According to a new report I came across in the Free Beacon, there is a petition that is pushing false information in an attempt to abolish ICE.

Reporter Susan Crabtree of the Beacon writes:
Liberal groups in California are ratcheting up their attacks on ICE and other entities associated with it even as Democrats at the national level have tamped down their calls to “Abolish ICE” following survey after survey showing the campaign is a political loser in most states with competitive congressional races.

Together We Will-San Jose and a number of other liberal organizations have organized a petition for teachers to sign that calls for the state’s $225 billion teacher pension fund to pull its money out of CoreCivic and the GEO Group, two for-profit prison companies.

In the petition, the group falsely accuses the two businesses of running facilities that house children separated from their families as part of President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policies.

So far, roughly 200 members of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System have signed the Together We Will public letter demanding that CalSTRS administrators divest from private-prison operators CoreCivic Inc. and the GEO Group, according to a report in the Sacramento Bee.

According to Crabtree, both companies have denied the allegations, stating they do not run facilities that host unaccompanied minors.   And so this petition appears to be the latest failed attempt to stop the US from enforcing its immigration laws.

This petition is just another example of how honesty doesn’t seem to matter to the liberals who want open borders. The Democrats are seriously suffering from a lack of messages, and no leadership.

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  1. It seems like not only are they spreading false information but by trying to force the teachers pension fund to pull their money from those 2 places they are taking away the retirement of the teachers. The welfare of teachers or any one is of no concern to these progressive jerks they only want to force the country to their ideology and people be damned.

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