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I took the poll this morning.  I don’t think the answer choices were as cut and dry as one would think they could be.  If I am being honest – I am not a racist.  But I am race aware.  I don’t really think I used to be near as much as I have ever been in my life.  I don’t see color – that is just a color.  But I do see RACES.  Races that demand I have no rights.  Races that demand I give to them because they feel they deserve it without paying for it.  When an illegal takes resources away from our vets – I don’t see the color of the vet, but the race that demands they should be givien the money instead of them.  The race that says you must allow me in your country so I can rip it apart like I did my homeland before I left it.  The races that tell me I have to respect their history but not my own.   I think if people were honest they would all say we are to a point  this way.  Some call it racial profiling…..but I can’t change my color or nationality.  I am proud to be an American.  I didn’t own a slave nor do I think slavery is a proud moment in our history.  I don’t think I should be required to pay for the wrong doings of people in the past (way past) that I didn’t even know.  Isn’t that like condemning a child or even a great grandchild of a person that went to prison for a crime?  That child had nothing to do with it.  They should not be held responsible for nor profit from those actions.  My ancestors came to this country legally many generations ago.  They didn’t not seek to change it, but embrace it and become a part of the fabric that made it great.  I don’t want to be afraid of the anger that is boiling inside another and allowed to change the way I live my life….but the HUMAN race seems to be on a different path.  And it is a destructive path, that has to be stopped.  I had seen those stopping signs in President Trump….but now I fear he has crossed to the dark side.

DML: Powerful email.

(For those of you who have not taken the poll, the question is ARE YOU A RACIST?  You can check it out by clicking here.)


HI DML, Just wondering if you or anyone else in the media is gonna address the fact that the mayor of St Louis is siding with potential rioters.  Telling the public  that they should understand why people riot.  Makes absolutely no sense!!!  Because a group of people are angry about something they have the right to destroy things because they are upset, with almost no repercussion.  No one will actually address the “Elephant in room” that is America.  I have never seen Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Middle Easterns, riot.  In my lifetime riots have only been from an entitled feeling black community, that blames everyone else for their problems.  I’m 34 and what I experience and see in America is a movement of reverse racism.  One bad cop doesn’t make a corrupt police force.  My family wasn’t in this country when slaves were owned, my ancestors have been here 100 yrs or less.  In the America I grew up in it matters not if your the best qualified for a job or school, if your Caucasian you can be passed over because of supposed inequality.  What a joke!  I am not a racist I have friends from all over and all walks of life, and even they think it’s a joke.

George Pappa
Small business owner
(on the endangered species list)

DML: Welcome to Team DML. We did report this last night. You should really get the DML APP so you don’t miss our articles. Facebook barely sends our stuff out anymore. As for the bottom of your signature… “Small business owner (on the endangered species list),” you ain’t kiddin’, pal. I see very little being done for us SBOs. I am so disappointed right now with the US government.

DML, I listened to your live on FB and i was dancing in my kitchen! Hear, hear! I am in 200% agreement with you! Thank you for being a true Patriot. God bless you and your efforts!! Lydia from New Jersey

DML: Thanks for watching the night-time Walk & Talk on Thursday. I took crap from some people about what I had to say and the way in which I said it.

As far as my tone, I am pissed. It is rare that I get pissed, but when I do, I do. I am pissed off about the president’s new play on DACA. I feel lied to, I feel deceived.

Furthermore, some Trump supporters are simply unrealistic and forgetting who works for whom.

First it was, “He’s only been in office for 2 months.” Then it was 6 months, then it was 9 months. Now, it’s “blame the Republicans.” This sort of commentary I blame on Hannity for going into the #TrumpIsNeverWrong mode.

Let’s keep in mind that Sean came out in favor of amnesty after Romney lost in 2012. “I’ve evolved on the issue,” he said. That was until his ratings sank to new lows. Then, suddenly, he became a hawk once again. I like Sean, but if he doesn’t hold Trump accountable, he sets him back because Trump gets a false sense of what people are thinking.

Bottom line, there cannot be any flip-flopping on the immigration issue. Either you believe in the rule of law, or you do not.

A few other comments I received…

Some people, during my W&T, said, “No deal had been cut.” So what? He has tweeted his support of the Dreamers getting legalized, and he’s meeting with Chuck and Nancy, then telling the press he thinks a deal will get done.   That’s all I need to see and hear. My president should be working on other matters, even if the other matters require an executive order.

Another person said, “Trump doesn’t support amnesty.” News flash — if he supports DACA, he supports AMNESTY. Bottom line, case closed. I will never bend on this, and neither should you.

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