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Each day I receive a lot of email from readers.  Today, I respond to just one.

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I received an email from a lady named Candy Miller.  She is a Trump supporter from California.

She is the lady who sent me the box of DML hats.  I often wear them during the Walk & Talk segments.  I invite you to read her letter, and then my commentary beneath it.

Hi Mr. Lynch,
Candy here, I love when you wear the hats I sent and I am always ready if you need more.  I pray for you and your family. I pray for a full and speedy recovery for you as God knows we need you to help guide this country.

I wanted to share with you something you have no doubt already heard – at 60 years old and 7 adopted children ages 7 – 15 , it takes a lot to stop me  in my tracks.

I hope this e-mail is not too long.

In one of your early walk and talks you spoke about a post on your website and told everyone to watch it, it included your wife Mary and you said, if you don’t watch the whole thing, watch Mary !   

It took me awhile to watch and I would like to tell you how that made me feel.

First of all, you were right, Mary was absolutely wonderful, I could have listened to her all day.  I also listened to you as well.

Please keep in mind, I was, and still am, a supporter of President Trump, even when I am not sure of what the hell he is doing. I support him 100% because the alternative was never a option for me. That being said, as I listened to you speak, I heard Donald Trump 35 years ago.

I heard a more articulate Donald Trump – I heard the same compassion, love of country, love of the military and genuine desire to Make America Great Again. I also heard the same bashing of political correctness and the desire to tell the American people the truth. It actually brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with hope that once Trump gets the ball rolling, this country would then have Dennis Michael Lynch to take us the rest of the way down the field to score the touchdown.

You are a man of integrity and passion and have a tremendous ability to communicate those talents,  that is what is lacking in our government. You inspire me and give me hope when I look at these idiots we have running this country ( please keep in mind, I live in California ) draining the swamp is so important.

I hope that telling you how much I feel you are like Donald Trump does not offend you, I mean it as the highest of compliments, I adore you and your family and wish you the very best!

You are my trusted news source — my only news source.

I can not stomach Fox News, all the same people who berated Trump and tried to take him down, who said he could never win ( Krauthammer always bet on wine, women and song over Trump ) and now they feel they know what he will do ??

I believe you are so much like President Trump, you understand the man and that is why you always know the direction he is going !

Always here for you if you need anything,
Candy Miller

DML: You’re a doll. I’m running this solo today. Give me pricing on hats again. Let’s get some ordered. — DML

——- end of response —–

I have never met Candy Miller.  In fact, I have never met the majority of the 10,000 people who have sent Mary and me gifts of one kind or another.  I’ve never met most of the 1M+ people who are my supporters on Facebook.

Receiving a letter like this from Candy, or any one of my supporters, always sends me into deep thought.

It’s true, President Trump drives me crazy at times.  But I’ve come to realize he’s doing the best he can amid the circumstances.

At 71, he’s never going to change his ways.  The tweets; the blasting of his own team; the hiring of big mouths like Scaramucci…  this is what I voted for, and so did you.

My mother-in-law once said to me, “You can’t hold people accountable for what they are incapable of doing.”

That said, it’s easy to scold Trump for being Trump, but is it fair?

We don’t have to condone some of his activity, but lets call a spade a spade… most of the press, half of America, and most of the GOP lawmakers would love to see him fail.

I repeat: He’s doing the best he can, and that’s all we can ask for.

Plus, let’s not forget, he’s done some pretty good things so far.  Jobs, border, regulations, veterans, Gorsuch…

Shifting gears a bit, on Friday night I was the luckiest man on earth.

My little girl asked me to watch ‘America’s Got Talent.’  I’m not a fan of the show, truth is I’d rather watch paint dry. But it was important to her for me to watch the show she loves, and therefore it became important to me.

She dreams of being a singer and a dancer.  But as she tells me, she may change her mind and become a painter.  But then again she may want to be the first lady president.  She doesn’t know how she’ll fit it in, but she would like to be a teacher too……. you get it.

So, there she is on the sofa, and I’m on the recliner — we’re inches apart. Mary turns the lights down.

The first act I see is a 13-year old girl who sings like she’s 30.  I can’t remember the name of the song, but the lyrics are about how sad she is when someone she loves is gone.

