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Below are a small taste of the emails we are receiving from our readership:

FROM DARLENE: Taken from a friend….
Call for a National boycott of the NFL for Sunday November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend. Boycott all football telecast, all fans, all ticket holders, stay away from attending any games, let them play to empty stadiums. Pass this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our military, some of whom come home with the American Flag draped over their coffin. Continue with the weekly boycott of televised games.
If you can’t “share”, “copy and paste”.

FROM LAURA: No one has mentioned the millions of children who idolize these football players. What they must be thinking. Great Role models.  Also have the players forgotten one of their own Arizona cardinal pat Tillman left football went to Afghanistan and fought and died for these players and America. They are all pansies. They hate our president that’s the bottom line and that’s why they kneel. Some of them are only kneeling because a teammate is. Hope everyone saw Ben rothlesberger’s remarks today on Facebook
Ty Dennis for giving us a voice

FROM JEFF: This Sunday make this go viral. All fans turn their back during the kickoff. How will TV respond to that.

FROM NICK: I’m not a sports fan, but I am a Vietnam vet, so here is my take… boycott the jackasses that kneel before the flag, unless they are praying for it…money talks, boys and girls!

FROM WILLIAM: Hey DML love what you’re doing keep it up. Just wondering what you thought of Ben Roethlisberger’s comments about how he felt about staying in the locker room and thought maybe you guys should post this story to show that not all of the NFL players are complete idiots. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20817628/ben-roethlisberger-regrets-how-pittsburgh-steelers-showed-unity

FROM HORACE: i watched your w&t today. you said you are not a patriots fan. well here is an idea and it has to do with the name patriots. since they intend on taking a knee and disrespecting all that the flag and anthem stand for they must change the name from patriots to some other name like snowflakes or traitors because ehat they do is unpatriotic. as a matter of fact all teams should fe forced to change their name to a more suitable name befitting traitors and snowflakes.
G.B.A., potus and flotus, and our men and women at arms.

FROM JACQUII: I am far from a Cowboys fan but if Jerry Jones were smart, he would have his players come out of the tunnel at tonight’s game  all waving American flags. America’s team should send a message LOUD AND CLEAR. These kneeling wusses and the owners need to be put in their place.

FROM BRENDA: Once again, your current letter #40 to President Trump is excellent, as always.  I’m not a consistent follower of the NFL, although I’ve always loved watching the Super Bowl every year. It is very upsetting to me that NFL players are not standing during our National Anthem at games, and the problem seems to be getting worse every day, because coaches and higher are supporting this despicable behavior. And, how much worse will it get? I just caught a quick glimpse of one of your alerts. Looks like others are now joining this “take a knee” campaign?  I have been sharing your walk and talks. I pray that more and more football fans will completely abandon the NFL.  I would love to see the NFL seriously regret their decision to tolerate this disrespect.

FROM KEN: Good to see you feeling better, this is a DML house. Last Sunday during the games all I saw were owners hugging and interlocking arms with their players, bashing President Trump about divisiveness even his good friend Robert Kraft, and if they feel so strong about this then why doesn’t Kapernink have a job. Seems hypocritical to me, what do you think? Thanks Ken

FROM EMILY: I have it all figured out.
This Kaepernick guy got fired for disrespecting our flag, he can’t get a job so he is so wrapped  up in himself and cares nothing at all for his Country he decides to destroy the whole game. First he gets one idiot to follow then another and now he has divided  the whole country. No one will have a job and he is elated. Exactly what he wants. These other players have no idea they have been taken big time.

FROM DENISE: DML, I’ve been listening to your Walk and Talks about the NFL protests.  Although I agree with what you are saying it’s just more rhetoric.  The protesting and arguing back and forth are not actually doing anything except getting people riled up on both sides of the issue.  If athletes are trying to raise awareness about racial issues why not suggest a foundation which would fund scholarships to black students, especially non-athletes who don’t have the talent and opportunities of their athletically gifted peers.  If athletes were willing to donate 10 percent of their multi-million dollar salaries to actually help children at risk — wouldn’t that make a difference?  How about suggesting supporting something like the Andre Agassi foundation that educates all children at risk by lottery with no regard to race?  I appreciate your words about your views but instead of just giving an opinion why not go a step further and actually propose some solutions?
Best wishes from Texas, Denise

FROM DARCY: I think it’s time to ignore all the nasty protesters. No coverage for them will kill them.

