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Each day, I receive lots of emails from my readers. Today, I respond to 12 of them. If you’d like to send me a message, please use the submit news tab at the top of this page.

I woke up this morning and seen your letter to the president on the DML app.  You said exactly why I am so pissed off at Trump.  He’s done.  This will be the longest 4 years ever.  I am hoping they impeach him and Pence moves in.

DML: Well, it appears Trump finally shot a person on 5th Avenue, and that person is Jeff Sessions. Only thing is, Trump measured things wrong. People are not ignoring the crime. He best get his act in order soon.

The report about Trump’s lawyer leaving is just another brick in the wall, but it ain’t the wall I voter for.

DML: To be honest, I’ve seen Trump make some really good hires, and I’ve seen him make some really bad ones, too. This lawyer fell into the bad category.

The poll this morning is going to be flooded with YES answers from sane people.  It will be attacked by the far right people who believe Trump is never wrong.  It’s the “who cares” people that concern me.

DML: The “Who Cares” crowd really falls into the #NeverWrong group. But people are entitled to their opinions and we should not criticize them for it, for as long as the opinions are shared without jousting insults. If we didn’t care about their opinions, we wouldn’t post the poll.

Wow DML, Your Letter to the President #31 captured just how I feel as well. I also feel that I’m standing at a crossroad, but if I step in any direction, its a steep cliff I will fall over. So I have remained unusually silent about it all. However, there still remains a tiny glimmer of hope in my heart that President Trump will see that his behavior is hypocritical and childish, and that he will finally get down to the business we elected him to, sans the games. This is not The Apprentice, though he is acting just so, himself. Someone should get him a big red “reset” button. But would it trigger a change at this point? Can you see the cynicism beginning to creep in? Take care, DML. We all miss you and wish you well, Ann McNeill.

DML: Sadly, the more I think about it, the more I know it’s too late. The Congress will never get their act together and neither will Trump. I’m not sure how this plays out for America, I need more time to digest it all. Thank goodness, Sessions remains on the job.

Although I agreed with every word in your letter to the president, I don’t want you DML to give up on the president or the idea of making America great again…. WE NEED YOU in our corner and so does Trump.

DML: I no longer believe in Donald Trump, the person; I have lost respect for him as a person. But I do believe in the policies that he stood for in his campaign. And, he is my president, and I voted for him. Therefore, I will continue to champion for our president and will respect the office he holds. When he does something great, I will scream from the rooftops. At the same time, we will continue to report the news, good and bad, as we do every day. I will be a warrior for the policies I believe in, even if it means the president does not. I will defend conservative principles, especially when it means stopping the liberals from destroying the country. But Trump gets no more free passes from me. I have some health issues right now, but I will get past them with God’s help and taking better care of myself. When I’m healthy again, I will be an even louder voice than I have been in the past in trying to help the American people.

DML, I can’t thank you enough for the last letter to the President.  You expressed everything “most” of your followers want to say to him.  Some followers are giving up or already gave up!   Everyday I get a little more disappointed in the President, but I try to hold on.  You have taught me so much.  I truly hope he reads this letter.  As for you, you continue to be the best and stand your ground!  All the best of health, stay strong.   Looking forward to your on screen return.  Roe

DML: Hang in there. We’ll find a way to win.

Today’s poll…. Hi DML, I really wish I could be happy with P. Trump but this morning was a very big disappointment.   I vote Yes, I think it is so disrespectful to say all the things he said about a very good and honest man. But to play Devils Advocate, I do understand why P. Trump is so mad. If Jeff Session didn’t excuse himself then maybe the investigation wouldn’t be going after his Kids.   One parent to another, I would do whatever I could do to protect my family.  Like you always say, family is everything!  I agree with that 100%. So I do understand why P. Trump is so mad.  You can come after me all you want but leave my spouse and kids out of it.  I wish he had better restraint but he doesn’t. Thank you for all you do DML. This house love DML and family. Sheila

DML: Here is what people are missing: It would be against the LAW for Sessions to have remained involved. There would be no special counsel had Trump handled himself better and not made asinine tweets. He is his own worst enemy, and he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. He thinks he’s going to talk himself out of this one… news flash… he’s not.

