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Written by DML
Below is a very important report which I ask you to please share on your social media accounts.

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) – A Wake Forest mom says she is appalled after seeing her son’s high school English assignment.

On the second day of school at Heritage High in Wake Forest, Dina Bartus says her 10th-grade son was handed this worksheet in English class.

“He actually broke down and started crying because he said, ‘I felt so uncomfortable, but felt so on the spot that I had to do it.’ He said the pressure was just incredible, and my son doesn’t cry easily, so it really really bothered him,” explained Bartus.

The worksheet, titled ‘Diversity Inventory,’ asked students to share their race, sexuality, socioeconomic status, and religious beliefs. Bartus shared a photo of the assignment on Facebook.

“When some kids were kind of hesitant to do it she said, ‘Hey, it’s OK because I used to be a Catholic and now I’m an atheist and I’m bi-sexual.’ So, needless to say, my son was a little shocked that this was happening in what’s supposed to be an English class,” Bartus said.

The information listed is from CBS17.COM.

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  1. This teacher has no business asking this kind of questions of anybody or any student. She totally out of line and should be fired.
    To tell the students her beliefs and her sexual preferences.
    She is definitely not the kind
    person that should be in a clSssroom!

  2. It’s all part of the slippery slope of indoctrinating the next generation of kids & PARENTS to be so tolerant of anything & everything that they become unable to form their own set of values. Call me old fashion but public school is for educating our children to learn to read, write and do math through processes that encourages students to want to learn more, seek self improvement while being respectful of others with the goal of becoming productive members of society. Period, that’s it! It is shameful & disturbing to watch what’s happening. My kids are long grown, but I remember the feeling of social pressure even back then when my kids’ schools were requiring and/or encouraging thoughts, topics, etc. that made me uncomfortable. I wish I had trusted my gut and been more vocal. Parents & kids reading this … trust yourselves! You know what’s right & wrong…. this teacher’s assignment was so inappropriate on many levels… speak up before it’s too late! 💕

    • The education system is controlled by the liberal establishment, this teacher will never be fire, she will be commended. The indoctrination of our kids will continue as long as parents sit on the sideline crippled by the woe is me attitude. The liberals have been working for many years to get into this position of power, control the kids and you control the future.

  3. This woman should be fired. At this age kids are bullied and singled out. Being forced to share this kind of information does nothing but put a target on some kid’s back. I wonder how this teacher would feel if the government wanted to know her religious beliefs, ethnicity and sexual orientation? There is no legitimate reason for any public or private institution to have this information. If this was my child, I would have wrote across the paper None of Your F*ng Business.


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