FROM MURIEL: I don’t believe in my heart the majority of people don’t love their country or appreciate the sacrifices made because they take a knee. However a message regardless how important it may be, will fall on deaf ears when you are trying to make a statement that conflicts with the symbolic meaning the American Flag is to our people. The Anthem is a time of respect to the many who have made it possible this day for us to have the freedom we so value. It is also not a time for people to snub their nose at our President or anyone else for that matter. Yes there is racism and hate but that is taught. Those that fight or have fought for this country didn’t dictate what we do with our freedom,  they are just the reason we have it. Therefore why should a moment of respect to them be so undervalued?  It is not the piece of cloth itself, it is the symbolic nature it represents to those of ALL races and the sacrifices made by many. There is a reason why it is draped over the coffin of our fallen soldiers. There is a reason why I cannot hear their message during their display.  For me, at that moment when the National Anthem is sung and the flag is displayed, the message is clear. Sacrifices were made and blood of all races was shed so that I may have the freedom to choose on which side I stand. I stand  on the side of equality but I stand for the National anthem because of the respect that is due.

FROM PATRICIA: “We believe all men(women) are created equal……. The symbol of liberty and freedom is the American flag. What Right do the NFL players”privileged high paying Americans” have to show disrespect for our American flag?

FROM LISA: This whole mess could’ve been avoided if MR GODDELL had put a stop to it with Colin K…That was the Decisiveness that occured..no place for it while u should be doing your job!!!

FROM BETH: Hi DML, I love your strong stance on the NFL players who are kneeling.

FROM CAROL: I hate that politics is in so many things. Where can we go for fun/entertainment without having to hear/see protests. I have heard people say that the President made the issue divisive. Wrong. Taking a knee and disrespecting the nation did that. Yes, I wish the President didn’t bring it up. However, it is no different than when President Obama interjected himself into issues. They say they do not have a forum to make their point. They do!  They are millionaires that do not work 24/7. They do not need to do it at work. The worst was taking a knee oversees and then standing for the other nations’ anthem. They should just stay there. Why do they want to come back to a country they so publicly disrespected.

FROM ANGEL: The NFL player that got choked up during an interview. Take away HIS daughter & hand him a FOLDED flag! Then I bet he’ll stand for the anthem.

FROM SANDRA: I see where this is spreading like cancer another game to watch is Rugby hubby and I watched a game last night. The crybaby NFL players are nothing compared to these guys. I seen Tom Brady says Our President Trump is dividing this country what a nook the kneeler are doing just that this behavior wouldn’t be allowed at anyone else’s workplace shouldn’t be allowed on the field. This House Loves DML God Bless you all for what you do

FROM ZAN: I love this country.  Today I shared a video on Facebook that recounts how Francis Scott Key came to write the Star Spangled Banner.  I wish everyone in the NFL, players, coaches, managers, owners and Roger Goodell would watch it.  People literally died to keep that flag flying while being bombarded by the British.  The flag meant that much to them.

FROM BRYAN: CNY restaurant vows to not show NFL games over anthem controversy

FROM KAREN: These players that are taking a knee during the national anthem should be ashamed of themselves. I guess they forget Tillman who was an NFL player and went into service and died for his country and Glen Coffee who is now serving. They are disrespecting two of their own plus all the brave men and women past and present who fought for our rights. I will not support the NFL any longer.

