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It’s crazy the things I learn when doing a documentary.

In my current documentary on homelessness in America, which is entitled UNITED STATES OF TENTS, I point out how the government says homelessness is getting better.  It’s total nonsense.  Every expert with whom I’ve interviewed, some from as far west as Hawaii, says the problem is skyrocketing and is now worse than ever.

The US government claims the number of homeless people has decreased year -over -year, but before you go believing them over what you see with your own two eyes, allow me to explain how they arrive at the number of homeless people.

Each year, the US government works with states, volunteer groups and local police departments to do a “count” of homeless people.  The count typically takes place in late January, and is conducted most of the time between midnight and 4am.  I was told the headcount is done during those hours because that’s when homeless people usually hunker down for the day.  Furthermore, it’s done in the blistering cold month of January because the hope is most homeless people will find refuge indoors at a homeless shelter, thus, making head counting easier.

With the above said, the “counters” drive around cities and towns and count the amount of homeless people they see.  Then they add it all up and derive at an exact number. The most recent number is 553,742.  It is totally ridiculous.

The headcount reflects the total number of how many people are in shelters, and then they add on how many people are on the streets.  For example, if a shelter fits 100 people, and it’s full for the night, then the 100 headcount is added to the amount of people they found sleeping in a tent or on a sidewalk.

When I asked one of the people who helped perform the counts about how many people are missed, the former NYC Police Office John Gavan told me that he believes most people living on the streets are unaccounted for.  “They find shelter inside old warehouses and cars, they go into spots where you’d never find them on cold nights because they try to find warmth in tight spaces, and most of them don’t want to be approached because they don’t trust the government to leave them alone,” he said.

Another person I interviewed for the film runs outreach programs for the homeless in New Jersey.  He’s actually watched the count take place for several years running, and he claims he has seen it where only 1 in 4 persons are accounted for. “If they don’t have a shopping cart in front of them, they won’t be counted,” said Steve, the CEO of Destiny’s Children.

In an article that ran today in the New York Post,  it was reported that “the homeless have “infested” Grand Central Terminal.”  The statement was made by a Metro-North custodian who claims in a lawsuit he was attacked while doing his job.

Jason Rumble was cleaning the men’s bathroom in March 2017 when he was assaulted by a vagrant, he charges in a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit against Metro-North Railroad.

Rumble says he might be “permanently unfit to work” following the incident, which left him with arm and elbow injuries.

“When my client had his back to him, the guy jumped him,” lawyer Steven Barkan said.

Grand Central “is infested by the ‘homeless’ many of which are nasty, violent and frequent the men’s bathroom,” Rumble says in court papers.

For as long as the US government denies the issue exists in the numbers that it does, then the problem of homelessness will only get worse.  In fact, this reminds me of the immigration issue.

The US government has claimed there are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US for decades now.  The number never changes?  Meanwhile, while the government pretends it’s a problem that hasn’t grown, the rest of us stand back and watch our cities and towns get filled with people who can’t speak English.  We see that school forms are now printed in two languages.  Since when does the government make documents in two languages to appease 11 million people?


  1. The Demo Left have their Rose Colored glasses on once again (and as usual)! It is getting worse each month and each yesr and the government has it’s head in the sand it totally. I do jnow my City is trying to address the homeless issue but still is clueess on how to solve the problem of homelessness. Take the empty military bases, fill them up with the Vets first, and the rest ofcthr Americans who are himeless, not illegals. Send the illegals back home ASAP!

  2. Of course there are more homeless than the government admits to. Just like the phony unemployment figures and every other statistic the government reports, the figures are “cooked” to make the elected trash look better and get themselves re-elected. After all, what could be more important than keeping their jobs? People?? The middle class is fast disappearing and it will continue until the dumbed down, deluded masses wake from their comas and stop believing the BS their being fed. As long as the corrupted puppets in the MSM continue to do the bidding for a fascist government run by a small group of oligarchs, the Republic will die and America will be no more.

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