DML: I Reply to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day, I receive thousands of comments and emails. Below are three of them from the past 24-hours, and the response I’ve given to each. NOTE: I do not include the last name of the sender unless they explicitly request that I do so.


From Carol W.
I agree with you DML about his speeches. First of all, I don’t need to hear about the polls from the election or the election period. Second, the fake news was ok at first but we get it, I don’t need to hear this anymore nor do I want to. I was disappointed that half his CPAC speech was about these two subjects. Third , he needs to work on a speech that bring people together. I have a few members of my family that haven’t talked to me since Trump started running for president because they knew I supported him.

Fourth, I do like hearing about the work he does with getting our jobs back working with all the companies , I think this is great. Fifth, like you, I think he should help Chicago NOW.  The people that are dying everyday are on his watch now, if he could work with the liberal mayor fixing this problem this could be a step of bring the people together. I do believe that this problem is deeper than just drugs, someone or many are getting either blackmailed or paid to keep out. I would like to see President Trump just let the media and the election go and move on to solving other problems that our country has. Thanks, Carol

DML: Amen.

From Marilyn G.
Of course President Trump knows what is going on in Chicago? That was just an expression while tweeting. Remember Mayor Emanuel denied crime problems in Chicago calling it safe there? Why aren’t you attacking Mayor Emanuel in Chicago to what is going on?

DML: Obviously, you are referring to Trump’s tweet that asked, “What’s going on in Chicago?” and my “controversial” Walk & Talk from Friday in which I voiced my concerns about President Trump being stuck on the “fake news” message. First, let’s address Chicago.

I said yesterday, and I repeat today, I would have liked to seen the president open CPAC with a moment of silence for the 7 people killed on Wed. in Chicago.

Next, his tweet did ask the question, “What’s going on in Chicago?” You say it’s a rhetorical question. I say, don’t ask questions of any kind. Provide solutions, and fast, because the situation is getting out of control. Furthermore, the Chicago PD claims they’ve asked President Trump for help but that the requests go unanswered. I’ll take that with a grain of salt until I hear the president’s response, but, even so, the statement by the CPD supports my position, I think.

As for the rest of my W&T, let me repeat what I said yesterday. “His opening remarks at CPAC — 20 minutes worth — addressed “fake news,” his polls from six months ago, how unfair the news is to him, and so on, and so on. It’s getting old.”

We get it. It’s called biased news reporting, and the liberal media has done it to every GOP president during my lifetime.

I would prefer to see the president ignore the leftist media and stick to things which are more important. I’d like to see him use his time on stage to focus on bringing the country together. I am concerned he is pushing people further away.

To make America great again, it will take Trump and his team 8 years, maybe more. Thus, my concern is valid. Fact is, Obama received fewer votes in 2012 than in 2008. Therefore, Trump must get some of the naysayers to move over to his camp within the next three years or he will be a one-term president. I’m willing to buy the farm I am correct. Spending 20-minutes on “fake news” and then barring news outlets from the White House on Friday may sit okay with you, but to the majority of Americans, it’s a turn-off.

That said, with all due respect to you, unfortunately, Marilyn, you heard only what you wanted to hear yesterday. I support the president’s policies and I love his calling card for making America great again. Contrary to your statement, I did call out the mayor of Chicago and his cronies. I said they were corrupt, and I said they are too willing to look the other way regarding the killings and drugs. I also said the problems in Chicago have been going on for a long time.

I conclude on this…, for every one email like yours, I received ten stating they agreed with my Walk & Talk from Friday. People want to see the president succeed, our concerns are valid and enduring — they are not a form of bashing.

From Anna K. (portion of email published below)
I agree that Trump needs to get past the polls and the “fake news” (though I agree with him that the news is very often fake or at least misconstrued or misreported about what was actually said or done). 

DML, tell us how the president needs to stop talking about the Fake News and the Polls … what do you think we should do about it?  What can we do?  Is there anyway you can give your opinion on this directly to the President, because he is the only one who can stop this behavior?  Also, since they have opened the Press Briefings to more press, are you or your staff going to start attending them?

DML: Anna, I HATE the term “fake news” and the way it’s being played by not just the president, but by Americans, and the press.

For example, “fake news” would be this: “Sources say that today, President Trump told Russia they could begin building oil refineries in Alaska.”

There is no denying, on my end, that the “unnamed sources” are everywhere in the news today, and I hate it. But let’s say the Alaska statement is completely false. All that needs to happen is this … Sean Spicer tells the press that the story is false and that there will be no Russian oil refineries in Alaska. The proof in the pudding is this … check back in Alaska next year, there will be no Russian refineries. Simple, case closed. Move on.

Biased news is this: “There appears to be disarray inside the White House, and the Trump administration can’t get out of its own way as Michael Flynn resigns after lying to the Vice President about his conversations with Russia.” 

This sort of headline drives Trump crazy. He doesn’t like the news saying his house is not in order. But it’s not fake news, it’s biased news.

Yes, Flynn resigned. Yes, Flynn did not tell Pence the entire story. But for a reporter to insert his or her opinion about disarray and confusion is bias. However, here’s a news flash: this is nothing new. News bias is as old as I am.

What can you do about it? Don’t watch or read the outlets who spew biased news. Hurt them in the pocket. As for what Trump can do, I’ve voiced this a million times over and it appears to fall on deaf ears on Pennsylvania Ave. — STOP with the fake news and prove what is true by delivering results. Force them to cover the truth by giving them nothing else to report. In time, my theory proves true assuming Trump keeps to his plan.

As for being part of the press briefings, we are debating this one internally. We might apply for a Skype seat.

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