FROM VALERIE: These narcissistic athletes are ONLY considering THEMSELVES!! They see the whole Sports Arena crumbling and becoming irrelevant right before their own eyes and now they are all speaking out (even Michael Jordan) – trying to change America’s opinion about THE IRRELEVANT atheletes that THEY ARE! They DO NOTHING except play boy-games! BIG Deal-they don’t matter in the scheme of things-they do nothing worthy of admiration (such as saving lives or property)-they are worthless yet they get paid exhorbitant amounts of money for playing “little-boy games.” .LOL..They are scared that their (undeserved) years of adoration are ending because Americans are finally realizing just how useless they are- so now they’re verbally fighting back-even by losing ALL their morals and honor!! sad sad sad…I STAND FOR WHAT MATTERS—AMERICA MATTERS

FROM CHERYL: DML, I took a break from DML and your walk and talks after a disagreement we had earlier in the year over attacks on our President before he had a chance to perform.  But I’m back! And although I don’t always fully agree on the issues,  I credit you that you know what’s going on better than most news outlets and certainly more than I. And on the NFL, I”m quickly approaching 55yrs young and was angered to tears on the NFL players disgrace many brought out in the open this weekend. I too have refused to watch the NFL and feel the trust had been broken to ever watch again.  I love your passion and appreciated your respect for our flag and not holding back on your feelings! Thanks for being you in all forms of opposition!

FROM MONIQUE:  loved when you compared kneeling for the Flag and National Anthem as going on Arlington Cemetery and taking a leak on our heroes grave, it’s exactly that! You were spot on! Love from Texas

FROM CATHY: Totally done with football. I truly hope that the people who were disgusted with yesterday’s events make a big enough difference and show the NFL that we are not putting up with this.   Great idea. If everyone who was disgusted with the players who took a knee donated one dollar, we would probably have enough money to send each player a one way ticket to North Korea.

FROM SCOTT: Minority NFL players, like President Obama, should be role models for young minorities to show them that they can set goals and achieve anything in America.  Instead they chose the opposite approach and lost a valuable opportunity to give these youths hope, drive and determination.

FROM COLLEEN: I agree completely that the NFL has now dug themselves a hole they will not get out of. If the NFL goes down in flames over these spoiled overpaid idiots they only have themselves to blame. Sad that they are allowing this to happen.

FROM CAROLINE: I looked at football like.Mom and apple pie.This is the end of it.No more NFL

FROM CHERYL: Michelle From CRTV made a good point yesterday . The NFL lauds the fact that they are a private enterprise but most all the stadiums are built with tax payer money . And to think that they have the nerve to charge fans entrance to the stadiums that the fans actually bought. Ironic!!

FROM KEN: DML, I am so “pissed and outraged” over the disrespect sports players are displaying against Our Country, Our Flag, and Our National Anthem!!!! These sports players are supposed to be setting an example for America and not trying to continue to divide us! As far as I’m concerned, I consider their disrespect as breaking the rule of “un-sportsman like conduct”!!!!! Politics and personal political views have no place in sports! For those of us, who do enjoy sports as a “get-a-way” from the normal routine of main stream news media reporting, these sports team members by their actions have taken away our moment in time to just enjoy sports and root for our favorite teams.

I am an Army veteran as well as my father was. The actions by these sport team members is a “slap in my face” as a military veteran and American citizen!!!! These sports team members have the right to express themselves outside the sports arena and not affiliate themselves with the organization / team they’re employed by when they make their comments or take their actions. The sports team owners also have a responsibility to their fans / supporters / and our Country as well! They should “have the balls” to stand up and mandate their players show respect for the American flag, the National Anthem, and Our Country by taking the appropriate actions!!

It is such a SHAME that Our Country has gotten to this point in time!!! Regards, Cajun Ken

FROM RETA: Thank you Dennis for everything you do, if I want the truth I always know where to go “YOU” I love football but I love my country more and what the flag stands for. It’s sad we can’t even turn to football anymore just to have some fun and relief of stress in our lives. Just so tired of politics in everything nowadays! Thank you for always listening and keep up the great work you do.
Always Faith, Reta

FROM HELEN: My argument in support of our flag…these rich inconsiderate morons should try taking a bullet instead of a knee and maybe they’d know why their actions offend so many Americans of ALL races.  Them taking a knee, was in direct retaliation to President Trump’s idiotic remarks in Alabama…NOT a stand for “inequality”. Let’s get that straight everyone

FROM MARY: All the naysayers are saying this is a race issue.  It is not!  The first one to make it a race issue was Colin Capernick.  Those of us that do not like the kneeling are saying these players do not respect our flag or country!  They all need to go into combat and see how they like that.  They are a bunch of winers who are very overpaid!

