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I receive many emails each day, and periodically the messages all appear the same.  This Saturday morning is one of those times.

In the inbox was a long list of people sounding off on a variety of issues, but COVID-19 took the prize.  I thought sharing some of the emails would put things into perspective when trying to measure the dysfunction of the United States at this current time.

The first comes in from Northa.

The title of her email: “Here’s a good one.”
I have a rash from switching detergents.  I’m a redhead, I can’t use regular detergent.  Plus, I was with the chills one minute and freezing the next.  I knew I had a UTI, I needed some antibiotics. So, I called my doctors office but was told I couldn’t be seen due to the report of the rash. As for my chilling, I was told to go get tested for Covid.  No way in hell am I going to be tested for Covid when I know what’s wrong. I go through this sort of thing several times a year, it’s in my records.  Long story short, I went to an urgent care center where I have gone several times.  Guess what I had?  Just what I said… a UTI.  The doctor said she wouldn’t do a Covid test on me because I don’t fit the criteria. I told her I knew what was wrong but just wanted some antibiotics. I’m changing primary care doctors, what they did was total bullsh*t.  They had my records and knew of my past history!!! Yep, I’m pissed. Thanks for listening, Northa

Moments earlier I received another email similar to Northa’s message.  This time it comes in from a lady named Janet. The title of her email: “Uptick in hospitalizations”

Most of the increases in hospital admissions are people who had their upcoming elective surgeries and procedures postponed because of the “pandemic.” My husband being one of them. He is just now trying to catch up on what was delayed. He had a mini stroke. The surgeon was going to clear the artery, but cancelled because of covid. He was going to have oxygen therapy to repair serious damage to his bladder from radiation after having prostate cancer. He was hospitalized for almost 6 weeks with no family human contact. He was tested 4 times for Covid. Negative each time. Is that what was on his report? Who knows. I could go on and on. He is now trying to get back in for surgery on the blocked artery, but…well, let’s just say it is been a very challenging and difficult year. Sorry for the long post but I have had it with covid. Open the country back up, jail the thugs and fake politicians, and try to live.

In another email received this morning, a lady named Jennifer sent a copy of a notice from an apartment management company telling people they must wear masks at all times when outside the apartment rented, including when walking in the hallways.

Hello DML,
My friend found this taped to her door today in Santa Clarita, CA. It referenced Garcetti who is the mayor of LA not Santa Clarita. We need to do something!! Freaked out in California, Jennifer

In another email sent in from a Mr. Chiriguoyo, I was asked to share a petition to the White House to make all gyms essential.  I have no problem with this request.  Link is below.
DML, can you please share my White House petition to deem all gyms as essential with the rest of Team DML? Thank you!Can you please help spread this petition to your viewers to ask the president to deem gyms as essential?

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  1. DOES ANYONE KNOW this whole LOCKDOWN is wholly UNCONSTITUTIONAL, without consent? Barr confirms this, that the Constitution remains in effect even during emergencies or crisis? The grossly FAULTY FAUCI data, predictions & advice were used to LOCKDOWN 340 million American citizens,businesses, & schools into months of isolation & uncertainty? Now after 4 + months of restrictions, MASK MANDATES RULE with NO END? Science says masks actually do little to nothing to prevent disease! In fact, they are a HAZARD to the HEALTH OF EVERY AMERICAN ordered to wear them for MONTHS, even in hot weather, restricting normal oxygen levels? This action weakens, not strengthens the IMMUNE SYSTEM? Media peddles constant panic, claiming spiking cases that are falsely tabulated to keep citizens in BLIND COMPLIANCE, & for political purposes to thwart Trump rallies & GOP convention!

  2. Hi dml. I have never emailed you before. But I listen regularly and know you speak the truth. I am so upset with the way our country is going. Why oh why can’t our so called experts listen to other opinions. The Dr from Texas made me hopeful. But no one listens. We need to get our country back on track. The last I looked this was the United States. Not so United now. Stop the nonsense. I don’t want my government telling me to wear a mask when obviously it doesn’t work. Just trying to control us. Stop the nonsense!! Thanks for all you do.

  3. I’m not a conspiracy person, but I think in some ways the government is infecting people with the covid virus. I heard that many of the covid test already had the virus on the unopened test. I heard a nurse sent in tests that weren’t even used on people and they came back positive for the coronavirus. I just don’t test the government.

  4. 6 1/2 months no chair volley ball. My friend hasn’t been able to visit her mom in a nursing home, thru 8/29. There have been other pandemics…even one when obama was President. Because of msm beating the drum, we are treated like convicts. Criminals are treated better than American citizens. This is ridiculous. I have family in PA & now am now told I will have to quarantine to visit them for 2 weeks. Enough is enough! Open the country & stop this fear mongering. I support our president. He should start prosecuting states with unconstitutional edicts. Thank you, DML. Too bad msm can’t be prosecuted for their crap. Like shouting fire in a crowded theater. Thanks for listening!

  5. DML, the President should give the empty beds to Veterans and homeless people. Since the Governor’s didn’t need them for the elderly people they killed.

  6. I’m 77 yrs my husband is 79 we both had the virus in April now that I’m back to work I have to wear a mask the mask hurts my eyes I can’t breathe I have to keep pulling it down there’s no one around. it’s starting to wear me down.

  7. We are f**ked. Sorry but theres no hope left for this country. Trump wins 2020.. left/msm continues more BS for 4 years.. we lose. Biden wins.. free for all we lose.
    I am >< this close to giving up.


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