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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast on January 7, 2021 is a must listen if you support President Trump.

In this moving podcast, DML uses facts and heartfelt concerns and appreciations to defend the president amid the media and Democrats calling for his removal.

DML also talks about the future of America in a positive light. If you need hope, this podcast will give it to you. It also speaks the truth about the past two days.

Listen and share.

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  1. You are forgetting there will be NO fair elections EVER again There is no fixing elections after this so there is no undoing They know it and we know it

    • Never will any election be fair from this one on. I will never waste my time and vote again. Nor will anyone else I know that supported the Republicans! They are done! Our corrupt Government have taken away the people’s voices.

  2. They make me sick! Did they not tell the police to stand down during the summer months of 2020 while they destroyed cities! They caused havoc throughout the entire world. Now they want to arrest Trump supporters or people who believe in the integrity of the election process. Now they want to hold the police accountable. Ya know the ones they wanted to defund Hypocritical disgusting, pathetic human beings! Deep state corrupt, treasonous scum of the earth.

    Regardless if this come to fruition.We must stand and unite and continue to fight the good fight for our freedoms for the American people remember Republic.
    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America unto the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and Justice for all.

  4. The Deep State seems like a herd of dogs, barking at President of the United States. They hate President Trump because he isn’t a politician, one that only makes promises, but never carry out them. They hate President Trump because he isn’t part of the swamp, a sewer full of human corruption and crimes. They hate President Trump because nobody of them is at the height of him. He is our Leader Riding the Horse of America while the envious barking dogs never have been or will be a Leader like President Trump. GOD Bless America and President Trump🇺🇸

  5. It will be Obama calling the shots for Traitor Joe to follow. I pray for these next 4yrs to fly bye. I also pray that President Trump put all he has uncovered on full display for the American people.

  6. These blm an intifa burn buildings down, riot,kill people an take over cities why are they not arrested an the mayor’s an governor’s arrested ????? This was Antifa not Trump supporters !!! These democrats are pure evil 😈 an Biden is only there puppet by the Clinton’s Obama, Soros an some of the Republicans Pence ,Graham you trader’s they bought you with blood of abortion money you are Christian hypocrite you are sickening !!!!! You idiots that voted dem-rats well all the illegal’s will come in your taxes will go up an don’t call 911 because they will defund the police they say if there trying to break into your house try to talk them out of it an if you’re car is stolen it’s no longer a felony its a ticket !!!!! I don’t cuss but FUCK YOU FB TWITTER an all you communist apps !!!!! Your taxes are going to be raised the dollar will only be worth 47 cents gas will be 5 a gallon but you idiots are all so blind watching the fake communist media !!!!!

  7. The republican party is dead, there will never be a legit election in this county again. Start embracing socialism, everything you’ve worked for will be stripped from you. Embrace the suck!

  8. This Presidency will be a Damn Repeat of the craphole Obama Administration but if kamala takes over we are really DONE. She is incomptent giggling Baffoon.


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