FROM TAS: Hell with the NFL!  I am staying with my sport NASCAR. They have prayer and military flag bears and F-16 fly over. And all the drivers stand for the National anthem.

FROM ANNMARIE: This is truly out of control.  And I believe President Trump when he says that this is not a race issue, it is respect for our country, our flag and our armed forces.
Whether you like President Trump or not there is something to be said for common decency and respect.  What happened to being able to disagree without this madness? And what do we do about it now? What are the athletes accomplishing by doing this?  Free speech or not it’s un-American.
I heard this yesterday and thought it fit, “Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Cross”
Thank you DML for all you do. You are my only trusted news!  This house loves DML.
-Ann Marie

FROM TOM: Hearing reasons being given for protesting, too many blaming President Trump and unity . It’s a them vs us attitudes. They don’t know what they want.

FROM HELAG: To the NFL players who took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.
I respect your right to free speech! You have the right to say & support whatever you want (as long as it does no harm to others). I, however, think that what you are doing is not in the realm of “Free Speech”. It shows disrespect for those men & women that have served (many have given their lives) to protect your rights.

FROM AMIE: F*ck the NFL! They’re done!!

FROM CINDY: This morning, after taking your poll, I made the decision to not post any news, comments, memes…anything.. to do with the NFL. I made that announcement to those who read my FB daily, saying until the NFL players wake up to their un-american ways, I no longer will give them the publicity.
Perhaps if more people did this, it would further the use of boycotting the NFL altogether. Enough is enough! There is so much more our country needs to be concerned about, i.e. North Korea, Iran, etc., without letting a bunch of arrogant, uneducated, un-professional entertainers take up all the news headlines. We already know all we need to know about these buffoons, to say anything more is just plain redundancy.
Thanks for listening, DML…and I’m sorry that I won’t be sharing anything more you put out concerning the NFL. Otherwise, as usual I will share, as always, everything else from your website.

FROM TAMMY: Dennis, I just wanted to thank you for your words regarding this troubling issue. Using your first amendment right to protest by showing disrespect to our flag, national anthem, and country is shameful. If these players truly wanted to address their perception of racial inequality in this country, they would encourage education, hard work, and respect for the rule of law rather than clinging to a philosophy of victimhood.

FROM DON: Our “free market” takes care of most everything. Finding a job (career choice, becoming qualified, being attractive to a prospective employer), what things cost (supply and demand), the quality of the product (tangible or intangible), the success-or failure- of an enterprise.
This is the short list. Let the players “do their thing”.  It’s their right.  Just know that free market is in play and this alone will determine the outcome.

FROM RICK: I have friends that came home from Vietnam under our flag and have relatives that served in WWI, WWII, Korea (myself in Nam) and others that have lived lives of services to make America the most loving caring Greatest Country in the World. What have these jerks done to serve America…oh yeah tossed a ball around!

Taking a knee for 10 minutes is not that painful or hard and does nothing to help anyone…but does show us your total disrespect.

FROM LISA: Hi Dennis, Im behind you 100% I will not watch another football game especially after the disgrace that went on this weekend! I was listening to the radio station Nash FM on my to work this morning and the DJ’s were all talking about it and they themselves were disgusted. On behave of my father who served in the Air force and fought for their freedom FU I will no longer be watching NFL!
Thank you for all you do! God bless yoy and your family and God bless the USA!
This house loves DML

FROM KAREN: I’m in the hospital, and also love my Patriot. If this outrageous behaviour stops, I’ll watch,  if not I’m done!

