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Each day I receive an ocean of messages from our readers. Today, I respond to 6 of them, and I post some of your photos.

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Hi DML: Love the Truth and your Walk n Talks. You’re doing a great job and it’s nice to get some levity on Saturdays:

Since we are both New Yorkers, I’d like your opinion of another pay-for-play politician-our very own Warren Wilhelmina, aka our very own Crooked Bill DeBlasio. Of course I believe he will win re-election like all the other rotten state legislature politicians many of whom have been indicted and who are in jail for a short time. What’s wrong with people who vote for these dirtbags? Do people love crooks? Millions love the Clinton’s and Obama and gang yet they do a hack job on good people.

DML: If you look at the cities in most trouble, most are all run by Democrats. Big cities like NYC typically vote in the liberals because there is a majority of minorities living in those areas. Minorities tend to vote Democrat. It’s a fact. Ultimately, they get what they vote for… people like de Blasio, and people like Emanuel (Chi) destroy these places. That said, I knew about the de Blasio bribery claims more than a year ago. I was simply waiting for the hammer to drop. He’s a loser in my book, but even so he will probably win re-election.  What do you expect, really.  Take a look at who makes up the city — it’s primarily immigrants.  Immigrants vote for Democrats in big numbers.  As a New Yorker you know how hard it is to find 5 people standing in a row who can all speak fluent English.

DML, Now that it’s officially come out that Mueller and Rosenstein were connected to the Uranium One deal, do we need to worry that they’re destroying evidence of any wrong doing by themselves, the Clinton’s, etc.?  I can’t believe he’s still running the Russian investigation. How do we get him off the case?
On another note, thanks for sharing your story yesterday!  I too was very offended by the mean comments by some during your awesome W & T. Thanks for all you do!! Jami

DML: Of course you should be worried.  But there is nothing you can do.  That’s how sad this all is.  As for my W&T that aired yesterday, I found it to be disgusting that some people would write such evil, insulting, and whiney messages.  I challenge any one of the keyboard cowboys or cowgirls to try doing a show for an hour, six days per week and make it all original material.  Furthermore, I challenge any one of them to say such horrible things to my face.  They would not have the spine, which makes it all the more weak that they’d launch such evil.  I told the story I did with the hope that it could help at least one parent out there.  If that’s not enough for some listeners, than that’s their problem.   Lastly, and most importantly, if someone finds my programming boring, they should either drop off or shut up.  Although I love seeing our programs reach more people, I do not want haters.   I have thick skin and a long fuse, and I am more than happy to debate an issue, but when it comes to being disrespected…. I have ZERO tolerance.

Hi DML, I can’t help feel that come Monday, it is either going to be a day for celebrating or plan a revolution with Mueller’s first charge.  Your thoughts??

DML: I suspect the first charge will be Manafort.  I never liked Manafort — he came off as a dirty used encyclopedia salesman.  Sometimes I am blown away by the people Trump deals with.  Manafort was one of them.  Keep in mind, if Manafort gets arrested, it’s probably on charges unrelated to the Trump / Russia claims.   Monday is just one play targeted at a small fish in order to lure in the big shark (Trump).

Have you sold your Twitter stock yet?  Now Roger Stone…. twitter is DEAD!  None of these companies have the longevity survival skills of a public company.  How could YOU support a company that censors conservatives on a daily basis since 2015?  If Joy Villa gets suspended, i hope you will sell your shares.  Twitter is dead!

DML: No, I have not.  In fact, Twitter is anything but dead.  The stock is trading over $21.  Up from $16 when I voiced my opinion about it being a strong buy.  Investing and politics are two different beasts.  As for Stone, I think he’s a stain on credible conservatives.  If one has to use the sort of name calling tactics he used on Twitter, then not only does the person have a lack of intelligence, but they fall into the liberal trap of name calling.   That said, Twitter is run by an uber-liberal who hates Trump.  Doesn’t mean it’s not a great tool for communicating.  Stone would not have been suspended had he not used disgusting language.  Keep in mind, Jennifer, had a liberal wrote those things about Hannity or myself, you’d be calling for them to be suspended.

