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Written by DML
Below is a very important report which I ask you to please share on your social media accounts.

Below are the first few paragraphs from an article published by Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Oct. 13:

QUETZALTENANGO, Guatemala—These rugged rural highlands bordering the Pacific Ocean have become a prime source for the skyrocketing number of immigrant families crossing the U.S. border illegally and asking for asylum.

Migrant families from Guatemala seeking asylum in the U.S. have surged past those from neighboring El Salvador and Honduras. More than 42,000 Guatemalans traveling as families were arrested at the U.S. border from last September through August, up 71% from the same period a year ago, according to federal government data.

The reasons why aren’t clear. Guatemala hasn’t recently seen an upswing in violence, poverty hasn’t worsened and the national political situation hasn’t changed.

The article by is troubling for many reasons.  But I’ll identify just three of those reasons.

1)  The title of the article reads: “As Migration From Guatemala Surges, U.S. Officials Seek Answers.”  Later in the article it is suggested that people are leaving due to hunger issues. I quote, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan went to the area seeking to understand why so many Guatemalans are heading north. Before his trip, he suspected hunger to be the leading cause.”

DML: The title and the quote are just another set of attempts by the media and the Trump administration to distract from the real cause of migrants storming the border.  The idea that “hunger” is causing people to leave in massive numbers is asinine.  Lets keep in mind that the drug cartels operate the border.  Anyone with the smallest amount of intel knows this to be true, let alone the commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection.  Don’t allow the politicians to feed you b.s., these migrants are not getting through to the U.S. border without dishing out $2,500 per person or more to the smugglers.  Starving people don’t have $2,500.  And have you seen the photos of the migrants coming over?  None of them look as if they stem from the food-empty areas of Ethiopia.

2) Think about what the article is stating: 42,000 people entering the US illegally from just one country.  And those are the migrants who handed themselves over. How many are criminals who do not seek asylum because they’ve been previously deported?  The answer is unknown, because we cannot count what we do not catch. But make no mistake, go ask a border agent if will my concerns are legit… I’m concerned the number is huge.

Meanwhile, I want you to visualize 42,000 people.  Perhaps you watch Trump rallies and are in awe of the massive crowds.  Well, most rallies attract 10,000 people.  Take that visual and times it by 4x.

42,000 people! This is the capacity of most pro sports stadiums.  Imagine the stadiums we see during sporting events like the World Series.  Now fill those seats with people who are unskilled, potentially carrying 3rd world disease, and can’t speak an ounce of English.  Now empty the stadium into your community and start paying for them to go to school, and to eat, and to go to the doctor.  And that’s just a small fraction of the services you’ll be paying for in the long run.

42,000 people.  Remember, this number represents JUST ONE country of migrants.  And it is all happening under the watch of the Trump administration.

Truth is all of Central America, Mexico, South America, China, and the Middle East are sending waves of people in numbers that make the Obama administration look hawkish on immigration.

And if you think the problem is not having a wall, you are DEAD WRONG.  A wall will not stop people from knocking on the door claiming asylum.  Remember, asylum seekers who offer a legitimate story, be it true or untrue, will be given entry into the US with a wall, or without a wall.  More than 90% of these people will never show up for their asylum hearing because their claims are total lies.  It’s all scripted.  Ask any border agent if I am correct.  They will tell you I am.  As of January 2018, there are more than 311,000 asylum claims backlogged in the US.  When these people become American citizens, they will vote.  Don’t forget that fact!  Trump is allowing this country to be laden with the Democrats of the future.

3) The WSJ article states the following: “The record number of asylum-seeking families has overwhelmed border agents and immigration authorities. Border Patrol facilities are crowded with newly arrived families, bed space at family detention centers in Texas is at a premium and immigration court backlogs are growing.

Authorities suggested there is little more they can do from the U.S. side of the border to deter people from coming into the country illegally. Attempts to increase deterrence—including the Trump administration’s controversial family separation policy that was abandoned in June—haven’t been effective in slowing the influx of families.

DML: This is a total lie. There is something we can do as a nation to deter people from coming, but Trump isn’t willing to do it. Making matters worse, Trump is completely ignoring the NUMBER ONE REASON why people come and stay illegally.

People aren’t coming here because they are hungry. They are coming here for jobs and free services.  And because the economy is booming, and because the president and his big time donors and lobbyists, including the Chamber of Commerce that represents small businesses, all want the cheap labor to flow, you are being fed a bunch of lies. The president has no plans for stopping the flow — if his economy slows down, his narrative about how great things are comes to an end.  I prove my point: Never once since January 1, 2017, has tweeted about mandatory e-verify during his presidency.  See screenshots below.

The truth is Trump wants his economic numbers to stay high, which is understandable.  But he also understands that Americans care little about illegal immigration when times are good economically.  It’s when the downturn comes and people look up and see their towns are no longer what they once were that they give a damn.

Bottom line, we need to cut off the magnet.  We have a campaign to bring awareness to mandatory e-verify and pushing the president to do something about the promises he made to stop illegal immigration.  You can check it out by clicking here.

Remember, a wall will not stop these people from knocking on the door of that wall.  And if you are silly enough to think the wall won’t have doors, then you shouldn’t continue reading because you probably believe Santa is real and that his sled will land on your roof again this year without making any noise in doing so.

As for Trump’s tweets.  Look below at the screenshots.  He has tweeted about EVERYTHING but e-verify. If you don’t share this information, you don’t care about immigration.

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  1. Mexico encourages this..they allow Guatemalans to trek across their country to sneak across our borders…If Guatemalans are seeking asylum they should apply in the first country they invade, Mexico…they can get more welfare benefits here..All should be sent back home! We have our own poor people to care for!

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