved loved this podcast.
    If after lustening to this pidcast and you went to vote for Joe Biden I have nothing to say.
    Thank you DENNIS this was awesome.❤️
    Thanks to you and your family for letting you bring the truth to all of us.

  3. First time listener … great job. Enjoyed very much. Yes, extremely anxious today .. family members are extreme lefties. Cannot image living in a onee party country / communist. Playing we don’t see that. I do watch a lot of your utuube.

  4. It’s so scary what’s going on. The evil that is going on and Biden crying cuz people drove them out of Texas look at what Biden fans are doing. I hope the people that voted for Biden pay for it. I had a Procedure on the 3 rd was out for 3 hrs and still went and vote for trump I needed to do this for god. I drop my fb cuz there not playing far only go by what DML says.

  5. Thanks DLM ……. I feel much better after listening to this podcast. I am going to stay off FB and news channels for a while. They had me sucked in deep. Keeping the faith…..


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