DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day, people use our Submit News button to send me a message. Today, I respond to 4 of them.

I took your poll.  I am 73 and hands down this is the worst period in American history.  We are lost as a nation.  I support Trump, but I don’t love him.  I voted for him but I also voted for Obama. The spot we’re in has nothing to do with him.  His being elected is a result of where we are as a country.  So to was the election of Obama!  Where we are today all started with Bill Clinton.  The media overlooked his crap and people figured they could then get away with anything they wanted.

DML: Are you reading my computer? It’s like you stole a chapter from the book I am writing: “Fighting for Trump.” I agree. Today is the worst. Here is a link to the poll — CLICK HERE.

DML you are so on your game right now.  Your last three videos about the NFL are outstanding.  I just watched all three this morning.  Took me about an hour to watch.  I don’t know if you realize but together the 3 videos have more than 4,250,000 views.  Your Monday video has more than Hannity got on his new 9pm hour Monday night.  Keep up the great work and thank you for being so honest and straight forward.  You should have a show on FOX NEWS.  I love Hannity, but you would be the next O’Reilly.

DML: Having seen your email, I looked up Hannity’s ratings for Monday and you are correct. Hannity 3.3M, Maddow 2.7M, Anderson 1.5M, DML 3.4M. Imagine if Facebook didn’t contain us… As for the FOX thing, I don’t watch it any longer. That said, I reluctantly watched Hannity interview O’Reilly last night because I’ve been interviewed by both men and wanted to see who would dominate the airtime. Let me say, FOX really screwed up in firing Bill. Sean is a decent host, but Bill is head and shoulders over him in terms of being entertaining and informative. That said, I’m not interested in being at FOX.  I love doing my own thing. Either way, thanks for the ego boost.

Great job reporting on the four NFL players yesterday, including the murderer and the other players who have had legal problems.  That is why I started watching you on Newsmax, because of the reporting you did on Lavish Reynolds. I continue to watch because that is stuff you don’t see on the mainstream media. I share all of your walk and talks and a lot of your new stories. I have the DML app and I check it all day long especially when I see something on the news I’d check with you to see if it’s true. Love my DML app.  Will continue to watch and share. Would love to see more of what you did with those four loved it.

DML: Thanks, Chris. You’re talking about my Walk & Talk about Ray Lewis. I enjoyed doing the segment although I hated the story.

It’s a real shame that I got as sick as I did months ago. We were doing so well with “The Truth” segments. Yesterday, I was working on how we can get it back up and running, without it running me into the ground physically. I’m still not 100% better. Frustrating. We’ll get there again soon. Stick with us! Thanks again.

**NOTE: If anyone misses a Walk & Talk, they can all be accessed by clicking the Walk & Talk tab at the top of this website.

Hey DML, I’m sharing a situation I ran into last night on Facebook. A friend I knew from way back and I were discussing the reasons we should or should not stand for the flag or National Anthem. Being the respectful American I am I told them, yes the constitution does give the right to kneel however I believe in doing so is redundant because you were protesting the county that gives you the right to protest in that manner. I also do not believe that this so called racial protest has anything to do with what is going on, and as you and many have stated before, A black man has more of a chance of being killed by another black man than they do a cop. A white man has more of a chance of being killed by a cop than a black man does. Four people immediately started call me a type conservative white racist. Four people that have never met me. Never knew how many times I have stopped to help anyone I have seen broken down on the highway.

I’m a Auto/Diesel Technician or as most call A mechanic. I stopped to help people regardless of what ethnicity they are, even when they could barely speak English. I do so because its my trade and I take pride in what I do. I stop to help people because that was the way I was raised. Now a days its risking your life because you don’t know what that person might do, but I do it because that the kind of American I am and what being an American is, helping those who need it.  Well since those four individuals whom I never met stated I was racists I got flagged for hate speech and banned from Facebook for 15 days. I have since deleted my Facebook account since all they are going to do is push the Liberal narrative. Look out many of us True Americans that don’t fallow the Liberal movement my be next.

DML: Zach. Zach. Zach… Getting into Facebook debates with liberals is like chewing on glass. Why would you do it? Understand what I’ve come to learn doing the immigration work I’ve done. When you present a comprehensive, well-thought-out argument that pins a member of the left into a corner, he or she will do one of two things. (A) Punch you; (B) Call you a racist.

Considering you’re online, “A” is not an option. The left has no concept of how to debate and present a coherent message. Look at Hillary — she’s blaming everything but the weather on her loss in November. She can’t face reality. Thus, do not feel obligated to tell the stories of how you help black people on the road. When you do that, you fall into their trap. In your eyes, help “Americans” when they are on the road, broken down. Stick to your narrative, and ignore the idiots. In other words, stop chewing on glass.

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