DML: I Reply to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me

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Each day, I receive thousands of messages and emails. Below are three of them from the past 24 hours, and the response I’ve given to each. NOTE: I do not include the last name of the sender unless they explicitly request that I do so.


1) From Gary A.
Saw a disturbing movie tonight in church regarding anti-Semitic movements on college campuses. The producers of the movie, Hate Spaces, hope to get the funding to take the movie out to at least 50 cities to bring attention to the need to provide equal protection and equal treatment of Jewish students on campus. Our church supports Israel and through relationships we were selected to see a preview tonight. If you get a chance please review I have no financial affiliation with this movie but was moved by its content.

DML: The press pushes the narrative that Muslims in America are victims of hate crimes at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, the FBI statistics show that “Jews” are the real victims of hate crimes. They receive more hate than any other religion or race in America. I blame this on Obama.

Simply from the trailer alone, I hope this film gets the viewership it deserves. (The trailer can be seen at the bottom of this post).

2) From Kim J.
I listened to you yesterday when you talked about Trump’s address to Congress and how and what he should say.  You are so right, we don’t want to hear about the media or fake news, we want a message of unity and making America great again!

I think the president can benefit from your message, and I was wondering if you can send Mr.Trump that video with a message saying that this is what his supporters want. Trump needs to have you as one of his go to media sources. If you can’t send the video and you know where we can, let us know.
Have a Blessed Day:)

DML: Hi Kim. You know, it’s sort of sad when I think of all the negative reactions I’ve received to my recent Walk & Talks over the past few days. People who have followed me for years completely turned their backs on me and sent hate emails by the dozens. Although the positive to negative email ratio is 10:1, many people believe I am “dead wrong” about the president’s messaging and have labeled me as an egotistical turncoat.

That said, this morning I received some sweet justice when the president told Fox News that his own “messaging isn’t very good.”  In fact, he gave himself a “C’ rating, when it comes to messaging. Hmmmm, maybe I ain’t so crazy after all?

There are two people close to the president who know about the Walk & Talks. Strange as this sounds, quite often, I hear a lot of what I say repeated the day after a W&T, or a few days after. It’s probably coincidental, but, either way, you watch the president this morning and you’d swear he was listening yesterday. LOL. Let’s hope the tone he took to Fox this morning is the new tone of his presidency. I am cheering for him to knock it out of the park this evening.

3) From Lanny:
Dennis, “NOT ONE DOLLAR goes into my pocket!”   Dennis, That’s just pure BS! You’re buying needed equipment, but It’s YOUR News organization.  It’s ALL for DML, ALL THE TIME, when we donate!  Soon, when DML out performs Fox News & becomes world famous, YOUYour family will be reaping all of those donated dollars into billionaire financial status.   It won’t be us lowly contributors who gain anything, except, hopefully, a trusted conservative news outlet. Will you be offering stock in your news organization soon?  Maybe then, we could actually feel like we’re a part of it all. I’m on your side politically and I’m praying for your success, but your continual ranting rhetoric about you not personally keeping one dollar of our contributions, is just plain, nauseating!

Lanny, San Diego

DML: Lanny, when I use the expression “in my pocket” — most people know what I mean. In my pocket means I am not taking the money for my own personal use. For example, I do not draw a “salary” from that money, nor do I buy personal items for myself directly. The fact that you cannot understand that is your issue, not mine.

I’ve also contributed a LOT of money to the equipment and the building of what you see. Plus, your
“ALL DML” reference seems to overlook that I have given new job opportunities to 12 American workers since taking in the donations. They are greatly benefiting from the new initiatives and I plan to hire more people soon.

Last, and most important, if I may borrow from a line used by the president, “I didn’t have to do this.” My films and website provide my family with what it needs to live a nice life. It was in response to my listeners’ requests that I decided to build this new entity. I agreed to do so for as long as they helped. I am very appreciative of the donations, and I say thank you every day; but if they did not show the support they did, and still do, I would never have started down this path.

Not that it’s any of your business, but I earn less today than I did before I started this new buildout. I also now work 7-days per week, 18-hour days, and that is NO exaggeration, whatsoever. As impossible as it seems, I get up every day at 6:30 am, and often get done working after midnight. I drive four hours every day to work and back home. My family time, my walking time, have both gone out the window. Therefore, let me be VERY direct with you — if you want your donation back, all you have to do is send the email request and the coin is back in your pocket, immediately.

In conclusion, allow me to forecast the emails in response to yours…. “Lanny speaks for himself.”


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