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Pam from Howell, NJ has listened to Dennis Michael Lynch since 2016. She was so inspired by him that she started her own version of a Facebook LIVE show, much like the Walk & Talk but without the walking.

Pam’s little show gained local attention in her town, and before long people were looking to her to run for town office.

Pro-Trump, pro-DML, anti-illegal immigration, Pam decided to run for an open seat on the town council as a Republican.

With a clear path to victory all but certain, she says the local Democrats started a smear campaign. They took clips from her Facebook LIVE shows and edited them in such a way to alter a message that made her to sound like a racist.

Then they tried to slander her reputation by pushing a false narrative about Pam being “the town drunk.”  A few years ago, Pam had been pulled over for a possible DUI, but she was never convicted of driving intoxicated.  Regardless, she was made out to be guilty by the Democrats in her town.

On Election Day, the single mom defeated the Democrats — she won her race. But then the nightmare started.

The principal at the school where she worked as a teacher’s assistance fired her, stating Pam had broke school policies.  Pam tells DML this is complete nonsense — she didn’t break any rules.

So, a month later she is still out of a job!  Is it because she’s a conservative?  You can decide after listening to her story.

Pam joined DML for the Sunday Chat podcast offered each week on the TeamDML subscription service website. To learn more, and to join, go to

Below is a free version of the Sunday Chat that aired two weeks ago. Pam tells her story to DML.

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