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Each day I receive many emails from our readers. Today, I answer three of the emails.

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Good morning DML!  Just a quick thought…As wonderful as the news is about the stock market records and growing businesses, when will us “forgotten” working folks start to feel a financial advantage? People living paycheck to paycheck aren’t playing in the stock market right now. It’s so frustrating! Ready for relief! Wish Trump had already tackled tax reform. My husband and I are brainstorming ways to make extra money. Although we’d never do anything illegal, I can see why people resort to that. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I keep you and your family in my prayers often. Sincerely, Lauren

DML: I agree. Few people like yourself, in the middle class and below, have extra money to invest in the stock market, so the good news is sort of moot. However, there is a thing known as the ‘wealth effect.’ Businesses and wealthy individuals that do well from a bullish stock market often reinvest their money into the economy. New jobs are created, as a result. The wealth effect is sort of like ‘second-hand smoke,’ only in a good way.

As for Trump’s decisions and tactics…

As you may know, dating back to January, I said to do tax reform FIRST and Obamacare SECOND. But, as always, the president goes in the opposite direction of my suggestions.

Had he tackled tax reform first, everyone, including Dems, would have received a tax break; and therefore, he would have more liberal voters moving to his side. This, and this alone, would have put pressure on Democrat lawmakers to work with the GOP on getting health care done. Why? If and when liberals start warming up to Trump, it forces the Dem lawmakers to work with him. Otherwise, they lose these voters in 2018. Remember, most people vote with their wallets. The more money Trump puts in people’s pockets, the better he does long term.

But, he didn’t go after taxes. He said he needed the Obamacare repeal first in order to get tax reform done. This was a sign of (A) Trump not always knowing what he is talking about, and (B) Trump listening to D.C. idiots like Paul Ryan.

If you think about it, Trump contradicts his own comments. If he truly needed Obamacare to be repealed in order to address taxes, then why does he now say that his position has always been to let Obamacare implode. If that were the truth, then tax reform should have been first, OR, it would have never come at all because Obamacare is doing poorly, but it won’t implode until after 2018. (Head spinning yet?)

You know, I am often asked why I don’t do TV any longer. One reason is if I did do it, I would not be able to hold back from telling the truth, and in doing so, I would inadvertently make the administration look bad. That said, Trump just needs better people around him. Note to self: Run for president.

I voted for CNN in your poll today.  They all suck, but CNN has the biggest reach when combining TV viewership and online audience.  I can’t go into an airport without seeing some moron on CNN slamming Trump.

DML: I voted for CNN, as well. You are spot on with your concerns about CNN and its massive reach. Trump often slams them for poor TV ratings. But, the low ratings only apply when comparing them to FOX.

CNN’s TV ratings are up by 50% year over year. More importantly, CNN’s reach online is 3x the size of FOX’s reach. Therefore, all those TV clips that nobody sees on TV (unless traveling via airports) are being seen online. In case people are living under a rock, online is the new big thing. CNN dominates the news when it comes to online. Those are the facts.

I am very concerned about the situation in North Korea.  Your article today states the missiles can reach the US but experts say they won’t work.  Just the launch of a missile sets off a war, and I don’t like waiting to see if the missile proves the experts wrong.   If you were the president what would you do?

DML: Keep in mind, you’re asking me this question and I am not privy to the same intelligence as Trump is today. That said, I’d have thousands of IT professionals — the best of the best — perhaps even hire a firm like Google — coding away night and day to devise a virus that wipes out the programs used by N. Korea to launch these missiles.

Meanwhile, I would place sanctions on China immediately if they did not take the action they promised to take to stop Kim. No more Mr. Nice Guy routine.

Make no mistake, Trump doesn’t go after China today because it will have a financial impact on businesses here in the United States. But, if China loses trade with us, it hurts them more than it hurts us. So, I say, go at them! Yes, it will hurt some U.S. businesses, but a nuclear weapon striking America will hurt a whole lot more.

Keep in mind, Trump touts the stock market as one of his big achievements. That’s cool and all, but if there is a war with N. Korea or a missile attack of significance here on U.S. soil, that market will tank like it did on 9/11. It will take years to truly recover.

Aside from that, without having inside information like Trump has from intelligence agencies, I would say we are getting very close to having to bomb the hell out of N. Korea. I never want to put our men and women in harm’s way, but our military is ready to wipe Kim from the face of the earth. It’s long overdue.

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