FROM NO NAME: I’ve been a Steelers fan for 26 years since I married my husband who is from the Pittsburgh area.  I am not interested in watching another game after the disgusting disrespectful stunt they pulled off in my hometown of Chicago.  SHAME on the players for hiding in the locker room!  What cowards!!! Not ONE single player had the decency to come out and stand next to their teammate Alejandro Villanueva who is an Army Ranger veteran.  I had tears in my eyes watching #78 stand alone.  Then Coach Tomlin makes a statement after the game saying he was looking for 100% participation by the players to be respectful of their football team.  How about being respectful to your Army Ranger veteran teammate, all of our military members, and our great American flag and country.  So now Tomlin is not happy with Villanueva for breaking the 100%.  What’s next?  Will he be benched or fined for not doing what the team was instructed to do?  My prediction is #78 will be the best selling Steelers jersey (for those fans who will still support the team).  Villanueva, a Bronze Star recipient, is truly a man of steel!

FROM BECKY: I wish they would listen to Michael Jackson’s song Man in the Mirror..this is a great song..change starts with the man in the mirror

FROM JIM: watch nascar they have PRAYER! and told to remain standing for the national anthem. I LOVE NASCAR.

FROM RHODA: You want to know who all these altletes are disrespecting when they take a knee .. not the President, not the Police, not even you or me … they are disrespecting our veterans, they are disrespecting our current military and they are disrespecting the men and women who gave up their lives to protect their rights to do a protest like this ..  and they are disrespecting the family and friends of those same people.

FROM SUSAN: DML it comes down to one thing …. I love my country more than I love football. Always have and always will. Football is dead in this house. We buried it last week.

FROM SANDY: These are the same left nuts that had a meltdown when Tebow knelt on the field to pray.  Stand for the flag kneel for the cross.

FROM COLLEEN: Hi DML, the issue of the NFL is very sad. They’ve taken the first Ammendment to far by the way in which they choose to use it!! It is their right , I don’t disagree. How ever I also have a right to say they are not choosing the best way by taking the stance on dishonor to the American flag and what it stands for! It’s their choice that I disagree with!! No more NFL for me!!!!!

FROM SHARON: My husband & I have stopped watching all NFL games.  My husband is a HUGE all sports watcher but what the NFL is doing is a disgrace to our nation!  May God continue to bless the USA!

FROM JENNIFER: I just finished watching your commentary about the NFL players and their blatant disrespect for our Flag. I wanted to thank you for standing up for the Flag, for our President, and for our great country.
My late husband Michael was a USMC Vietnam Vet who died three years ago from Agent Orange complications. I’m sure he would have loved your viewpoint.
God bless you and yours ~ Jennifer.

FROM SUSIE: I am standing in solidarity with you and the President on this one.  Once again, something very near & dear to my heart, football, has been ruined.  Every year after the Super Bowl, I start counting the days till Football Season.  I am SO disappointed in Americans have who are disrespectful of parents, teachers, police officers, our President, our flag and our country, to name a few.
I love my Carolina Panthers and most of them stood on the sideline during the National Anthem.  However, one in particular @juliuspeppers was on the news last night being interviewed by our local media who actually gave him airtime to state why he chose to stay in the locker room instead of standing for our flag & anthem.  THERE IS NO EXCUSE!  You guys are no better than the slaves before you as you ALL have Owners.  You are OWNED by guys way richer than you who should fire every one of you who disrespect our flag and what it stands for. Of COURSE they won’t because they are even MORE greedy than you guys!
Thanks DML, I have followed you since you started W & T last year.  Keep up the good work.

FROM LEE: I agree with you 200% DML. What a disgrace to all who fought and died for that flag and country!

FROM NANCY: My late father, a Korean War Veteran, was a season ticket holder for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am so glad that he isn’t alive to see what they did yesterday. I never thought that anything would stop me from watching the Steelers, but this is too much. I am glad that one player had the courage to come out for the National Anthem

FROM KARINA: Our servicemen and women wear uniforms while defending and protecting our country in real battles…the NFL buffoons wear costumes in their pretend battles. Big difference.

FROM JON: Our national anthem starts and ends with questions. The last question is simple yet almost prophetic. “Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave over the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE?” At the rate we are going the answer may soon be “NO!”

FROM JENNIFER: The protesting athletes are self absorbed unappreciative ungrateful ingrates. They are only concerned about what the flag does or doesn’t mean to them; not what it means to other people. Do they get the irony that they are protesting ‘oppression’ as they are making multi million dollars playing a sport. I will never watch the NFL again.

