DML: I Respond to 10 Interesting Emails You Sent Me (plus photos)


Each day, people send me messages. Today, I respond to 10 of them, plus I posted below some of the photos you sent me.

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Did you hear the that O’Reilly is in talks with NewsmaxTV? Your thoughts?

DML: Bill is on a serious free fall. I have just two cents of advice for Bill that comes in the form of 2 words… “Due diligence.”

Should Death penalty be used for NYC terrorist. I voted no, simply because that is what he wants. Spending life in prison does not give him the glory he wants.

DML: You can take today’s poll by clicking here. I say we kill him. I don’t want to pay a penny to feed and house the POS.

Hi DML, I found you the day before the election last year and really enjoy your honest, no BS commentary. I started listening to your walk and talks while making my kids lunches each day. Some days it plays in the background and some days I get too busy or distracted to actually listen to your message. On those occasions, I try to go back in the evening and listen to the play back. Could you start putting the date or day of the week in the description of the video? If I miss multiple days it’s hard to find which day I want to listen to depending on the news of each day. Thanks and keep up the good work!

DML: I put the date in the title of every video, most of the time. If you hit the Walk & Talk button at the top of the website, they appear in the order in which they were published. Just FYI, I assume you’re talking about “The Truth.”  I renamed the show from the Walk & Talk. I do that show on weekends.

Hey DML, Today’s segment of the truth was your best yet. It made me upset. It made me angry. It made me sad. And it enforced my honest belief that you, and your team, are the most reliable, honest and American news outlet on the planet Earth. I look forward to the day you throw your hat in the ring and I will continue to be a relentless supporter of yours. As a side note, to those who need you to jump off at noon to watch “someone” else, there is no one else. God bless you and your fantastic team and thank you for what you do. Sincerely, Nicholas Martin

DML: I appreciate your comments, Nicholas. I received an incredibly high number of emails about “The Truth” Wednesday. I guess the message really hit home.

Hi DML – Pres Trump has become a politician. He has been initiated into the swamp. “0” should be the number allowed into the USA but that’s not what is happening. 45,000 per year was not the number he was saying on the campaign trail. His biggest mistake was not getting that special prosecutor for that swamp creature Hillary. That was the 1st major promise he broke straight away. Now he is entangled in this Russian collusion swamp web pushed by that same Hillary and her corrupt minions. The only way he will be the President people voted in is if he returns to being just Trump, not the presidential man he has been molded into. In the process, he has lost himself while listening to way too many advisors who all have their own agendas. I feel like he is totally overwhelmed by the DC swamp so I pray for him every day still. But I lose hope every day. Thank you for all you do. I feel your frustration. Cheers, Val

DML: So far, there are 3 clear violations of promises made. You mentioned the refugee issue, that’s one. Going after HRC, that’s two. DACA canceled on Day 1, that’s 3. Truth is, he can’t blame any of the three on Congress or the “fake news” media. He owns these broken promises.

DML, I just now watched today’s broadcast. I was at work today and tonight I turned away from the World Series to spend an hour listening to you. Right now I am in tears. I agree with every single thing you expressed. Every single thing. I can guess that most Americans feel the same. Even the ones claiming to be liberal. They are just afraid to say it. You are one of the bravest men I’ve ever come across in this lifetime. Truth IS brave. I thank you for being true to this country and true to yourself. You can make us laugh and you can make us cry. You are the real deal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

DML: The Astros beat my Yankees. I should be mad, but I am happy they won because I cannot stand the Dodgers.  Thanks for the email.

Operation Christmas Cancelled.  DML, This world is beyond mad….my local school district, Big Walnut Schools in suburban Columbus, Ohio just cancelled a shoe box drive for Samaritans Purse because someone complained that it was a religious organization and they were offended. When is the madness going to end? I know you don’t open up links but here it is in case you want to go to and look it up.

DML: I will talk about this today on “The Truth.”

DML, I’ve been a faithful supporter since the beginning. I watch all your walk & talks and episodes of the Truth. Today’s show was outstanding! Seriously hard hitting and one of your best ever. I seriously hope you decide to run for President in 2024! I don’t usually take political action but I would be happy to help you in any way I could if you ran. America NEEDS you! Keep up the good work! #MAGA

DML: Thanks for the support.

Thank you!! I was not able to catch the show at 11. But got to watch at 7pm. It reminded me of why I voted for Trump. It was because I saw in him the passion you showed today. You had me in tears about the cross. I understand your passion and I wished Trump would get his back. I’m so tired of his tweets, his pussy footing around on so many things! But most of all the immigration. Thank you for being so in love with our country and showing us what I hope WE can change. I’d vote for you tomorrow if you were running!!!
Please take care,

DML: Thanks, Carol.

You lied to us. Dennis Michael Lynch! I turned to your Facebook page last year because I no longer trusted MSM. I found you on Facebook and wanted to give you a chance. I’ve been watching you ever since. For the most part, I really love watching you. I’ve ordered your flag bumper stickers and really love what you do for America. There are things I do not agree with you about. One of them is what you did today. This morning you accused Sean Hannity of not giving a full hour to the terrorist attack. You went on to accuse Hannity and Mark Levin of discussing the Trump/Russia collusion. I did not watch Hannity last night but I did DVR it. This afternoon I sat down and watched last night’s Hannity show. Sean devoted 50 minutes of his show discussing the terror attack. Some if that was with Mark Levin. I timed the Trump/Russia Collusion conversation they had, all 2 minutes and 34 seconds of it. I also timed the conversation Mark Levin and Sean Hannity had discussing the terrorist attack. They discussed the attack for almost 7 minutes! I’m not sure why you feel the need to bash Sean Hannity, or Laura Ingraham for that matter. You owe your viewers an apology. You need to make this right. If you don’t, then you are no better than CNN or the rest of the MSM who lie to us every day. You are better than that Dennis Michael Lynch!

God bless, Cheryl

DML: Wow. Perhaps you should walk off the ledge and read your own words. You start off by telling me I “lied” about Hannity not giving the full hour to the terror attack, and then you say he and Levin talked about the Russian collusion for nearly 3 minutes. So, in fact, I did not lie. In fact, I am 100% correct in the sense that the entire show was not about the terror attack.

Now, that said, had you worded your email more professionally, you would have written something like this…. “DML, although you are correct in the fact that Sean did not dedicate the entire show to the terror attack, he did dedicate most of it.”

I would have responded that you are correct, and that perhaps I pushed a bit too far in making a claim against Sean. However, I would still point out that during the Mandalay Bay shooting (day 1), there was ZERO talk about the Russia probe. As for apologizing, it’s you who owes me the apology. Until you do, I will never answer another email you send me. I do not take anyone calling me a liar lightly. As for Laura, perhaps you should watch that playback, as well, and then send a second apology.


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