Democrats have triggered a government shutdown over their refusal to back a funding bill because it doesn’t include DACA protections for illegal alien youths.

In response to the current arguments over DACA, DML News has received a video testimonial from a reader that we feel is worth sharing.

Sybele Capezutti is passionate about illegal immigration, with good reason. She immigrated to the United States from Brazile in 1987 – through the legal process. She is a longtime supporter of DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch, due to the stance he has taken on fighting illegal immigration, and the documentary films he has released on the subject.

Watching Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer fight for DACA was the last straw for Capezutti, and she sat down to share her side of the story in a Facebook Live video, which has already gained over 16,000 views.

She said there is a “striking resemblance” between what Schumer was saying and the politicians in her home country.

“I came here to stay away from that, and the last thing I want is to see this country turn into what I left behind,” Capezutti says.

Watch her video below.

UPDATE 01/26/18 – Sybele’s video has gone viral, with now over 1.2 million views in just one week. Due to all the attention from her video, she was a guest on Fox News with host Shannon Bream Friday evening. Below is that interview: