DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails Sent to Me.


Each day, I receive thousands of comments and emails. Below are three of them from the past 24-hours, and the response I’ve given to each. NOTE: I do not include the last name of the sender unless they explicitly request that I do so.

FROM: Wesley H. (below is a portion of his email to me)
“You need to watch this episode!!! Bill Maher, as you know, is just a complete lunatic. But he and the loonies on that show are still trying to convince people, with NO EVIDENCE, that the Russians rigged our election!!!!! Completely insane!!   I think you need to do a walk and talk or an article on Bill Maher and what this guy is all about and how he actually has a show on HBO!!! It’s ridiculous!!”

DML: Wesley, I am asked all the time to comment on “this guy” or “that guy,” on “this show host” or “that show host.”  Sometimes it’s a liberal, other times it’s a conservative.  Periodically, I will mention someone from the media when telling a story.  Sometimes that person will come out smelling good, sometimes not so much (see Megyn Kelly). However, as a general practice, I don’t like slamming specific people in the media because, frankly, I think it’s beneath me.  Unless they completely deserve it, like Michael Moore, I’d prefer letting these people speak for themselves.  That said, I have no problem stating my opinion about a network.  HBO is a liberal channel that is not worth your time. What do you expect from them, the “DML Show?”  Never.

Anyone with common sense knows the Russians did not influence our election.  The litmus test I put forward months ago remains in place today.  “Where is the one person in America who cast their vote for Trump instead of Hillary because of information received by the Russians?  Where is the one IT professional who claims a voting machine was hacked by Russia and has the material to prove it?  Case closed.

FROM: Suzanne W.
“Hi DML, you have it all wrong. Go to Milo’s Facebook page, he’s released the original video and explains the context. Don’t pile-on this story. This is a political hit piece. Milo is giving a press conference tomorrow in NYC. If you want the information, you can find it on Milo’s public profile.”

DML: No, Suzanne, politely speaking, you have it all wrong.

At DML we offer news and opinions.  When it comes to the “Milo” story, we reported the news.  We did not offer an opinion.  We reported the “Milo” news accurately.  And the news is that a video surfaced.  The video was an abbreviated version of a bigger video.  We published both videos made available.  We also published Milo’s comments in reaction to the video.  According to Milo, the words he shared in the videos are being taken out of context because they’ve been edited.

We later reported that CPAC took back an invitation for him to speak at their event and that his book is now canceled.  We also reported that Breitbart employees are allegedly threatening to walk out if Milo is not fired.  We were asked by our readers to watch Milo’s LIVE video on Facebook, but I was told it was deleted by the time my writer arrived to do so.

Bottom line, we did not report anything inaccurately.  We also didn’t share an opinion.  We got nothing wrong.  To be perfectly honest, my concerns on a daily basis focus on big issues like immigration, veterans affairs, terrorism, President Trump, and the economy.  Honestly, I have never met nor listened to Milo.  Whether he said “this,” or he said “that” isn’t something I want to insert my personal time into.  I’d prefer focus on the veterans living in tents and the illegal aliens who take their jobs.  To me, that’s a story I need to get perfect time and again, and I think we do so most of the time.

FROM: Tom J. (email)
“I have downloaded the app and it is working just fine. It seems to me that if I visit your Facebook page and your website that I will not miss any articles or W&Ts. A recent W&T with Harlen mentioned the need for the app or missing out on critical info. Do you have an example of something that I would have missed if I did not have the app. Keep in mind I am visiting your Facebook page and your website frequently throughout the day. Moreover, I am notified on my Facebook page when you are live. Thank you, Tom J”

DML: We write more articles and produce more videos each day than we can post to Facebook.  And because we have to space them out every half hour on Facebook, something that is “fresh news” may become old news by the time it hits the Facebook timeline.  The DML APP provides all the stories and videos in real-time as they are posted to the DML website.  That said, we have two more websites launching in the next two months.  The DML APP combines it all together so you can have all the information in one place.

If you would like to receive Breaking News text alerts on a smartphone or tablet, download the DML APP which is completely FREE and easy to use. Go to the Google Play Store or the IOS App Store and search for DML APP. Be sure to keep the app’s notifications setting on. Another way to receive alerts is to text to 40404 the following message: follow @realdennislynch (be sure to put a space between the word follow and the @ symbol).

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