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Each day I receive a large amount of emails from readers, today, I answer 3 of them.

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Today’s poll… Illegal aliens should be deported not vote in US elections.

DML: I think it is beyond pathetic that any US citizen, let alone an elected official, would support the idea of illegal aliens voting. Wanting to know I was not alone, we launched the poll after the reports we did in the past 24-hours.  First, the report about the voting rolls in California, and then second the city in Maryland that is considering if they should allow illegals to vote.

But taking the cake is the story we did this morning about the city council in Corpus Christi, Texas deciding that past rulings by a judge who was not a US citizen will stand. If that judge found me, or anyone in my family, guilty of a crime I’d be suing the city and the judge.

Dear DML, I just read the article about George Soros basically attempting to bully Sean Hannity’s advertisers to stop buying spots on or, sponsor his show. I am outraged! My face feels hot as if my blood pressure just jumped by 20 numbers!

Please tell me how this billionaire can legally get away with this. It just doesn’t seem lawful that he can outright try to destroy Hannity in this manner. Threatening advertisers……? Is that legal?
I’ve written you a few times but you’ve yet to pick me. So I’m asking, please pick me. Surely I’m not the only person wondering about this. Is it legal? Can he really get away with this?

Btw, glad to know you passed the big C test and praying that The Lord heals you soon!
You are, for the most part, my main source of news… hoping God answers the prayers of many, many of your loyal readers! God Bless You and Your Family and God Bless the USA and her troops!! Angela

DML: Well, you’ve been picked! But, I didn’t pick you because you asked to be picked. You were picked because your question is great. Is it legal for Soros to push against Hannity? Yes, it is legal. First, he invested in a group, and now that group is starting a petition. Nothing illegal there. Second, just because you love Hannity doesn’t mean it is illegal for Soros, Media Matters, or anyone else to hate Hannity. That said, Soros and his liberal nut job buddies will fall short in their attempt to get Sean’s advertisers to drop off. Unless the advertisers see a massive decline in sales, which they will not, then all will be OK.

Thank you for the well wishes. Hoping to get back to Walk & Talks in September. We shall see how we feel. Until then, we keep reporting the news on this website better than any other source out there, I think.

A Whacky Idea…  I am thinking about starting a “Make America Great Again” dating site/app.  This is because another dating site won’t allow me to say “making America great again” is an activity I enjoy doing (“political extremism”, yet I saw a guy whose description says he’s passionate about global warming, fighting racism, etc. – but no MAGA allowed).  There are a lot of people who belong together but won’t find each other because it’s a no-no to use FB and the like as dating sites.  And dangerous.  Anyway, that’s my idea.  I’m looking for an opinion.  Do you think Trump supporters/patriots/conservatives would welcome such a thing?  I look forward to hearing what you think about this.

Thanks for keepin’ ’em honest!
Natalie Cunningham
Cincinnati, Ohio

DML: If I may tout my horn some. I don’t think most of my supporters know that I was once named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Then again, so was Anthony Scaramucci. Regardless, point is I understand start-ups and entrepreneurship rather well. Regardless of your idea, you have to have a passion for the start-up you’re considering. If there is no passion, you will fail.

Second. We’ve done a lot of stories recently about people divorcing because they can’t seem to agree on Trump (for example, see Scaramucci’s wife). So, I’m left to believe there is a market for people who want to fall in love with like-minded people. Once hooked together, not only can they make woopie, they can make America great again.

Last, but most important. I’d prefer to invest in a whacky idea than a safe idea. Remember what Steve Jobs said… “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

That said, develop a 3-page business plan. Include what the app / website would do. Include how it would be marketed, who would operate the website / app, and how many people it would take to keep the operation humming.  Then send it to me at [email protected]com with subject “Dating site.” Include in the body of the email your contact information and your work experience. If I like it, I will contact you about helping you get started. NOTE: I do not make any promises, but you sparked my interest.

To inspire your 3-page paper, here is the commercial from Apple about the ‘crazy ones.’  It’s such a good 1-minute spot, and it gets me every time. Not a single word in the ad is wrong, and if you think about it, Trump fits this mold.  May you feel inspired by it. — DML


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