Hi DML!!!  Love you long time!!!  I heard you talking the other day about how the mainstream media and alphabet networks control the narrative.  As you correctly pointed out, get off a plane in any airport and CNN is on every tv (blows my mind too as I walk by and ignore it). Pick up any Apple device and it pushes CNN and Huffpost at you as news headlines. But there is one thing that needs to be considered and that’s radio. Conservatives rule the radio. You say that Sean Hannity’s 3 million viewers of his nightly hour-long show on Fox News is impressive but nothing compared to the digital tally for CNN or the nightly news on NBC, CBS, ABC, etc… I completely agree and feel helpless and somewhat defeated when you point that out. How in the world did we win the house, senate and white house with the deck stacked against us like that? Conservatives rule the radio waves! Every liberal who has ever tried to make a dent in talk radio has failed. Sean Hannity has the heart and soul of 14 million people for 3 hours 5 days a week. I don’t know what Rush Limbaugh’s numbers are but they are bigger than Hannity. It’s a conscious choice to tune in to the talk show titans, and there are a lot! I feel like those numbers are real. Have you given any thought to having a radio program? You’ve got a great voice for radio and a clear head that can cut through the crap to keep it real!

DML: Donna, you are 100% correct about radio…. Conservatives dominate the radio waves.  But Donna, radio in comparison to online and TV content?

Hannity, the most popular show on cable news draws 3M viewers on its best night.  The most popular shows on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS collectively draw over 30M.

Radio, as you pointed out, is a cult-like following.  You have to be a real die-hard to tune in if you are not in the car.  That said, 14 million people are not tuning in to Sean each day.  His total reach is not his total listenership on a daily basis.  Even if it was, to your point, it’s the same people over and over again.  These are the people who will also vote red.  Thus, they are not the concern.  Average Joe and Jane are not tuning their radio to Hannity or Rush.  They get their news in the small bites offered by the iPhone pushed headlines, the websites they visit, and the news feeds they scroll through.  That’s why it is so important to SHARE everything we post.  Even if they don’t click, just reading the headline is enough in some cases.

Conservatives won the House and Senate because liberal voters show up in greater numbers during presidential election years. Thus, in years like 2018, we have a distinct advantage in numbers.  But lets not forget that Hillary won the popular vote, and the media is slamming on Trump nonstop.  Plus, not one piece of major legislation has passed.  This is dangerous for the GOP come 2018.

Keep in mind that radio and TV numbers are tainted due to time of visit.  If you tune into Hannity at 9pm but don’t stick around the entire time, the ratings still count your visit, even if it’s just a few minutes.   Website visits are more accurate.  Thus, the Fox News website had 320 million visits in September.    Whereas CNN had 600 million.

I want you to know that I think the new studio, and the new show, are both amazing. I took your poll Saturday about how long THE TRUTH show should be each day. I check the polls this morning and I really believe the results are perfect. You should do what your poll results suggest. I think if you went LIVE in the early morning and late afternoon, and then offered a short overview video at night, you’d have the perfect mix with THE TRUTH from 11am to 11:30 New York time.

I am on your DML APP all day long. If you tie in four video spots scheduled throughout the day in combination with the articles on the APP and websites, then I really have no need for anything else from the world of news.

You’re onto something DML, so please keep kicking ahead and don’t take any nonsense from people who say otherwise. Personally, I don’t like the Walk and Talk because of the wind and traffic noises.  Furthermore, I am a guy who cherishes his weekend mornings reading the papers with a cup of coffee.  I am writing this to you only because I saw the post to the DML APP about deleting people from the Facebook page after they were rude to you and the viewers.

Even though I do not enjoy the Walk & Talk, it doesn’t mean I would criticize your program in public. People who do that sort of thing are either lonely, angry, or mentally unstable. You don’t want them as part of your viewership. You are very smart to delete them instead of permitting them to stick around.

In terms of paying for your services, I would pay the $100 annual fee although I would like it to be less.  Your polling suggests that $75 would be a reasonable number on the high end.  Although it’s 25% less than you’d like, it’s more affordable for people on a tight budget.  Plus, I think you will make up the 25% with merchandise sales. I know I will buy a hat or a bumper sticker from time to time if for no other reason than to support your organization.

If I do end up paying for your service I expect it to be great. I think these new show times listed on the polls would put you in the great category.  It’s not too much, it’s not too little, and I get to see my favorite conservative throughout the day.

The smartest thing you’ve done over the years is let people into your life.  I like Hannity and I used to watch O’Reilly religiously, but I never felt like I knew either man.  When O’Reilly left I got over it in a week.  I don’t miss him a bit.  To the contrary, when you were sick over the summer I felt like I lost a friend and a trusted voice to rely on when confused about what’s taking place in America.  In addition to paying for that sort of connection to you, I feel like I know many of the DML viewers on the live feeds.  Yes there are thousands of people on there each day, but it feels like a family.  Knowing I won’t ever see another advertising spot on the websites ever again is icing on the cake.

If you can sure up these facts, I think you’ll have thousands of members, or maybe even a million one day.  I hope my opinions help you move in the direction that is best for you. This house loves DML.

DML: Incredible insight, Jim. Thanks.


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