DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


The messages from our readers come in large numbers every day.  Today, I respond to 3 of the messages.

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I marked NO on the poll today about having health insurance even though I do have coverage.  I marked NO because my deductibles and coverage as so ridiculous that I decide not to go to the doctor.  I pay the insurance every month ($1140) incase I come down with cancer.  At my age (50+) it’s impossible to get good coverage.  I support President Trump but he was supposed to be a great deal maker.  I don’t see him getting the healthcare bill working.  He really needs to step up his game.  Congress sucks! We knew this going in.  I put this on his shoulders because even if the existing bill  were to pass it is more of the same nonsense crap we got from Obummer!

DML: We’ve had to change insurances so many times because of Obamacare that I did not think we had coverage for my upcoming procedure because the doctor doesn’t take our plan.   Turns out I was wrong.  I had given my old insurance card not realizing we were forced to change plans yet again.  You’d think this is a good thing.  It’s not.  I would have done better had I not informed the doctor about the insurance because he was giving me a cash discount for my procedure.  Now I have to pay full price for the procedure because our deductible is $6,000.  I’m furious to say the least.  I haven’t voted in the poll, but I will do so now. I should mark NO as well.

You will be very disappointed in me when I tell you I will not be voting in 2020.  I have been an Independent all my life.  I do not vote party lines.  I vote for the candidate who will help my family live the American dream.  I thought Trump was that man.  He is not.  So many people get caught up about how the media is trying to destroy him, including your buddy Sean Hannity.  I don’t see Hannity being any better than Trump.  He is an enabler and a spin master.  Yes the media hits Trump hard but he hits them just as hard.  When Trump gets something wrong he pawns it off on someone else or denies wrong doing.  When the press gets something wrong or when they share an opinion he doesn’t like they are checked off as FAKE.  So far Trump is turning out to be the FAKE.

I know the GOP congress isn’t helping him much but lets face the music…  The president doesn’t need congress to kill NAFTA.  He doesn’t need congress or the courts to undo Obama’s amnesty called DACA.  He doesn’t need congress or the courts to make e-verify mandatory.  He promised us these things but he doesn’t tackle any of it.

During the campaign he said he would rip up the “WORST DEAL HE EVER READ” when referring to the Iran deal but as reported by you and others yesterday it appears he is leaving it in place.  What the hell is that all about?  He said he would go after Hillary and hold her accountable.  He used terms like “crooked Hillary” and meanwhile he lets her go free.  Trump is pulling the wool over our eyes and I think the reason why there are so many leaks has nothing to do with insiders hating Trump.  I think they are trying to protect us by allowing the truth to be told.

Trump thought he was so clever with his tweet about Chelsea Clinton and what would the press write if she sat in Hillary’s chair during the G20 Summit.  He said the press would call her the next president in waiting.  Yet they slammed Ivanka for sitting in his seat.  I agree with his tweet.  But he can’t have it both ways.  Can you imagine what conservatives and Fox News would be saying if Chelsea Clinton agreed to meet with a Russian lawyer who reportedly had inside information on Trump during the campaign?   It would be the greatest firestorm of all time.

I won’t vote for the Democrat if it’s Elizabeth Warren or some far left nut, so I guess I won’t be voting.  I see Trump’s presidency only getting worse as the Russia probe continues on and the congress does nothing to pass bills.   Trump is bound to lose his marbles.  To use the president’s own words, his administration is a total DISASTER.

DML:  For every email I get like yours I get 3 that read the other way.   I too have my concerns about what will get done with this Congress, and I cannot understand why the DACA and e-Verify remains tabled.  I was also somewhat shocked about the Iran deal being continued, but perhaps there is more to the story than meets the eye.  Give it a little more time to develop before throwing your voter card away.  He did promise more jobs, and he’s come through on that point.  Border crossings are down.  VA is getting cleaned up.  There are some good things out there.

I want to applaud your amazing team at DML.  The story about the DOJ making the biggest healthcare bust in our nation’s history should have been headline news on every outlet including FOX NEWS.  I found it reported nowhere but here.  FOX NEWS is just as guilty as the MSM.  None of the evening programs covered the story!  It’s a huge win for this administration but they just report about the same old crap regarding Russia.  Keep up the great work DML.  It’s clear to this donor that you’re organization is running on all pistons and I look forward to what’s down the road.

DML:  Annetta Griffee, one of my original team members broke the story.  We are set for another strong month, and having cut out a lot of dead weight and unneeded expenditures over the past 30-days, I have freed up some cash to invest in new efforts and enhance existing tools, like the DML App.  We are very excited to move into our next phase of development and the new studio should be ready soon.   I won’t be ready to use it until I feel 100% (see Mary for that one), but it’s good to know it’s there waiting.  That said, you’ll be saddened to know I sent the DOJ story to my contacts at Fox but they went with the Russian story instead.

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