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It’s the day after Election Day, and today’s Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one you definitely don’t want to miss. 

DML explains the specific strategy he believes President Donald Trump and his lawyers will use to make sure Joe Biden does not end up as president of this county.

Trump appeared to be on the path to victory Tuesday night, when suddenly, the vote reporting in a few key states came to a screeching halt, and on Wednesday, Biden began to take the lead as a multitude of mail-in ballots were added in.

As of this report, Biden has been declared the winner of Wisconsin and Michigan, and is leading in Nevada.  If he wins Nevada and all results already called are confirmed, Biden will have the 270 Electoral votes he needs to win the presidency.

DML breaks it all down, and explains the path he believes President Trump is taking to contest the results.


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  1. Arizona was called by Media and isn’t over. Take 11 off the Biden board.
    Trump hangs on to Pa. Ga. and NC Nevada isn’t done either…
    HE WINS.

  2. Who the hell in their right mind would even consider voting for a Communist DemoRAT, god those people are disgusting, send the whole bunch to prison and give them a bar of soap without the rope.

    • Say goodbye to the two party system in the United States. We will be ruled and regulated by the Democrat party for here on. This is a third world country coup. Never thought I’d see it in this country. A lot is about the investigations into our corrupt and immoral lawmakers. We all might as well change our affiliation to Democrat, because there’s no point to ever be anything else. Our democracy died yesterday.

  3. I never thought the Democrats would stoop so low. We knew they were going to do something by how confident they were to win and Hillary, Nancy, and others said he shouldn’t concede to President Trump on election night. Donald J Trump won this election hands down. There is no doubt in my mind. I knew something evil was happening when the counting stopped all of a sudden.

  4. Washington state was called for Biden and Ensley less than 20 minutes after the closing of the polls last night I called Pierce County auditor to find out if my ballot had been received and counted they said it was received on the 20th and it was counted while I had her on the phone I asked her why was the race called last night less than 20 minutes after the polls closed that’s not even enough time to go to the bathroom wash your hands and start counting ballots she said that was governor Inslee call he made that decision and then gave me his number so that I could call him and believe me I let him have it

  5. Governor Murphy of NJ is the puppet mastermind in charge of the Democratic Governors. Big rich businessman first time politician.

    Murphy played a national role in this year’s election, though it vastly overshadowed by the pandemic.
    He’s the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, which is responsible for boosting statewide races across the country. Statement from Democratic news.

  6. Never Ever have they stopped counting mid count. But this year, as Trump pulled well ahead in key states, every one of these Democrat-run states stopped the count (unheard of!) and by morning thousands of ballots are found in each state and Biden pulls ahead.

  7. The Democrats brought in fake ballots to win. It’s obvious this was rigged! I was relaxed last night listening to DML saying Trump will win and he wasn’t worried! Then we wake up this morning to Biden getting the most votes by a Democrat in history! There’s your clue, they cheated with ballots! Funny how Atlanta had a “broken Water pipe” and had to evacuate everyone, then all these mail in ballots show up!

  8. I have been sick to my stomach since 4am. I have a headache and it breaks my heart that people will give up our country to socialism.

  9. My dad passed in September and we have found that his name was used on a ballot October 16th in south Dallas. Haha. Yep I believe dead people are voting as I have seen it personally is happening

  10. No Dennis, if Biden is allowed to claim victory it’s true for US CITIZENS TO HIT THE STREETS ARMED AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!!!! YES CIVIL WAR FOR REAL !!!!!!


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