How long have I been saying this? Despite taking nasty comments from Trump supporters who called me a turncoat, etc., I’ve warned of this for months because I did not want to see it happen. But it has, and it will only get worse. Regardless of Sessions’ willingness to break the law or not, what kind of president gives that sort of interview to the one newspaper he’s been screaming about, day in and day out, as being fake.

I am reporting that your latest letter to President Trump is TRUTH.  I feel the same EXACT way.  Thank you DML for working so hard to MAGA even when you are compromised physically. Maybe “they” were correct during the campaign when they kept saying he does not have the temperment to be President ?? Meanwhile, I am praying for your health and for an “epiphany” from our Leader. Geeeeze !! Barbara Butler (the lady who is currently touring the USA – we are in NH today, going to the top of MT Washington in the COG Railway)

DML: What a great trip, have done it myself. Enjoy life for a while and forget this political garbage! Stay safe.

You’re an asshole and I am deleting your app.  Go f*ck yourself you Hillary lover.

DML: Does that mean I won’t be getting a Christmas card this year? Take this bit of advice with you on the way out the door… You can take your frustration out on me all you want, but that won’t make the pain go away. I did nothing wrong, and you know that. If you don’t, you probably need a doctor with a long sofa.

I felt it was very cool and admirable that AG Jeff Sessions did not let some foolishness from the President get in the way of why he was even having the press conference. Plenty of others in DC would not have done that. Not to mention the fact that something IS working in Washington. Get better dude.

DML: We’re tying Andrew. Believe me, we’re trying.

DML, I understand you’re not feeling well, and I am sure you’re a little scared about learning what’s going on with your health, but I ask you to please get on the cellphone today and do a Facebook Live Walk & Talk.  Even if it’s a sit and talk!  We don’t care about how good or bad you look, or how fat or skinny you are today.  Even if you’re in some pain, please take 10 minutes to come and talk to us.  We are your loyal supporters and some of us have donated to you because we really care about you.  I for one donated because I wanted to give to you the person.  I can care less about studios and whatnot.  Just come on today and let us know how you feel about things in politics and news with Trump and his team.  Good or bad we rely on your insight.  I don’t trust Fox News or Hannity to tell us the truth.  They are either all in for Trump or all against him.  We need your voice of reason.  We also need to see your face and hear your voice.  I apologize if I am being too pushy.  You have become like family to most of us and it’s been just two times in an entire month that you’ve come on to speak with us.

DML: You are correct. I will do a Sit & Talk at noon for ten minutes. It will be on FB LIVE but I will not send an alert. If you miss it, I’ll have my son post it on the website afterward.

I love you and the team at DML but since you’ve been out sick the website is filled with spelling errors and stories that are less than political in nature.  What’s going on?

DML: You are correct about the spelling and grammar. First, let me apologize for that sort of thing happening more than it should. I recently posted job openings for proof readers and rehired our last proof reader who is fantastic. She started two days ago and already I can tell the difference. Without me playing a F/T role, it’s a lot of stress on the assignment editors who also edit the articles and post on social media. If you saw the job in action, you’d understand. I believe you’ll see the quality go back up. As for story selection, look, not everything is Trump 24/7. A mother tossing her child out the window is news we will report. Kim Kardashian walking down the street in a piece of plastic is something we will report. Keep in mind, Fox News, and all other outlets, report the same thing. We want to broaden our audience and compete with these other places. That said, nobody is forcing anyone to click on a story. I have people tell me they are deleting our app because there are stories that are not about politics. That’s like not going to your favorite steak joint because they added a fish dinner to the menu. We are branching into more topics in the coming months. The website is ready to launch. I am waiting for my tests to be complete before I launch it. The site will be 24/7 news and politics. Once live, will become more of a social hangout with limited politics, and more about health, lifestyles, recipes, and videos. It will also include MISS MARY CAFE’. Lots of fun to come!

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