DML: I Respond to only ONE Interesting Email You Sent Me

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Each day, I receive thousands of messages and emails. Below are three of them from the past 24 hours, and the response I’ve given to each.


Dear DML, I wasn’t sure if I should type in Mr. Lynch, Dennis, or DML.  I chose the latter simply because the acronym “Dude Motivated by Love” seems quite fitting.

I unexpectedly found you on a Facebook Walk & Talk before the Donald took office.  At a time when confusion was running rampant (still is) in our country, I found you to be a breath of fresh air. I decided to give you 10 minutes of my time, and found myself shaking my head yes for a full hour as the church bells rang. I was hungry for some passion and truth, and you filled the order. To be perfectly honest, I was also tuning in with hopes of getting a glimpse of Miss Mary and your awesome kids. Yes sir, you are certainly blessed with a stellar crew who obviously has your back.

I found your coiffed-challenged hair ruggedly charming as you battled wind, snow, and rain. However, it was your down-to-earth common sense drenched brain that drew me in. So here I am, a middle-aged woman fighting an incurable brain disease writing to you. The last time I penned a letter to a complete stranger was back in 1972, I was twelve years old, and prayed my “Baby Soft” scented pink envelope would land on the top of the heap in Donny Osmond’s mail bag. He never responded, and I was forced to move on. LOL.

I digress back to the DML acronym.

I like to think I’m a good judge of character, even though I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt before I label them good, evil, or somewhere in between. You sir, fall into the good category.

I like the fact that you believe in God, you think before you act (I’m sure Miss Mary might argue this point at times), and you are consistent. You have hopped me up on hope over the past year, a potent hit that was desperately needed on some days. For that alone, I say thank you. Simply stated, I dig you and what you are offering to our planet right now.

There’s only one thing you’re currently doing that I can’t quite wrap my brain around, and that’s your daily letter to President Trump.

Human actions are motivated by a variety of different emotions including pride, passion, fear, etc. I’m just wondering what category you fall into when it comes to wanting to be heard by the Grand Imperial Puba (President Trump).

To be frank, I sometimes wonder if you’re setting yourself up for a kick in the derrière. Don’t get me wrong, I voted for the guy, mainly because I despise Hillary, but regardless, I did take the time to check the box next to his famous name.

Trump is a hard worker who possesses a savvy business mind, but he also has some deep concerning flaws, one of which is self-control. I’m sure a smart man like yourself sees him as clear as day, so I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Just pondering what you hope to achieve with your daily letters. Fame, a prime-time slot, an advisory position on Trump’s team?

I mean this with all due respect, but I find some of your letters have a tinge of brown-nose stench. I find this all rather curious since you’re obviously a bright strong man. I like your grit DML, hoping we will see more of it in your future correspondence to the Prez.  Just sayin’.

Wishing you and your beautiful family God’s grace and full blessings. Keep doing what you do, it’s good powerful work. Thank you again!

Sincerely, Mrs. Cindy DeLuz

DML:  Cindy, let me begin by saying I wish you all the happiness and joy life can bring while you fight through your brain disease.  I am sad to think of any person being sick, especially a person like yourself who supports what we do here.

If you’re wondering why Donny Osmond never responded to you, I’m guessing it’s because he probably didn’t know how to express himself because he really didn’t know who he was.  Donnie touted himself to be a “little bit Rock and Roll.”  But anyone with a clear understanding of Rock and Roll knows that Donny Osmond was far from a rocker.  LOL.

Diving into your letter, allow me to say “thank you” for the warm words about my family.  They are the greatest thing in my life, and I wish more people experienced what I do every day.  The love and togetherness of the Lynch Mob is second to none.

Now to the Trump stuff

You said it yourself, you were drawn to me for the same reason others were drawn to me right before the election.  Remarkably, it will be the same reason why people will leave me.  Some already have.

We live in a world where it’s hard to decipher the difference between what is fake and what is real.   Like it or not, I offer a safe space inside the media sewer hole.

I offer a domain where a person like yourself can visit knowing everything is real — nothing I do is based on bias or voodoo — nothing about me, my commentary, or what I show you on camera is fake.

I don’t create false attacks against Trump like the Left does each day, and I don’t blow smoke up his buttock like some of my pals at Fox News.  Let’s face it, there is never a question with how I feel — I say what I mean and I mean what I say, and I don’t apologize for it.

I am by no means a saint, but when it comes to news and politics I want to be as close to perfect as possible because it’s more than a business to me. People’s lives are at stake, and that has deep meaning with me.

I am a child of an alcoholic.  That said, experts say children of alcoholics try to save people as compensation for not being able to save their alcoholic parent.  Maybe that’s what drives me?  I don’t have the answer.  All I know is that I am consumed by a need to help people feel safe and happy, sometimes to my own detriment.   I don’t do this because I am trying to be a hero — and I don’t seek the spotlight.  In fact, it’s just the opposite — I often turn down chances to be on national TV and radio.

Trust is everything.  And so I take issue with those who leave honesty out of their commentary.  Just yesterday, I was taken back when seeing a guy I respect compromise his true feelings.  This guy didn’t reveal the truth simply because he is weighing the possibility of how it could backfire on him later on. I find sadness in that!  If the truth has a chance of backfiring down the road, then I say the person is headed in the wrong direction.

There is nothing worse than having your feelings trapped inside.  I never do that sort of thing, and I guess it backfires on me at times if you measure success by LIKES on a Facebook page, or the number of viewers on a LIVE feed.   I don’t measure life that way, nor do I sway my thoughts based on Facebook analytics.  I base my words on how I feel.

I am so happy you asked me about my letters to Trump because you really made me think hard.  Why do I write these things?  Why take the time out of my evenings — when I am so tired — to write letters to the president?