It’s important to note that before her performance started, they played a video of her walking on the beach with her daddy — he is dying of colon cancer.

The video ends and she starts to sing.  As expected, she’s crying while she performs.

I look over at my daughter and she’s getting emotional. All I can think to myself is: ‘I love my family so much.’

The entire situation forces tears to slowly roll down my face.

I’ve been silent about the two health issues I’ve been hit with at once. But I’ve received so may get-well cards and emails from people who voice concern, that I’ve decided to explain what’s going on.

Problem one: Embarrassingly, I have been bleeding from a place you’re not supposed to bleed from.  I will be addressing this on Wednesday.

Problem two: There is something going on with my legs.  They hurt me to no end when standing up, and they cramp when sitting down for long periods of time.  If I make certain moves throughout the day, I feel like I’ll fall.

Two weeks from now I go for another set of tests.  This time it’s to see if the discs in my back are deteriorating.  What the hell that means, who knows.

The combination of the two makes it miserable to be DML most hours of the day, but my wife and kids make it more comfortable by showering me with unconditional love.

That said, the first film I ever did was a documentary called ‘King of the Hamptons.’  It played at the Hamptons Film Festival 2010, but I never released it. Maybe I should.

During the making of the film, I met a woman who worked at a deli. Each morning she’d serve me coffee while I’d make her laugh.  She used to say I was the funniest person she’d ever met.

She was 50-years old at the time. She didn’t look sick, and she worked 6 days per week, but all along she was dying of colon cancer.

We became great friends over the course of one summer.  She remains one of the most lovely ladies I have ever met.  Proudly, but sadly, I gave the eulogy at her funeral.

Before she died, I asked if she could have just one dying wish come true, what would it be?

Remarkably, despite living on the east end of Long Island her entire life, she had never been to the top of the Montauk Lighthouse that sits at the very end.

Although it was the dead of winter, I immediately made phone calls to find someone with a key to the lighthouse door.

After making a donation, and holding a one on one meeting with a local politician, within a few days I had it so she was at the top of lighthouse. I filmed it all so the experience would live on forever.

I asked Kathryn about her symptoms.  She told me that one day she just started bleeding but didn’t think much of it — she thought it was hemorrhoids.  But then the pains started.  Sounds very familiar.

I asked her if there was anything she’d do differently with her life if given the chance.  Her answer was, ‘no.’

She told me her objective in this life was to be a good person.  I can attest to her success.  Mission accomplished.

Kathryn told her children how much she loved them on a daily basis. “That’s what they’ll remember, and so that’s what I leave behind,” said Kathryn. 

To further address something else mentioned by Candy…

I am currently writing my book, FIGHTING FOR TRUMP.  And so I find myself thinking more about the time I spent in 2015 exploring a run for the presidency.

Today, I’m happy I decided not to do it (although I think I could have won).  I have come to understand it wasn’t my time.  And by seeing what they are doing to Trump, I understand why the GOP treated me like crap after I announced my intentions on Megyn Kelly’s show.  They feared me.

They saw my appearances on Fox.  They saw my family, my youth, and the principles for which I stand.  They feared I’d win, and so did Donald Trump at the time (but we’ll save that story for the book).


Fact is, God wanted Trump to lead this period of time in America.

Maybe Candy is correct. Maybe Trump is the guy meant to be the president who loosens the cap on the ketchup bottle.  Maybe DML, or someone like me, is the person to open the bottle at a later date.  I don’t know, only God has those answers.

Right now, I pray to God that He will see to it that I can get past this period of time.  I pray He helps me get back to feeling 100%.  He has no choice, really! I’ll have to be in tip top shape to endure 2024. (lol)

In the interim, TEAM DML keeps putting out the news and building a destination for information that is real and trusted.  I thank you for visiting us here each day.

I thank Candy for the wonderful email.  I encourage those of you who haven’t watched the speeches Candy was referring to above to give them a view.

Either way, I appreciate the love and concern, and I’m honored to be your news source.  Please don’t think it’s just me here alone doing the news.  I have so many wonderful team members.  They, along with my family, do a great job!

Fingers crossed for Wednesday.


PS – Short clip of Kathryn from King of the Hamptons

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