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Written by DML
Below is a very important report which I ask you to please share on your social media accounts.

According to a new Pew Research Study there are 4 types of Trump voters.

Four types of Trump voters, based on their views in 2016 and 2018

Comparing Trump voters’ feelings about him in April 2016 with their views in March 2018 divides them into four groups: Enthusiasts, who had warm feelings for Trump at both points; Converts, who were initially cold or neutral but warmed over time; Skeptics, who were cold toward Trump in April 2016 and cold again in March 2018; and Disillusioned Trump voterswho were initially warm toward him but were cold or neutral in March 2018.

Enthusiasts make up the largest share of Trump voters (59% of verified voters who reported voting for Trump); they gave Trump warm ratings on the feeling thermometer in both April 2016 and March 2018. Their loyalty to Trump was evident in the primary campaign: In April 2016, six-in-ten Enthusiasts (60%) said they wanted to see Trump receive the nomination compared with just 14% of the other groups of Trump general election voters.

Converts make up the next largest share of Trump voters (23%). These voters were cold or neutral toward Trump prior to his receiving the Republican nomination. In April 2016, nearly half of Converts (44%) favored Ted Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination. But in September 2016, during the general election campaign, 73% of this group had warm feelings for Trump, including 31% who gave Trump a very warm rating. By March 2018, 71% gave him a very warm rating.

Skeptics, like Converts, had cold or neutral feelings for Trump in April 2016. Unlike Converts, however, Skeptics did not have warm feelings toward Trump nearly two years later, after he became president. Skeptics, who constitute 12% of Trump voters, reported voting for him, and their feelings for the president became somewhat warmer in the wake of the election. But their views of him grew more negative after he became president.

A very small segment of Trump voters, the Disillusioned, had warm feelings for him in April 2016 – and reported voting for him that November – but had cold or neutral feelings for him in March 2018. The Disillusioned make up just 6% of Trump voters.

Differing trajectories in views of Trump among ‘Enthusiasts,’ ‘Converts’ and ‘Skeptics’Looking at the average thermometer ratings for Trump from 2016 to 2018 among three groups of Trump voters (there are too few of the Disillusioned for this analysis) underscores the different trajectories in feelings toward Trump among the Converts, Skeptics and Enthusiasts.

In April 2016, the average thermometer ratings from Trump among both Convertsand Skeptics were very low (27 among Converts, 24 among Skeptics). By contrast, the average rating among Enthusiasts was 85.

Shortly after the election, both Converts and Skeptics warmed considerably toward Trump, but there were sizable differences in views of the president-elect among the two groups: In November 2016, the average rating for Trump among Converts was 22 points higher than among Skeptics (79 vs. 57).

By March 2018, the average thermometer rating among Converts was 85, slightly higher than it had been shortly after the election. The average rating among Skeptics plummeted more than 20 points (from 57 to 33). The average thermometer rating for Trump among Enthusiasts remained very high over the course of the 2016 campaign and into the second year of Trump’s presidency (88 in March 2018).

There is much more to this report, and if you are a Trump supporter, I suggest you give it a review.

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  1. I don’t think I fall into any of your categories! I did and still think trump was the lesser of 2 evils. I still wish for my president to succeed. I don’t and haven’t believed in all his policies. I’ve found in my lifetime, all politicians lie whether new to politics or not. It takes more than 1 man to run the country, president or not. It takes congress and believe it or not, it takes the citizens!

  2. My wife and I are enthusiasts.Not only has President Trump accomplished much in only 18 months but imagine how much more could get done without democrat obstructions,constant diversions such as the witch hunt.We remain steadfast in our beliefs and support of our beloved President

  3. I voted for him and will probably vote for him again! If he had none of this obstruction from Rino’s and Democrats he could’ve accomplished much more!! I am not happy that he hasn’t seen the light concerning DACA and illegal immigration despite our sending the videos to the White House and DML’s constant comments to his twitter’s etc. I pray that sooner than later he will hear what he needs to hear and get this handled!

  4. I was for Trump in the beginning. My son was for Cruz. We had some good debates. My reason, completely non-politician. A business man, that basically the country is a business. We needed something totally different!

  5. I initially wanted Cruz for President.I didn’t really know Trump’s stance until I started to watch his campaign rallies. Then Cruz didn’t make it and Trump became candidate. Of course, I voted for Trump in hopes all he promised would magically happen…still waiting for the immigration reform, but it’s only getting worse. Obamacare does not effect me, I am OK on Healthcare(Medicare and Plan F since 2013) unless something drastically changes. Tax reform… I’ll have to see how it works out come April. Homelessness, illegal influx, lawlessness, Muslim invasion, Social Security phasing out, fear for my Grandchildren and what lies ahead for them and fear of a Liberal leader are some major concerns for me. Pres. Trump could get something started on immigration, homelessness and healthcare for others, but he seems to have given up or had second thoughts.

