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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for Friday, Dec 4 is below.

DML focuses on a story of a couple who were separated because of Covid 19 restrictions. The wife ended up dying alone. DML is pissed off about this, and so he felt the need to do a stand alone program about the Covid narrative.

The podcast is a must listen for anyone who is tired of of the Covid-19 narrative being pushed by politicians and the media.

Listen below:

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  1. Absolutely correct and the so called 51 symptoms is laughable. Those symptoms cover everything out there, it’s like a smorgasbord of choices. Impossible not to have something on that list at one time or another.

  2. I’m tired of the whole thing not just a Covid but the bullshit they’ve kept us in and it’s all a lie they’ve ruined peoples businesses they’ve taken jobs away from people I had a part-time job great part-time job loved it don’t have it it’s all bunch of bullshit.

  3. I waiting for Trump to win again and get the hysteria under control. Allow Americans to walk free again without restrictions. And not have that vaccine forced on us. Because if he doesn’t we are going to be forced to take it if we want to go out in the world and live again. The mark of beast, getting double shots every year. I don’t know about you but I’m not being blackmailed to do. Gates lost his case to make it mandatory. Because it was FINALLY recognized that vaccines in children causes Autism. Did the media make any announcements on that? Of course not because that would give everyone a legitimate reason to not take this vaccine. I feel like we are already living with Communism. They don’t want Americans to know the truth!

  4. Dennis you are right people have to quit being sheep ,no masks ,no vaccine,no more control and until we all stand up to the tyranny it will go on and on.

  5. I am older, with under-lying conditions, I will NOT wear a mask when I go into stores, restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores, no one at church wears one. When I really need to go into an establishment or want to and they say mask, I tell them I am exempt from it. Most places will respect my exemption. If they insist, it will go on and once passed the door, off it comes….. I was about ready to wear a kotex pad and write something like bloody COVID and I”m not even an English man. I’m tired of it too, can’t see anyone smiling anymore…Even when I went to walk in to vote,,,,no mask,,,,

  6. Actually 2 people HAVE escaped death! But they still have an appointment. That would be Enoch and Ezekiel! Go look it up in the Bible! They are gonna be back and THEN… EVERY Human will have met with death! Let me add, somebody said “Death steps aside for no man!”. Well one day 2021 years ago Jesus met death on the road of eternity… AND DEATH STEPPED ASIDE!

  7. Years ago I had securities manager who was arrested and his office was padlocked shut. I firmly believe that some of these lying politicians who lie to us on their public platforms should have been arrested already. and long ago. Unbelievable to me that they can get away with what they do. I want federalism, states rights etc, but I also want prosecutions to happen.



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