Written by DML
Below is a very important report which I ask you to please share on your social media accounts.

NCFIRE is an immigration watch dog group out of North Carolina. Today, they sent me an email with the following information:

Another July has come and gone without any relief from the brutal and constant attack on our children by illegal aliens in North Carolina.

For the month of July 2018, we were able to “document” 15 illegal aliens who were charged with 37 separate incidences of child rape/child sexual assault/indecent liberties with a minor, all of which are felonies.

The latest report can be accessed here: www.ncfire.info/july2018.pdf


  1. This is just horrible horrible to let the illegals continue getting away with this..they are lower than a snake. Their victims will never get over this . If this happened to one of the dumokraut liberals then they would change what little minds they have left. Where is the outrage over this happening? Guess they don’t think it’s important enough. When karma bites the opposition in their ass hope it’s a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG ONE!

  2. This makes me sick . I’m fed up with the Dems! I’m planning a trip shortly to the outer banks. I’m going to be watching during my travels while on vacation . Raping a child. Disgusting

  3. This is the crap that shows that the Democrats don’t care what happens to our children just as long as they get the illegals vote to keep them in office. These are the people that the Democrats want to open our borders to and they ignore everything that an illegal does, if they do acknowledge it they make some excuse for it like mental illness, or something else as long as they can make the criminal out to be the victim. They downplay the damage to the real the victim or even elude to the victim being at fault. This has got to change.

  4. Any human harming a child needs to be put to death. I’ve watched a documentary on Netflix. 90% of abused children become abusers. Be it with drugs or just trying to get by with their secret. Even employed seems they scheme to get something for nothing. And if caught up with. Able to get an attorney and afford one to offer lower charges.
    And while everyone else watches another child get abused. The system is broken for the innocent.

  5. Honestly, I’m baffled. Why doesn’t NC DO something?? Why aren’t the families DOING something?? Even if it’s just camping on the Mayors’, the sheriffs’, the prosecutors’, and the Governor’s door!!!! This should NOT BE HAPPENING TO OUR CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN!!!
    The law enforcement officials of NC should be totally ashamed of what they are allowing and enabling in their state!!! I hope that tourists will stop visiting NC until they get this problem under control, better yet, over with!!!

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