To answer the question honestly, I must reveal something more to you than what fuels my letters.

I find myself at a crossroads.   In one hand I’d like to build out a news network with different voices and personalities.  But in the other hand I have come to see the pitfalls of heading in that direction.  With so many different voices and personalities, the risk becomes I creep away from that safe space within the media sewer.

Without working 100 hours per day, and without dictating what another person says or doesn’t say, how can I ensure the truth will be delivered?  Look at the example I shared above — the guy is worrying about the truth compromising his opportunities.  I can’t have that sort of thing finding its way into the DML domain.

So, what to do?  Do I keep it small — meaning, keeping it to just me and a handful of writers — and allow my audience to know that everything they hear, see and read is approved by yours truly?   Or do I let the reigns go, and work overtime managing the risks of “fake” finding its way into my safe space? It’s a very hard decision to make, but in the end I will do what feels right.  That said, your final question about my Trump letters fits perfectly into my dilemma.

I write the president because I no longer believe he understands why people voted for him.  He has allowed himself to fall into the media sewer hole where it’s either black or white.

Trump spends too much time lashing out against those in the media who hate on him, and he spends too much time searching for those people in the media who will kiss his buttock.   His day, and his mind, are consumed with how he is portrayed in the press.  I did not vote for that sort of thing, nor did I put my reputation on line for a front row ticket to report on Trump fighting the press.

As a member of the media, I use my letters as a way for President Trump to find himself again.  My letters often express love and admiration because I try to bring him into my safe space where honesty and truth prevail over clicks and ratings.

I try to remind him of who he was and what he promised on the campaign trail.  I try to use my words in a way for him to see what it really means to make America great again.

I think I understand his behavior and why he’s done what he’s done these past few months.  It ties back to his ego and his need to be loved.  It also ties to how he deals with the pain of being bashed in the heart.   His emotions go to extreme highs and lows, and this stands as his worst attribute.  Sadly, the Left knows this to be true and they use it to prey on him.

When the president was campaigning he told people he was fighting for them.  Some people believe he still fights for them today, and they blame congress for everything not working.  I do not.

Yes congress sucks, and yes the media sucks, but I do not feel the president is doing all he can to improve the situation.  I speak and write constantly about how I think he can improve things, and so there is no good reason to repeat it all again now, but I will say this… In order for him to escape the vacuum he is stuck in, he has to start fighting for you in the same way fights for himself.  Right now, it’s all about him.  And because HE LOVES TO FIGHT, and because he loves the spotlight, believe it nor not I think he is somewhat content with the situation as is.  *For as long as he wins in the end.

I’ve come to believe he sends his crazy tweets out knowing they will cause havoc.  But he doesn’t seem to care, and maybe it’s because they are spotlight grabbers.

Most of his problems stem from his twitter account, and so I’ve come to the conclusion that he does not think about the impact a tweet will have on YOU.  I don’t think he does it will malice towards you and me, he’s just being Trump.  Sadly, I didn’t see this part of him before the election.  Either I missed the warning signs, or I was so preoccupied with defeating Hillary that I chose not to look.

If you look back on his life, Trump has searched for ways to get the spotlight to shine on him. Problem is, this new role of his ain’t about starring in a TV show, nor is it about a skyscraper buildout.   He’s the president.  It’s about us. He is responsible for our future.

In my opinion, a great president like Reagan doesn’t search for the spotlight.  The spotlight finds a great president.  Trump was a great candidate, and that’s why the spotlight found him on a daily basis.  He needs to get back to that place, but my fear is that time is running thin.

At the risk of sounding cocky, I am often way ahead of what takes place, and I can see what exists in the road ahead when others cannot.  That’s why you landed on my page to begin with. As noted, you needed someone to confirm what you hoped was miles down the road.  I did that — I told you that a Trump victory was eminent, and I explained in great detail how we’d arrive at the win despite the land mines planted by the haters.

In the video below, you will see that on April 20, 2016, I knew for certain Trump would be the president.   This was well before he had the nomination, and well before Hillary led in all the polls.  I never changed my mind or doubted the victory.  I have done this sort of thing time and again over the past few months.  Be it calming the storm created by the Jill Stein recount, or walking you through the Russia BS, I have been correct at each turn. Meanwhile, there is a part of me that wishes I had not been right so often because it makes people lash out at me when I disagree with Trump.

These people who get mad at me for telling the truth, I think they get mad because deep down they know I am right.  Unlike some people on Fox News who will defend Trump no matter what he does or says, I choose to defend the truth, the American people, my family and friends.

Although I love to tout when Trump does well, I am not here to cheerlead for the president. I see my job as fighting for you.  And so, to finally answer your question, I do not brown nose the president, nor do I seek great national fame.  And although I would have liked to have worked for him in the beginning, I would no longer want to work for the president under these circumstances.  We would clash heads on a daily basis.

I write my letters to him for the same reason I just spent one hour responding to your letter.  The reason is I care.

I hope that one day he will read something within one of my letters and it will light a spark within him.  In my opinion he needs a spark.  And that’s the only way the spotlight will find him again in a positive way.  Until then, we will continue to struggle to get things done, if ever.

That said, I will continue to write my letters to him and pray for his success.  We will continue to report the truth every day at DML without fear or favor, and at some point the unanswered questions in my own life will be answered.  In the end, regardless of the outcomes, I will be grateful for the opportunity to help folks like you. I love you for writing to me, and I pray for you to be pain free.

It was a great exercise for my brain to write this long reply. That said, I apologize for its length.

In conclusion, I must come clean.  I had a crush on Marie Osmond.  I still do.  How I love those Nutrisystem commercials.

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