DML: I Respond to 11 Interesting Emails You Sent Me (plus your photos)


Each day I receive messages from my loyal supporters.  And each day I respond to at least three of the messages.  Today, I respond to 11.

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I noticed that I had not been getting any of your posts in my Facebook feed for the last several days so I went to your page to see if I could figure out why. I was no longer following you. I clicked to follow you again and I immediately started getting your posts in my feed again.  This is the second time it has happened. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed with the truth.

DML: You all have to start complaining to Facebook. Enough people complain… and the crap will end.

I can’t watch your videos any more. Facebook stopped giving alerts & when I do see one to watch, it either spins or keeps bleeping your speech so I can’t understand & this is not for a minute or two. It goes on & on until I finally quit. It’s not fair that so many of us can’t see or hear you.  I deleted your app & downloaded it again,same old thing so Zuckerburg is cheating you.

DML: Don’t delete the DML APP, it’s not our fault, it’s Facebook. You all have to start complaining to Facebook. Enough people complain… and the crap will end.

Not sure if you watched Sheila E on the view today. She did her rendition of the funky national anthem. During this performance they had a screen behind the band with the American flag upside down and also her and another singer took a knee while singing it. I was completely disgusted by this performance it was a disgrace. When will this disrespect end I’ve had it !!!!!!!!

DML: And you were watching “The View” for what reason?

Hello Dennis, First I would like to thank you for bringing the true news to us every single day. I’ve been watching since before the elections and I do not trust anyone else. I live in NJ and to be honest I’m extremely nervous about Phil Murphy winning the governor race. Obama was here the other day and I only listened for 5 minutes and my heart sank. Murphy sounds like a radical. Now I just read that Hillary is coming too! I love this state but I fear it will be destroyed. I will be voting for Kim. Can I have your thoughts on this ?
Thank you so much, Linda

DML: Governor Murphy.

DML NEWS website. 100 words or less. I love this idea of an abbreviated story,where i feel I need more info, I can get it. Thank you for working so hard .

DML: I have a wonderful team. BTW, we call them “summary” news articles.

FROM (I deleted the name to protect person)
I work at Comcast Headquarters in Philadelphia. I hear and see top leaders frequently. They have MSNBC playing on every floor and in the elevators. Working for a far left company is what I have to do to pay the bills but it is hard duty some days. I have no doubt from the top levels of the organization on down that they despise the President. The fact that they make money off this is equivalent to making lemonade out of lemons. Impeachment would only improve the ratings.

DML: If they had to chose between the stock options and Trump staying in office, they’d stick with Trump. I’m willing to bet you on that one.

Hey DML! I’ve written to you a couple of times. I am the one that is friends with Anneta Griffee and sends errors in your reports and she corrects them. I’ve been doing this  for months. October 21 is my birthday and I will be 48 years old. I absolutely love you and all that you do. I would love a special birthday wish from you. It would totally make my day!!! Keep up the good work! Melissa

DML: I hope you enjoy your birthday. Thanks for keeping us honest with the grammar.

DML, How do we as everyday citizens report illegal aliens?
I was told that currently ICE is only interested in the law breaking alien.
In the meantime I’m aware of a man who has been in this country for 14 years. He came here and went underground. He works under the table as a cook and pays no taxes. He takes taxis wherever he goes, does not travel by air, and lives in a group setting with other illegal aliens. He sends post of his money home to Thailand. He refuses to go forward to do the right thing. He is currently trying to marry a USA citizen. I’m not even sure how this can be accomplished! Please do a story on how we as Americans can help to stop this. A step-by-step, how to on reporting illegal aliens who are robbing us and our kids.
Thanks, Lois Douglas

DML: With a few thousand ICE agents, and 30 million illegals, they ain’t coming to get your guy anytime soon. That’s why Trump has to cut off the magnet.

Dear DML, I hope you can answer my questions about Dreamers. I read posts on Facebook that Dreamers do not receive any benefits at all. No food stamps, no medicaid, no Free college education, zero not a thing. Yet other posts feel just the opposite. Please clear up this confusion I have about Dreamers benefits. Thank you, Jackie Mesa Arizona

DML:  Really? How about in-state-tuition for starters. I’ll stop there and tell you not to believe what you see on FB.

Absolutely loved your message today!   I know the world is a better place with you in it DML! Your honesty, love of our country and goodness shine through loud and clear! Quality of sound needs improving.  There was some  breaking up. Background is great! Long term goal should be HD signal.
Thank you for all you do!

DML: I was passionate about General Kelly because he was pure and honest, and he said it best…. nothing is sacred any longer. That said, all of our cameras are HD, but I lowered the output to FB so that the stream has no delay. So, it comes out low HD (720p). As for the audio interruptions, that’s either one of 3 things, and I will not know for sure until we eliminate the possibilities one by one. Today, the audio issue was either (1) I had a week internet signal, or (2) it was the wireless mic acting up, or (3) it is the Epiphan streaming box we use to broadcast. I’ll eliminate the options one by one and have the answer in about a week or so. I am hoping it is the mic.

(I stand for my flag bumper sticker).  Proudly display both on my front window. I lost my firefighter son at WTC.

DML: I am sorry for your loss. Sadly, I know NYFD and NYPD who are supporting the NFL. I am appalled by their lack of backbone.  That said, your son is a hero.  Your son’s photo is first:


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