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Rapper Kanye West declared on July 4 that he intends to run for president in 2020. The black entertainer who previously said he “loves‘ President Donald J. Trump will run against the president, but not as a Republican. Instead, he says he will run as a member of a new party: the Birthday Party.

On Twitter, users met the announcement with disbelief, amusement, and frustration. “He’s crackers,” said one person. “Kim Kardashian, come get your husband. This is real life not a reality show,” said another. Others said it was a ploy to take votes from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “Don’t believe it. This is how you split the vote to keep Trump in office,” one person in that camp commented.

In our Thursday poll, we asked you, “Do you consider Kanye West a serious contender for the Oval Office?” disagreed. There was a massive response to the question, and 96% of the poll-takers said “No”.  One DML reader disagreed. Orin wrote, “He is an American citizen, is the legal age, and can certainly afford to run. People laughed at Trump when he ran. Dumb people I might add. I remember how those geniuses announced time and time again how Trump was not serious, couldn’t win, and was a joke. They weren’t laughing as he was sworn in January of 2017.”

Judy said “he needs to knock it off” as “he won’t win” and because “now is not the time.” But Mary sees this move differently. She said, “I think he is a gift to Trump. He will give Biden supporters someone else to vote for.” See the results below.


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