    • President Trump has done all he’s done despite the “Never Trumpers” Republicans, Radical Democrats, 90% of the so-called media, Hollywood elites, TV comedy so called liberal radicals, and a congress that can’t get anything done! He’s only one man! He’s been magnificent! Give him a congress that will pass some of his common sense laws and we will have a country that will be better than GREAT!!!

      • ^^^All of what Dan said and more.
        Trump isnt even half way through his presidency and people are giving up on him? Thats just Unbelievable. Shame on them. Last I heard, presidents have four years to fulfill their promises. Hes ONLY half way through and would be finished with that list if the left and the “oh woe is me” groups would get behind him or even better, just shut up.
        Look at all the nastiness towards the president. The outlandish vulgar left, late night “comedians” are just disgusting. They beat Trump constantly with lies and vulgarity. The FAKE NEWS is vomiting lies all day long and through the night. The actors and singers are saying such nasty and classless things I have to leave the room. It goes on and on and never stop, 24/7. Ive never seen anything like it and Ive been around for many decades.
        How in the world Trump can do a thing is beyond me. Its like having a house full of a thousand two year olds pulling at your apron, crying and fighting all dang day long.
        And all this without pay Or Valium. The Pope couldn’t do it yet Trump somehow does.
        Trump is doing an AWESOME job and I hope he runs again. We need a junk yard dog like him for another term and that STILL wont get us to where we were before that treasonous clown, Hussein Obama “took” office. MEGA 2020 !

        • SO, Im not sure what category Im in, but lets just say Im enthusiastic about having President Trump as president.

  6. I think he’s done very well considering the lack of support from Congress and the media and their games.

    • You’re more of a story teller than Trump. 24-ads? Perhaps you too are a victim of the public school system.

  7. I’m mostly a convert with some skepticism. I don’t like Trump as a person. I don’t like his name calling throughout the campaign, I don’t like the fact he’s had 3 wives and cheated on them, I don’t like his tweets or his ego. I never believed he was a conservative or that he would follow through on his campaign promises. But I do like all that he’s accomplished-bringing home hostages, tax reform, judges, trade balances, etc. But there’s still so much he hasn’t done and seems in no hurry to do. I’m also angry that with all that’s been uncovered about Obama and Hillary, they still remain free.

  8. I will still be voting for President Trump.
    I feel and agree with one other person above.
    I think President Trump could accomplish MUCH more if he didn’t have so much hatred and obstruction. Executive orders are only good until the next person becomes President.
    Some people say they could do better, BUT I haven’t heard HOW! AND I don’t see how, with all of the obstruction going on.
    We are NOT in the President’s shoes.
    So I DON’T see how somebody else could do better with ALL the opposition that President Trump faces from ALL sides on a DAILY BASES!!! I personally don’t know if the rest would have been STRONG ENOUGH to stand the opposition.
    I don’t know what category I am in, BUT my husband and I BOTH will be voting for President Trump in 2020.
    At least he can say that he has kept MORE campaign promises than ANYONE has BEFORE him.

  9. I am without any hesitation a Trump “enthusiast”…having been one from the very beginning when he announced that he was running for President. If Trump had not stepped up to run …Clinton would have won the election…and Trump realized that would have resulted in another civil war.

  10. I don’t fit any of the categories, though enthusiast comes closest. I supported him becoming President before he announced. I continue to support him and his stated policies, with the exception of his idiotic “I love the Dreamers” BS.

    Our government is so corrupt, so self serving, so overbearing, there was no one already in it that was going to try to roll it back. Trump is flawed, but in a way, some of his flaws are what enables him to withstand the awful, incessant and more and more hateful attacks that come 24/7. His ego, his best friend and his worst enemy.

    I’m still waiting for most of what I hoped he would get done. I’ve seen what he’s up against and I’ll be patient…to a point. Even if he starts to look like a sure thing BS’r, I will still vote for him in 2020. There is no one else who remotely has a chance to accomplish what he still can, and I truly believe the country is at a tipping point. I won’t be a part of tipping it to the direction of the disgusting, dishonest, hypocritical, power mad left.

    That said, I watched your talk today, Dennis. This isn’t the time to get things you know from the inside off your chest. You know you have sycophant followers as much as any public figure, so please…wait, like you said you were going to do.

    If I pissed you off, well…just don’t ban me. I’ve been pissed at you before and got over it. So can you.

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