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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast focused heavily Monday on the potential for the Supreme Court to play a role in the 2020 election.

According to DML, we all must watch what the Supreme Court does today when hearing the case about removing the illegal alien population from determining the number of representatives each state gets in the House.  DML says this will be a clue into how the Supreme Court will act if the election contest is put in front of them in the weeks to come.

You can listen to DML’s podcast below:

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  1. DML, I hear & see all these posts discussing how this election hinges on Supreme Court, but I never hear you mention the obviously appropriate alternative: A TOTALLY NEW ELECTION HELD with NO VOTING MACHINES WHATSOEVER? That is the only way to obtain a FAIR HONEST ELECTION here among the ashes of DEEP FRAUDULENT DISGRACE??? Why ISNT anyone advocating for it??

    • As I understand, the Constitution will not allow a second vote for president. It goes to SCOTUS for a vote. If they won’t hear it, and Bidens electoral votes go below 270, then it can go to the House for a House vote. Since this past week we are losing the court cases to stop certification, I don’t see now how we can do the House Vote. I wish I knew how this will go, but we definitely can’t have a new election as per the Constitution. So unfair what they have done. It is so obvious what they’ve done. Worst of all, they’re so proud of it and themselves. Make me want to 🤢🤮

      • We shouldn’t be FORCED to accept Biden under these conditions, and that is what seems to be happening here. Everyone in this country knows the election was corrupt as hell! He will utterly ruin this country and turn it into communism. There is already talk that his top advisor wants to shut down this country for six weeks to get rid of the Coronavirus…this country is already hurting from what the governors did to the people in their states. People don’t realize that Trump does not have jurisdiction over Governors. And yet, the Governors (democratic ones who are evil in how they handled the coronavirus and restrictions are still doing so) are the culprit here as to why so many people have died. Trump supplied to Gov Cuomo (NYC) for instance a floating medical ship staffed for use of the Coronavirus for hospitals that were getting filed, etc., and Gov Cuomo did nothing with it! Whose to blame here? Not Trump…the governors of the states they are the ones that have kept this virus going. Obviously shutdowns have proved nothing in keeping it at bay! Wearing face masks doesn’t either. That is all so we will get conditioned into being puppets for The New World Order marching to their tune of how they want to control the people of this country. And Biden will do that to us! Behind him pulling the string is George Soros, Obama, and the Clintons (Bill, who is afraid for his livelihood as Ghisland Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend goes to trial in January 2021, and will spill the beans comfirming that Bill Clinton was on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane a number of times to pedophile island engaging in sex with underaged girls. He knows his buddy Biden will cover that story so that his name isn’t mentioned, but if Trump were in, Trump will let the truth be known.

  2. My prediction: The spineless Supreme Court will reject the Trump’s legal arguments by a 5 to 4 vote thanks to Roberts and Kavanaugh(SP) who will side with the dumbass lib voting block.. I really hope I am wrong…

  3. Unfortunately SCOTUS will do nothing. All the lower courts and even The SCOTUS are all human beings that fear for their lives and lives of their loved ones. Already lawyers have dropped cases in representing TRUMP because of threats. Same applies to judges. It’s sad that such obvious VOTER FRAUD is swept under the rug by the MSM and legal system. This whole world has gone to SHIT. Seems that God is also upset with all the sin created in this earth. It’s hard to hang in there when the SWAMP is so deep.

  4. The SCOTUS will do nothing because they’re afraid
    Our nation has gone to shit
    Even God is disappointed with the sin in this world

  5. DML, great podcast!
    Everyone else, go to Parler and sign up. It’s all pro Trump. Some trolls trying to knock us down, but all Trump supporters and no censoring! Follow
    LLinWood and most importantly,
    We are going to win this!

  6. I agree with Ginny Moffat. Illegals are just that. They are illegal and broke our law. They have no rite to vote for anything. Take them back to the border. They can come through a legal POE and be vetted, then we talk about a path to citizenship. Must have a sponsor, speak and understand English and a job lined up to support themselves first. No voting until they become legal citizen.

  7. praying supreme court rules this election as fraud and leaves it to the constitution
    lol dml has a good sense of humor about Kamala -so if Biden hits his head -no mental change he still has dementia. another religious person we listen to said write of call senators and congressman -plead with them to do there job and show decency and fight for the good in our country -just a though-we all need to show our voice -show what we voted for

  8. Hey DML I disagree with your Covid remark about it being a Hoax. I am here too say it is not I got the Virus I was the sickest I have ever been in my life this week I came off of Quarantine I am still very weak but I kicked COVID-19 Ass


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