DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me

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Each day I receive a lot of messages from our readers.  Today, I respond to 3 of them her on the website.

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Hello Mr. Lynch and thank you for posting another mind challenging poll today.  I love the polls because they make me think.  Today’s poll made me think even more than most others because I am so confused about the North Korea situation.  I understand these missiles are indeed dangerous but I do not understand how our country doesn’t have the full capacity to stop them from launching.  I would be interested in know how you voted in the poll and why.  Thanks from Florida.

DML: It’s amazing.  I tend to be in the minority on these polls most days.  According to the poll results after two hours of being posted, most people are under the belief that Trump will bring nations together to fight off North Korea.  I disagree.  Although there are some nations who love America, I believe most nations are jealous of us and would like to see this country fail.  In addition, most of these leaders (see France and Germany) are uber liberal and feel slighted by Trump’s resistance to the climate agreement.   Thus, North Korea isn’t threatening these countries, they are aimed at us.  Therefore, like most matters of importance, we will go this one alone.  China is proving to be totally useless.  Perhaps Japan will be a trusted ally, but beyond that it will be tough.

DML, I know you don’t make appearances on TV any longer and I respect that decision amid all the fake news and biased reporting, but my sister made a claim about you yesterday which posed an interesting question I hope you will answer.  She said you are one of the most clever people she’s ever listened to.  She and I have watched all your films, we’ve watched you in the past on Fox and Newsmax, and we never miss a Walk & Talk. (Btw, we think you are better off without the sidekicks.)  We both agree you would make a great lawyer because you paint such vivid explanations and don’t allow anyone to push you into a corner during debate.  As truth seekers who are accepting of the news good or bad, we’d love to see more of you on TV to be honest. My sister thinks you should reach out to CNN amid all their troubles and try to land an evening show.  She thinks they’d consider it to save face.  Would you do it if they asked you to take on an hour show each night?  You’d reach millions more people on TV and online.  You said it yourself, the CNN digital programming is ranked number one worldwide.

DML: HOLY COW, you ladies are smart.  I was telling my kid last week when we were trying to sketch out the best way for us to move forward with video, that everything is moving to digital and Fox is in trouble when the move is complete.  CNN isn’t going to take any sort of hit from the Tump war they are in, trust me.  People will forget an move on.  That said, if Fox asked me to do a show I would say no.  If MSNBC asked I would say no.  If CNN asked me I would say yes.  Simply because the reach of CNN is so huge.  Of course I would need editorial control or else I would reject the idea, but I would turn that place around at the 9pm hour.  Ratings would be sky high, I think.  Now back to reality.  LOL

Hi, Dennis! Let me start by saying that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as to your health and well-being.  I’m very sorry that you’re going through this period and hope beyond hope that this will be very temporary and that you’ll receive an encouraging diagnosis from your doctor.

I was just reading your post about Toomey.  I happened to see a comment from a person that I won’t even call a lady, by the name of “Mamaw Belinda,” directed to you, with a short “lecture” on what you should post, as well as a couple other comments on the same thread that were less than nice.  I’ve heard you mention that you receive nasty emails, so, in comparison, I’m sure this one was mild.  However, it really struck a nerve in me, due to the fact that you have given your followers so much of your time, so much of your knowledge, and REAL news that we can count on.  Even though you truly have a passion and love what you do, it’s still a sacrifice.  What has me so bothered is how cruel, selfish, and uncaring some people are, knowing your situation of what you may be facing, that they have the audacity to ridicule and lecture you!  Truly, Dennis, it hurt my heart for you and for your family.  Therefore, I was compelled to write to you to let you know that along with myself, there are many, many people who DO understand and ARE praying for you.  Maybe I’m just an over-sensitive 63-year-old Irish woman who was raised by two wonderful parents that taught me to have feelings, social graces, and compassion and expect others to have the same as I do.  To me, that’s just normal behavior.  However, I have to continuously remind myself that we don’t live in a normal world anymore.  I suppose old habits die hard, but I’ll keep my old habits.

Take care of yourself, Dennis.  Do whatever you feel you need to do to cope, spend as much time as you need with your family, get as much rest as you need, and most of all, never cease praying.  Most of us care, most of us are concerned, and most of us are extremely grateful for all of your efforts.

God bless!
Bonnie (Your friend in Abbeville, Louisiana)

DML: Thanks Bonnie.  I must admit, I laugh at comments like the one from the lady mentioned.  In one hand I feel terrible for these people that they’d lash out at me for reporting about a GOP senator who is asking the president not to tweet at the media.   I didn’t tell Toomey to make his comments on national TV.  We reported the comments because they are important.  Toomey is a vote the president needs.  I explain the risks of having his own team complain about tweets.  This is not my doing, if it were up to me I’d close Twitter down for the next 3 years.   In the other hand, I wish these people would stop following me and coming to this website because they’re going to give themselves a heart attack.  I report the facts, and I share my opinions.  We will continue to do both, therefore, I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. 🙂

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