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Dennis Michael Lynch released a new podcast on Thursday, weighing in on the uncertainty surrounding the results of the presidential election.

President Trump currently has 214 Electoral votes, and Democrat nominee Joe Biden has 264 Electoral votes. Five states have not yet been called, as the counting continues, and the Trump campaign has already filed a number of lawsuits over allegations of fraud regarding the mail-in ballots.

DML said President Trump has a strong case for pursuing legal action, and explained steps he believes the president should take.


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  1. Fake news is trying to paint Trump as sore loser but there are many irregularities and reports indicating fraud which I believe because a party that spent four years trying to impeach Trump based on nothing isn’t above voter fraud.

  2. What if we went to the streets and started burning Democrat holdings and medias as this is apparently the peaceful protects they believe in. But no we are to law abiding to stoop to the level of liberaldevils

  3. How do we hold onto senate? I keep hearing we have it for sure but then if they steal Georgia that would cause another run off election in January for the senate. They already turned a Colorado seat, one run off and another possible one if Georgia goes their way. They only need 3 seats if Biden wins WH. losing the senate would doom Americans right now. Please address this Dennis. It’s concerning.

  4. A bilateral commission headed by former President Jimmy Carter determined 15 years ago that mail-in ballots are too susceptible to fraudulent manipulation. Of course, that’s the very reason why the Democratic Party went all in this time on mail-in ballots, because they had an incredibly lackluster candidate and the pretext of social distancing as a precaution against COVID. We’ve heard many allegations and seen ample indications of such cheating, always and only in areas controlled by Democrats,with mass mailings of unsolicited mail-in ballots, sudden, one-sided vote dumps — usually in the middle of the night—of unknown provenance, GOP observers denied access — even at the cost of court contests, intending voters told they’d already voted, unevenly disseminated last-minute voting instructions from hyper-partisan state attorneys-general and secretaries of state, mail-in deadlines extended without legislative sanction, post-poll mail-in ballots not segregated—as promised—from other ballots, counting of ballots secretly resuming late at night after GOP poll watchers have been dismissed, 105 percent turnout in some precincts, illegible postmarks, no checks for ID or matching signatures, poll workers disallowing and refusing to replace ballots unreadable by the voting terminals because they were marked using Sharpies the poll workers themselves distributed, vast numbers of Biden ballots transported into counting centers in coolers, that are post office workers surreptitiously postmarking ballots with previous dates, etc. Moreover, there is the sheer improbability of a candidate receiving the most presidential votes in history after failing to muster any rallies of even just moderate size. Finally, this is only the start of what we shall see in every election from now unless this is nipped in the bud right now. The courts need to bear in mind the democratic imperative and fundamental right of Americans to know their government is legitimate. They should: rule against any actions unduly impairing the transparency of our election processes and take punitive action against those responsible; vacate any lower court decisions impacting elections that have not been approved by the respective state legislatures and rebuke the judges involved; allow absentee ballots to be counted but order the rejection of any ballot not duly received and registered by election day; disallow any ballots for which unbroken chain of custody cannot be proven; and, ideally, rule against the validity of mail-in balloting as inherently susceptible to fraud leading foreseeably to the disenfranchisement of many Americans and the corrosion of our democratic institutions and constitutional safeguards.

  5. DML
    Please contact the President with your thoughts and ideas! You can get to him, ( to speak with)where the rest of us cannot be seen or heard…
    God Bless American

  6. Seeing posts from south GA, people re checking their votes, some that were accepted last week now show cancelled. I hope any Republican who has considered or is considering running for office in GA in years to come realizes GA voters eyes are upon them, you snooze now…you lose then.
    Have to comment on Biden’s security increase…he is for defunding police and taking away protection for everyone but himself. Its a show and president will be blamed for anything that happens but my opinion is this is the set up for Harris to become president by any means necessary and McConnell is her next road block unless he caters to her… it does look as if a LOT of Republicans are spineless at this point, clearly they do not care about the American voters election concerns.


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