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The Dennis Michael Lynch is must listen on Monday January 11. DML discusses the major issues facing America on this day including the unplugging of Parler by Big Tech.

DML explains how it happened, why it happened, what it means to you today and tomorrow. He compares the sudden shutdown of the popular social media site used by conservatives to the shock attacks of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Big Tech has basically disconnected free speech in what feels like a sneak attack, and it will only get worse explains DML.

DML also speaks about Nancy Pelosi and her attacks on the president as he calls for his removal is highlighted on 60 Minutes. DML finishes the show by discussing the dangerous march by Antifa and BLM in Manhattan Sunday that went largely unreported.

Stand up for free speech and sharing information. Listen and share.

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    • I did the same. Twitter is gone. The reply after I deactivated the Twitter was very cold. It was like this. Sorry to see you go. BYE. My next step will be Facebook.

    • I’ve scheduled my FakeBook closing on Jan 20, Inauguration day! I gave notice to everybody who follows me a few days to see my notification posts first before disappearing! I’m on Parler and MeWe now! Parler is down right now, but should be back up again. MeWe seems to be good also, but as soon as the big tech finds out, I’m sure they will try to do their best to silence them too! I get my news from DML!

    • Everyone should delete Twitter and Facebook. You are supporting them by keeping them. The more people they lose, the more money they lose. It is hard going without talking but we have DML to listen to. He is truth. He will keep the truth out there ❤️

      DELETE Facebook &Twitter. Watch them go down. Be true to the cause.

  1. DML, the music playing during your podcast is so annoying. I would rather just hear you. Sorry, but I couldn’t finish listening to it.

  2. We need to have American’s open there eyes. This is how the election got stolen. More then that they are controlling everybody people go back to land lines and sorry ho back to going to visit neighbors and write letters. If you give them this much power we are dead in the water. We did without them before and we will live without them today

  3. Pres. Trump must honor his supporters on several stages! Not only with the metal of honor. Just an idea: He must open an sozial network with own servers that we have a free voice! He must make that one as a share holder company, that people know for what they spend their money. I guess the spending from the people will increase on enormous highes!
    That is the American way! A new start new from the roots! It will take not long to be on top again!

    • I I heard that they were in the process of building new servers, but apparently, there’s more to it than that.

  4. Dennis, I am not being allowed to share this they are putting a message on it saying unable to find Parler. I’m thinking maybe take Parler out of the header they are probably keying on that word & not allowing it to be shared.

  5. Mr. Lynch I’m not seeing you confirming or denying any of the things we’ve been seeing through non stream media such as Lin Wood for example. Also in regards to the speech Trump is giving tonight at 9 pm est. We want to know your take on all this. Can you substantiate any of these things?

  6. If Amazon can do this to a company using it’s cloud services would you trust any big tech company (Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, etc.) with your company’s cloud services?

  7. Seems like we may have to go old school for awhile. Its scary to think how deeply embedded into our lives these companies are, and they have a monopoly. I’m sre the enginuity is out there to build alternatives from scratch, its just getting it all together and getting the word out will take so long without the use of these certain companies. Are we all going to have to get radios like the military used in WWII? Actually only half joking….

  8. Manette Plumlee. I was thinking the old ham radios or the CB radios.

    “breaker breaker…do you copy, over, no, thiis is Under, over.” That famous line from the captain in the movie AIRPLANE. The captain’s name was Under..


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