FROM LINDA: You know it’s bad when my husband got up early to write a letter to Roger Goodell and to the Steelers. Goodbye NFL…..I have better things to do with my time and certainly better people to spend it with!

FROM MICHAEL: Of course football players have a right to protest.  But when organizations like the NFL take money in exchange for providing entertainment then they also have duties to their audience.  Like the country as a whole, if the NFL had simply enforced the rules it already already has, none of this would be happening.  The first protests would have been met with fines, and the discussion would have been moved outside the arena.  Instead, they have allowed their political agenda to infest the NFL.  Now Americans have to “vote with there dollars.”  Don’t knowingly provide financial support to anyone who fights against your values.

FROM KAREN: Dennis I shared your NFL walk and talk and everyone thought it was spot on.
Our son in law is 27 and a die hard NFL fan. Yesterday he turned off the TV.
I think Americans of like mind should drive the point home by calling all NFL advertisers and pressure them to pull their advertising dollars. Hit them where it hurts!

FROM SHARON: I have to ask you to please include present military men and women currently serving our country. They put their lives on the line everyday to insure our freedom.  Thank you.  Love your honesty and integrity.

FROM THERESA: These antics by the NFL are truly disgusting. You can dislike our President all you want, BUT disrespecting our beautiful flag and the many who have fought and died for it is just wrong on so many levels. If these millionaires feel so oppressed in the USA, then WHY are they still here? If they think other countries are better, WHY aren’t they relocating? As an AMERICAN Patriot, I will NEVER have football playing in my house again! #WeThePeople need to keep up the fight to save our country!!!! #GODBlessTheUSA 💯❤️🇺🇸🦅

FROM SHARON: Thank God for you Dennis, you are the only one that is speaking up and defending our Flag in the media.  I am so tired of everyone saying its a right to protest.  I’m sorry, but protesting is one thing, but disrespecting our flag is another thing. If these NFL players want to do some good for those they are supposedly protesting for, fork over some of the big $$$ they make to help out those people.  I don’t see any of them helping the families in Chicago or any other city that has high crime. They are supposedly protesting about police brutality??? These players wouldn’t be where they are today, if it weren’t for all of the fans paying to see them play.  They need to get over it and stop the nonsense.  None of my family members will be watching Football this season.  We stand for our flag and are proud to be Americans.  God bless you and your family and Our president who only wants to do what is right for the USA.

FROM AMY: For the first time in almost 30 years, I didn’t watch my beloved Broncos. I also dumped Verizon FiOs (a sponsor of NFL) and USAA, Campbell’s Soup and any other product that I stumble upon that is a sponsor. I am only one person, but I am one person who respects our flag!

FROM RENEE: So, if my beloved Vikings are standing tall, do I still need to boycott the entire NFL? We started to watch a different game last night, saw sitters/kneelers, and turned it off.

FROM LYNN: Please suggest to Trump , he should invite the only Steeler player to honor the Flag this past Sunday  to the WH. This player, A BRONZE STAR RECIPIENT, showed Patriotism, Bravery and Good Character to millions of people! Sorry, I can’t spell this players name!

FROM ROSEANN: DML: My dad was a highly decorated Platoon Sargent in WWII and earned many top medals including 2 Purple Hearts. He always said the  greatest accomplishment in his life was defending his country. I look at those dirtbag NFL kneelers-will never watch them ever again!

FROM KENNETH: My son played in those leagues,many of the coaches were off duty police ,ex military or retired police. I was a police officer. Our league in Suffolk  had a few mostly non white teams ,our team was mostly white . Yes without the knee thing all had to watch P’s and Q’s  during game regarding calls and remarks. As parents usually held down markers and were on both sides of field.
I personally would remove my son from a game if opposing team took knee ,re if a questionable call is made about a illegal tackle etc,and opposing knee taking team know I  am a police officer and my son was involved ,both of us would be labeled racist as many of those kids were minirority and believed police and military are killing minorities.

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